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Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle - Ending Theme
  • Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle - Ending Theme
  • NEFFEX - Grateful

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  1. @>-|SmiLey|-< #ThunderZM cut out ur low photo editing :]
  2. @plutozm - ezy....
  3. Nickname: f1x!k Screenshot: Name of your friends: @-VaLeN @InfiNitY-™ @-LosT @|N4SS3R| @#LiNeX @>-|SmiLey|-< #ThunderZM...
  4. f1x!k

    [Plugin] Admin Stats

    Name: - Admin Stats Autor: - f1x!k Version: - 1.0 Servers using this plugin : Description: The Plugin will count how many minutes an admin has been ONLINE in the server in a whole day Better said, Each day the plugin will start counting admins activities starting from 00:00 SERVER TIME and will reset on the next day on 00:00 SERVER TIME as well. After the admin has reached his goal in the game , He will be able to gain ammo rewards for each single map he plays a
  5. f1x!k

    Request VIP

    @.TeAmoX. , it's possible to made a vip plugin for ZP 6.2 even if it doesn't provide the required natives or editing the entire ZPA62.sma and .cpp ( the thing that RickGamesTWD is talking aobut ) , if you still need it , contact me on TS3
  6. a feature i made for myself only called "Private Model" ;).
    1st photo - me

    2nd photo - @YaKuZa--BoSs



  7. zm-2day0000.png

    1. .Straju


      congrats for the children, hope to be like you!

    2. Dark-ImmoRtal^
    3. plutozm
  8. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  9. Finally , 247 lj , trying for weeks... xD [ previous  best was 244 ] 
    Aiming for 250 -



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    2. BULLET J@GU@R

      BULLET [email protected]@R

      i can hardly do 150 :/

      maybe bcz of my internet or maybe my skillz :P


    3. NewBie?
    4. f1x!k


      ffs @NewBie? , i can only Forwards -,-

  10. About the compability of diffrent plugins to Original CSBD Plugins [ Zombie Plague 6.2 and etc.. ] , that can be added on the Technician's job , to convert a non-compabillity plugin for ZP 6.2 into a compabillity one , so far from my experience , the non-compability plugins for ZP 6.2 by CSBD aren't that much. Also before a Technician publish a plugin , he will have the obligation to test the plugin ( on his own pc ) and make sure there aren't any errors that might cause crash or lag to the server that will be using it. Also, I have contributed in some of our servers with plugins and they nev
  11. Hello guys, As you know there was an old project in csbd, it was called "Technicians" . I wanted to propose if we can bring this project back to life as it was very useful for the servers, If you dont know what this project did, Let me explain to you how the project Im proposing will help the community: The project will consist of amxx scripters and coders that can make you a private plugin (You can tell us how you want the plugin and it will be made) License for you your own plugins Test some plugins for you , before you add them for your server. Taking care of R
  12. ¤ Nickname: f1x!k ¤ Technique: Stand up Bhop Jump ¤ Direction: Forwards ¤ Distance: 241.780 ¤ Block: 230 ¤ Screenshot: ¤ Date + Time: 23/07/2020 - 1:27 PM
  13. ¤ Nickname: f1x!k ¤ Technique: LongJump ¤ Direction: Forwards ¤ Distance: 247.154 ¤ Block: 240 ¤ Screenshot: ¤ Date + Time: 29/07/2020 - 3:15 AM



CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60.000 members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world. For this reason we consider ourselves, an international gaming community where members have the opportunity to know and interact with each other.

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