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  1. Nick jucator: MMM IP: - Steam: STEAM_1:0:975262569 Data si ora: 21:00 Motiv: aim Dovada:
  2. Parca primeam un premiu? :)) @Mircea1777
  3. Mai trebuie sa si iei, @Mircea1777 :))
  4. Rejected for now, read the rules better and make activity, you have 0 minutes played on server!
  5. Adminii care vor sa se retraga din staff-ul nostru, vor trebui sa urmeze urmatorul model! Admins who want to retire from our staff will have to follow the next model! Model cerere retragere / Model request retire: Nickname Admin: Gradul / Degree: Motivul retragerii / reason of retirement:
  6. Adminii care intampina probleme si vor absenta de pe server pentru o perioada de timp, vor trebui sa urmeze urmatorul model! Admins who encounter problems and will be absent from the server for a period of time will have to follow the model! Model cerere absenta / Model request absent: Nickname Admin: Gradul / Degree: Perioada absentei / Period of absence: Motivul absentei / reason for the absence:
  7. Conditions: 1. You will need proof, otherwise the application will be rejected. 2. Respect the model. 3. The title of the application should be: [BLACKCAT] admin complaint "Nick". (nick = nick the admin you want to complain about) 4. If the complaint is not properly written, ordered, explicit and arranged, it will NOT be considered! 5. Upload sites: - Photos/Screenshots: sau - Demo: Model complaints: * In this sub-forum, they are allowed to post ONLY the plaintiff, CO-OWNERS / OWNERS. Whoever deviates from the rule is sanctioned! ** The admins have the obligation to present an answer to the respective complaint in max. 24 hours, otherwise they will be sanctioned.
  8. What you must have for your ADMIN request to be approved: - Minimum 25 hours played on the server. - Minimum age of 16 years. - Reading the "Admin Rules" - The title of the topic should be: [BLACKCAT] - Admin request "Nick". - If you have admin on another server, the request will NOT be accepted! Model request ADMIN: ATTENTION! : The degree offered is ADMIN .
  9. Unban application conditions: 1. You will need proof, otherwise the application will be rejected; 2. Respect the model; 3. The title of the application should be: [BLACKCAT] Request unban "Nick"; 4. Upload sites: - Photos/Screenshots: - Demo: Model: * In a unban request, only who made the request, the one who gave the ban and the Owners / Co-Owners will post. * The administrators have the obligation to present a proof within max. 24 hours from the opening of the application.
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