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  7. Low profile, without making a sound, reached the Copa América and scored the first goal against Argentina. Roger Martinez ran like an excited child. His teammate Luis Fernando Muriel had just left the field limping, in pain, when Queiroz screamed, "Roger, Roger", and Roger, who was on the side doing the emergency warm-up, came towards him, took off his overalls. eager-his team was with 10 players, there was no time to lose-, he received the instructions and entered to be the hero, to get a goal to Argentina, to build the second, to direct the first win of Colombia in the Copa America. Roger did not expect that unforeseen opportunity, but he did not miss it. He only waited 14 minutes in the reserve bench. When Muriel fell and began to complain of pain, he already knew that it was his turn, it is the natural change, the two fought the post in the attack before the start of the Cup. They look alike? Valenciano says that his goal was the same as Roger's Journalist who attacked Falcao points to other Colombian soccer players On Father's Day, Falcao remembered his dad with an emotional message The nice message from Salome to James for Father's Day He waited until the 25th minute of the second half to hit that ball, then went to celebrate, and again ran as a child, happy, happy, euphoric, it was his first goal in an official competition with the national team. "It was something I thought before the game, score a goal. I hooked up and took out the shoe and went inside. It's something that produces a lot of happiness, "said Roger when he was besieged by the press. Roger Martinez is one of the new attackers of the National Team. New because although it has already been, since 2016, it has not been consolidated. He has made the line behind Falcao, of Bacca (at the time), now of Duván Zapata and he was on the heels of Muriel. This Saturday was his first great match with the team: goal, dynamics, power, imbalance, award for the best player of the game for the organization of the Copa America ... He missed out on shoulders, but is that so far a game. There is still a long way to go, but he won the position, not only because Muriel is no longer there, who was left out of the tournament because of his injury, but because of everything he showed. At the end of the game, his name was mentioned in the corridors of the Fonte Nova Arena, in the press room, in the surroundings. Roger, Roger, Roger. -But how does that kid play? -Said an Argentine journalist- Where did he play in Colombia? - Started in Racing, he did not play in Colombia - one Colombian answered -. Roger is 24 years old, he is from Cartagena, an introverted boy at press conferences, very serious. His career started in Argentina, it was in Racing de Avellaneda, where he had his debut and his explosion. Then he played in Santamarina and Aldosivi, before returning to Racing, with more experience. But there he did not delay, he already had a market. -Ah, is the same kid who left for China ?, but if he had everything to shine in Europe, said the Argentine. He is a barbarian player. -We talked about 9 million euros, how could he not leave? Roger accepted the proposal of Jiangsu Suning, of Chinese football. And if in Colombia it still did not sound, I would not play in China. However, he was summoned for the Colombia National Team that played the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, so his name began to be better known. He played three games in the Copa America Centenario, three games in the tie to the World Cup in Russia. He scored a goal in 2016, in a friendly against Haiti. He was taking his steps. Then he went to Europe, the Spanish Villareal, with 8 league games, and currently in America of Mexico, where he has 34 games and 10 goals. His best moment coincided with the arrival of Queiroz to Colombia. He entered his radar immediately. Almost not going to the Cup Roger Martinez was not a fixed one for the Copa America. It was not in the first call of Queiroz, for the friendlies in Asia against Japan and Korea. It appeared among the 40 preselected, without raising many expectations. "I have gained experience and maturity in Mexico. That is why I say that the call is given to me at a good time. When you do things right, things come, "he said at that moment, as if to defend his call. Finally, he was among the 23 chosen. But before the friendly against Peru an unexpected problem arose, a scandal broke out that involved him. A personal issue, a demand for food, a ban to leave the country. Until the last moment his trip to Lima for the friendly was in see. But he traveled, played for a while in the friendly in Lima and arrived in Brazil as an attack alternative. It was not a fixed letter for the owner. There was Muriel, with more experience and shooting on the team. But Roger was ready, he was waiting for his moment, that's why when he entered the court he was connected. As Queiroz himself said: "Roger was prepared to assume the responsibilities of his function."
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  9. In the friendly games he did not convince, but the coach trusts him and backed him. Until recently, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado was one of the fijos, of the essentials of the Colombian National Team. One recited the payroll of Colombia and his last name was always there, along with Falcao, James, Ospina ... but now, at least at the beginning of the Carlos Queiroz era, he is not so fixed, first because he was not on the tour for Asia, in the first two games of Queiroz, and second because the coach wants it, needs it, accommodates him in another position that is not his. It is the great unknown to face Argentina tomorrow in the debut in the Copa America. It is a high-risk match in which Colombia would normally bet on defensive care. But, in the two recent friendlies, against Panama and Peru, their game has turned to propose, in a 4-3-3 scheme, and both won. In those games, Juan Guillermo had to play differently, as if he had a spring in his back that does not let him go so free to attack. Against Peru it was demanded, but it was not clear or fine in its passes, nor productive in the recovery. In previous games, if Cuadrado lost the ball, he had one or two backups, but not now. That is adapting, to play in a triangle in the midfield. In each friendly played 45 minutes; in the first one he was replaced by Jefferson Lerma, one who is a recuperator. In the other, by Edwin Cardona. "I think the teacher proved that way because of the circumstances, because Mateus was sick and Cuéllar had just arrived," Cuadrado said after the game against Panama, without imagining that it was not circumstantial. After the game against Peru, he had to convince himself. Queiroz tried with him twice in that position, a hint of what he intends, although against Argentina, and having Lionel Messi in front, perhaps there are other types of precautions, so their ownership is not guaranteed. The new Square When Cuadrado is associated with Santiago Arias, when he gives a hand to James, when he throws a long pass to Falcao, his presence acquires weight. But now, in addition, he has to be very applied, close to the central midfielder, with covers, recovery of the ball, supply to the top; all that is part of the functions that have been commissioned. In Salvador de Bahia, where Colombia finalizes the details for its debut, the recurring question is precisely that, Square, its function, its relevance for the game this Saturday. For now, Queiroz seems satisfied. "Juan is doing a fantastic job in a position that is not his. The verticality of his football and the skill he brings with his breakdowns and imbalances are very good, "he said after the game against Peru. Cuadrado keeps his movements, his joy, his devilish career, but Cuadrado is another, he has to do other tasks to fit the Queiroz scheme. For now it is the great unknown for the owner. "In Juventus I made that position several times, trying to give the best of me, but I feel more comfortable playing on the sides because I think I can enjoy and exploit my characteristics," Cuadrado said in response to the question about his new role.

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