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  • Other groups Manager CS 1.6
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    Owner ThugLifeZM
  • Dată naștere January 2


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    ThugLifeZM.CsBlackDevil.Com // /

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  1. ¤ Date: 8/12/2019¤ Nick Admin: Who? Abdou ¤ Sanction: REMOVE¤ Old Grade: Elder¤ New Grade: Player¤ Period: - ¤ Reason: Come on Managers! Bring us loyal admins!
  2. WeSh a TGF

    1. Walid ✔

      Walid ✔

      Welcome back brother < 3

  3. are you GodFather????

  4. REJECTED! Don't report if you don't have any proofs. T/C
  5. Administrator of the Year ➤ @Roselina ✾❤️ Global Moderator of the Year ➤ ❤️ @Lunix I @Ntgthegamer❤️ Moderator of the Year ➤ @portocalo!xD @Nexy ❤️ PROJECT NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem + 1500 CSBD Points) GFX Designer of the Year ➤ - GFX Helper of the Year ➤ - Gambler of the Year ➤ should be you ❤️ @Stendhal Uploader of the Year ➤ @Abdollahシ❤️ Overwatcher of the Year ➤ @Luanhyx. the most help man ❤️ Journalist of the Year ➤ @YaKoMoS Our Satff ❤️ MANAGERS NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem + 2000 CSBD Points) Manager CS 1.6 of the Year ➤ @Ezel Ezel @SoFiane @Luanhyx.❤️ can't descripe you guys❤️ Manager CS:GO of the Year ➤ - SPECIAL GROUPS NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem+ 2500 CSBD Points) The oldest Ex-Staff ➤ - Best V.I.P. ➤ @Ragen TEAMSPEAK 3 NOMINATIONS (Special TS3 Icon + 50.000 TS3 Coins) TS3 Helper of the Year ➤ - The most active TS3 user ➤ @Ntgthegamer @Lunix I ❤️ The user who asked the most for rank ➤ - The best TS3 DJ ➤ - The most AFK user ➤ - @Ntgthegamer broke record with 15 days [Respect ❤️ ] SERVERS NOMINATIONS (Special Signature with the server's name) Server of the Year ➤ / The most active (32/32) server ➤ ThugLifeZM / OldSchoolZM The best Zombie server ➤ ThugLifeZM / OldSchoolZM The best Classic server ➤ - The best Respawn server ➤ - MEMBERS NOMINATIONS (2000 CSBD Points) The most active membru CsBlackDevil (+1000 CSBD Points) ➤ Banned of the year ➤ - Loser of the year ➤ - The member who dream s about ranks ➤ - Spammer of the Year ➤ - The most social member ➤ @[Paul] ❤️ The most beautiful member ➤ @Ezel Ezel ❤️ The most appreciated member ➤ @ThugLife /// NeO- my 1st friend on this community ❤️ The most annoying member ➤ - The most beloved member ➤ @Luanhyx. @Ntgthegamer @Lunix I my old staff and second family here ❤️ The richest member ➤ @Roselina ✾ always boost server :v The member who helped the most ➤ @Lunix I❤️ The member with the best topics/posts ➤ @Lunix I @Ntgthegamer ❤️ The friendliest member ➤ @Lunix I @Luanhyx. @Ntgthegamer @[Paul] ❤️
  6. Date 25/11/2019 

    Time : 11 : 59 PM  


  7. Sorry, @empty1991 but the proof not clear to improve that he was attacking you ! So, as me he didn't break rules with giving himself ammo, it a normal step. G/L
  8. Walid ✔

    [ Absence Request ]

    ¤ Nick: Walid ¤ Grad: Owner ¤ Date: For some personal reasons started from next week probably im gonna be absent from csbd about 5-6 days. ¤ Reason: it an emergency !
  9. Firstly, our owners not crazys ! secondly, as i saw in the first proof you wasn't nemesis! so that command is normal if you wasn't attack. @paNik1 explain why did you use '' gag '' command.
  10. ¤ Date: 13/11/2019¤ Nick Admin: Who? WaHiD ¤ Sanction: REMOVE¤ Old Grade: Admin¤ New Grade: Player¤ Period: - ¤ Reason: Don't respect rules + low activity
  11. 1. Nick: Walid2. Age: 193. How much time you spent on PC?: 15 hours4. How much time you are online on TS3?: 12-15 hours5. Which games do you play?: Cs 1.66. How many hours you play in the games noted above?: 10-12 hours 7. Gives us some links and photos of your profiles[steam, blizzard, in-game profile with statistics]: What do you wish from us?: to become a part of staff9. Have you checked out the Rules?: not yet i'll read them now
  12. Vv Alkhawaa, raaq mashi mzyan a Hermano 👏

  13. Are you interesting to come to highlifezm with all your staff and we put money toghether to buy boost and that?? I will make you founder

    1. Walid ✔

      Walid ✔

      Is this a new type of marketing?

    2. BMW e63 <3

      BMW e63 <3

      No its just a proposal if you would like to join us

    3. BMW e63 <3

      BMW e63 <3

      Do you want 

  14. If you make a good active i will accept you but for moment i will Rejected. Thx

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