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  1. Shadox

    GTA San Andreas (Normal)

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 57 seconds  
  2. STAFF (Profile Emblem) Administrator of the Year ➤ @myCro Global Moderator of the Year ➤ @Shyloo Moderator of the Year ➤ @Angrry.exe™ PROJECT NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem + 1500 CSBD Points) GFX Designer of the Year ➤ GFX Helper of the Year ➤ VGame Reviewer of the Year ➤ Devil Harmony of the Year ➤ @Cenzura Guardian of Gaming of the Year ➤ Journalist of the Year ➤ MANAGERS NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem + 2000 CSBD Points) Manager CS 1.6 of the Year ➤ @RaFy1995 @Tsuby ™ Manager CS:GO of the Year ➤ SPECIAL GROUPS NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem+ 2500 CSBD Points) The oldest Ex-Staff ➤ @El L0rd @Legends ♛ @eXpLoReRs @Verox Best V.I.P. ➤ TEAMSPEAK 3 NOMINATIONS (Special TS3 Icon + 50.000 TS3 Coins) TS3 Helper of the Year ➤ The most active TS3 user ➤ @Shyloo The user who asked the most for rank ➤ The best TS3 DJ ➤ The most AFK user ➤ SERVERS NOMINATIONS (Special Signature with the server's name) Server of the Year ➤ Newlife - RESPAWN The most active (32/32) server ➤ thuglife The best Zombie server ➤ Newlife The best Classic server ➤ The best Respawn server ➤ RESPAWN MEMBERS NOMINATIONS (2000 CSBD Points) The most active CsBlackDevil member(+1000 CSBD Points) ➤ Banned of the year ➤ Loser of the year ➤ The member who dreams about ranks ➤ Spammer of the Year ➤ The most social member ➤ The most beautiful member ➤ The most appreciated member ➤ The most annoying member ➤ The most beloved member ➤ The richest member ➤ The member who helped the most ➤ @Love Pulse @Akrapovic; The member with the best topics/posts ➤ The friendliest member ➤
  3. Your Nickname: Stussy Number of the row: 3 Number of the box: 4
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