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  1. Javed I need ur help can j pm u

  2. ¤ Date: 09/09/2019¤ Nick of the Admin: MoDesT , GREMORY_5 , Mr.Espinoza , ElAnonimo , Diesel ~!~! , RiZ3R¤ Sanction (Downgrade/Remove): Remove¤ Old Grade: Helpers ¤ New Grade: - Player¤ Reason: 0 Activity ¤ Date: 09/09/2019¤ Nick of the Admin: MONS , Dark0Master¤ Sanction (Downgrade/Remove): Remove¤ Old Grade: Elders¤ New Grade: - Player¤ Reason: 0 Activity , forgot to join server Those admins removed by Spawn
  3. x Freaky

    [Accepted]Request admin

    Accepted. Send me info in pm T/C
  4. Both removed. / Wanted's decision Proof: T/C
  5. x Freaky

    Photoshop quiz (easy)

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 77 seconds  
  6. x Freaky

    Activity at night

    i got some net issues thats why im having some net problems ill clear every thing asap Thank you
  7. =]] 


    1. Mr.Sparkles


      Or meri jaan kaisa hai bhai 

  8. Hell yeah ..............

  9. ━ Nickname: Necro ━ Experience (Years/Months): More than 4 years ━ Gallery (Obligatory): ━ Works: (put them in imgur link) Avatars : Signature :
  10. x Freaky

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