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  1. "Florida Panthers“, after winning a shootout in the NHL regular season match with the Ottawa Senators (4:5 B), was recognized as the best winner of the Presidential Cup for the first time in its history. "Florida" with 122 points takes the first place in the Eastern Conference standings, one match before the end of the regular season. Recall that the Presidential Cup is an annual award that is awarded to the best team of the regular season. The prize is 350 thousand dollars, which is then divided between the staff and the winners' players. Last season, Colorado Avalanche became the winner of the Presidential Cup.
  2. Russian Cuisine Preservation Foundation Chairman, chef, writer Maxim Syrnikov in an interview with the world on the Day of Soup, which is celebrated on April 5, the chairman of the Foundation for the Preservation of Russian cuisine "Russian Cookery", chef, writer Maxim Syrnikov he put an end to the dispute, whose borscht, told about the variety of native Russian soups and how the inhabitants of the offices "hunt" for "normal chowder". — How would you rate the po[CENSORED]rity of soups in Russia? Have we finally switched to fast food and semi-finished products or not yet? — Fortunately, it's not final yet. Anyway, the first thing a novice hostess or owner learns to do, if he cooks, is soup. Still, it is impossible to do without borscht, vegetable soup in Russian homes. — But the soup takes a long time to cook, and there is always not enough time. What should I do? — Firstly, not all soups are cooked for a long time. Secondly, they talked about vanity in Soviet times. I remember perfectly well how all sorts of magazines like "Workers" printed recipes in a hurry in the 1970s and referred to the fact that "the modern hostess is very busy." 50 years have passed since then. And what has changed? Nothing. Someone really rushes from office to office, and someone still spends some part of the time at home. And no one canceled the weekend. And then, we are used to focusing on the Moscow public, who spends 1.5 hours on a one-way trip and goes home through some kind of fitness. It is clear that when he crawls home, he will not be up to soup. But there is also a huge Russian province that lives by different rules. I live in a city with a po[CENSORED]tion of 15 thousand people (Ostashkov. — ), and I assure you that almost every house has soup. People harvest sauerkraut and make cabbage soup. I go to markets, to shops and see how meticulously housewives choose beets for borscht. So it's actually fine. I know for sure that in big cities there is a serious category of people who do not eat or cook at home or do it extremely rarely, but go to middle-class establishments and look for restaurants, cafes, canteens where there are delicious soups. Steak, sushi and pizza will not surprise anyone now. Everyone prepares them, you can buy them at every corner. But a normal, delicious soup should be looked for. Such establishments with good stews are actually in great demand. Young chefs often turn to me for advice, they are all looking for interesting solutions for soups. — Which soups are native Russian. Pickle, botvinya — many more? — There are a lot of them, moreover, for every taste, for any time of the year. The same cabbage soup, which is sometimes treated lightly, has many types and methods of cooking. Previously, in Russia, certain soup was prepared every season of the year. For example, from crumbs, cabbage seedlings, fish, turnips. There are cabbage soup without cabbage at all — with sorrel, nettle. Not because of poverty, our ancestors cooked from wild plants, but because it is really tasty and healthy. There are soup with ham, corned beef, mushroom — the so-called Valaam, or monastery. The variety of cabbage soup is an absolutely Russian tradition. It's the same with borscht. There are documents of the XVI century that borscht was prepared from wild plants in the Arkhangelsk region. — And if we talk about cold soups, is there a Russian alternative to gazpacho (a dish of Andalusian cuisine, a light soup made of fresh vegetables ground into puree)? — I laughed a lot when reading the letters of the Russian writer Vasily Botkin — I was like that under Catherine II and Pavel Petrovich. He was one of the first to visit Spain and left a memoir where he wrote that Spanish cuisine is pretty crappy, and all that is there is a good okroshka with cucumbers, which is called gazpacho. Cold soups are an absolutely Russian feature. These are lean, meat, fish, mushroom okroshki. And the so-called cold summer prison: when it's hot and you don't want to eat anything, fresh rye bread is simply filled with kvass with onion, dill. You can add grated root vegetables — radishes, garlic. Very refreshing delicious cold soups. And of course, pickle dishes, which are also not cooked anywhere except in Russia: solyanka, hookah — a traditional old Russian dish on cucumber pickle, lean, fish pickles grown from this hookah. I can name 25-30 traditional Russian chowder offhand without much difficulty. Our traditions of cold and hot soups are huge. — How do you answer the fundamental question, whose borscht? — The dispute about whose borscht is full of teeth, it's time to put an end to it. In my opinion, everything here is obvious and documented by cookbooks of the XIX century and many other documents. Borsch is a Russian dish, which has a Ukrainian version, which differs from other types of borscht only by the presence of lard in any form — whether lard was added or fried vegetables on lard. Wow, the Ukrainian version of borscht. In general, this is a Russian dish. — In recent years, detox nutrition has become fashionable in Russia, and because of the rise in price of meat, fish, poultry, Russians limit the use of these products. What soups can Russian cuisine offer to such people? — If a person for some reason does not want or cannot cook meat broth - well, fine. Russian cuisine helps people who refuse meat well. A huge number of dishes of Russian cuisine have lean options. A Russian person has been fasting for a thousand years, there are more fast days in the Orthodox calendar than fast days. And there are a lot of lean stews, for vegetarians — the very thing. — Which soup is the most fashionable today? — There is no such thing. Every chef or home cook comes up with recipes for himself, to his taste. I can say that when I worked as a chef in Vladivostok for two years (and the residents of Primorye have very special tastes, these are certainly not Muscovites or Novosibirsk residents, they all grew up on seafood there, especially young people), then at the request of visitors I often cooked a hodgepodge with halibut and seafood. Why not? I ate with pleasure myself. There is no Russian tradition in shrimp, of course, but it is delicious. — How often should I eat soup? Doctors say different things — someone advises soup every day, someone - twice a week... — (Laughs). I'm a bad illustration for talking about healthy eating. I'm not a doctor and I don't really understand nutritionists, because too often I hear absolutely contradictory opinions. Who to believe is completely unclear. I think it's better to ignore their advice and focus on your own well-being. I know for sure that I definitely need a plate of any hot soup every day. It's important to me. And I know a lot of people for whom this is also important.
  3. Nick: @DROSEL D҉E҉L҉E҉T҉E Nume real: Vlad Markov Cati ani ai?: 24 Ce jocuri te joci? si cat de mult ca timp?(fiecare dintre ele): Cs 1.6 zilnic/ overwatch zilnic / din cand in cand gtaV si pe telefon joc Mobile Legends care tot la fel ii acord destul de mult timp. De unde esti?(tara si oras): Sunt din Craiova dar sunt stabilit in Madrid Descrie-te(cel putin 50 de cuvinte): Sunt un om care stie ce vrea de la viata, nu sunt foarte vorbaret dar imi place foarte mult sa ascult . Imi place sa ajut lumea cu ce pot . Nu imi place abuzul asupra altor persoane pentruca stiu ce inseamna asta si voi face tot posibilul sa nu se intample asa ceva, cel putin in jurul meu. Noteaza cateva din calitatile tale: Imi place sa ascult, si sunt foarte dedicat sa fac ceea ce imi place. Spune-ne cateva din defectele tale: Nu prea am rabdare si nu imi place ca lumea sa ma ia de [CENSORED]. Ai avut vreodata orice fel de responsabilitati(descrie): Sunt responsabil de un KFC deci in fiecare zi am o mare responsabilitate. Pe care categorie/categorii ai fost activ/a in ultima perioada?(descrie-ti activitate): Pe categoria ThunderZM sunt activ zilnic dar si pe comunitatea Jurnalistilor. Care categorie/proiect doresti sa ai sub responsabilitate?: As vrea sa am responsabilitatea asupra totJurnalist Club daca se poate. Sunt jurnalist pe intregul VGame Club si as vrea sa fiu si Moderator pentru a putea ajuta mai mult Cat de bine vorbesti engleza?(si alte dialecte): Vorbesc Romana, Spaniola si Engleza. Folosesti TS3? Ai un microfon activ?: Da Metode pentru contact: Facebook,Instagram,Steam,TS3,Discord,Whassap,Forum. Ultima cerere: Prima
  4. Nickname: Drosel Age: 24 Your Country: Russia Admin experience: 17 You can donate?: np If you are not playing can stay afk in the server?:yes Why you want to be admin in DarkNightZm: I can go as a manager with a lot of experience behind me Other information: thx
  5. ¤ Your Nickname: Drosel ¤ Your adress Skype, Steam: love_cs_1.6 ¤ Age: 24 ¤ Languages that you can speak: eng/ru/arabic ¤ Your location: Russia ¤ Experience as admin: 15 ¤ Can you donate?:Yes ¤ Can you stay spectator or playing between these hours (02:00 AM To 12:00 PM) Romania time:yes ¤ Reason that you want to be admin: I will only go as a manager ¤ Other informations for your request: THX
  6. Over the past few days, the head of Rostourism managed to first doubt the need for a seaside vacation, and then kindly allow us to go where we want. We thought about it and decided that we still want to go to the sea. And not at all because this is a "stereotype of recent years." And why the last - if you think, years of this stereotype is decent, remember at least about Soviet health resorts, sanatoriums, pioneer camps on the shores of the Black Sea. We suggest not to think about stereotypes - health is more important. We have found as many as five reasons to be on the sea coast, listen to the sound of the waves, look at the crimson sunset over the sea and admire the horizon line. Straight line: only sky and water. 1. At the resort, you can fill the deficiency of vitamin D Vitamin D is produced in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet rays - it is not surprising that the inhabitants of the North absolutely lack it, especially in winter. “Lack of vitamin D is typical for 95–98% of residents of northern latitudes and central parts of Russia,” says Mikhail Gavrilov, a psychotherapist, Ph.D., author of a patented technique for correcting eating behavior and losing weight. Recently, a deficiency of this vitamin has been noted among residents of southern latitudes. This is due to the fact that people use too strong sunscreen and are less outdoors. And this shortage affects literally all aspects of life. “The role of vitamin D is broader than participation in phosphorus-potassium metabolism and prevention of osteoporosis and rickets,” says Ekaterina Pushkova, pediatrician, allergist-immunologist at the Atlas Medical Center. "It participates in immune responses, in cell differentiation, and reduces inflammation." The level of the substance has to be replenished with the help of vitamins with therapeutic doses (and they are much higher than prophylactic doses, as Mikhail Gavrilov explains). To prevent vitamin D deficiency, you need to spend 20 minutes a day in the sun with open hands and face. Without washing - so that there is a fatty film on the face. Can you do it right now? You can find out by looking out the window. Theoretically, you can stock up on this vitamin by going on vacation to a seaside resort: "Vitamin D belongs to the fat-soluble category and will be stored in the fat depot for some time, three to four months," recalls Mikhail Gavrilov. 2. Sea sand is good for feet, sea water is good for skin The benefits are primarily cosmetic. A romantic walk along the surf can replace a hike to a pedicure specialist. The fact is that wet sand is an excellent exfoliant, it helps the skin of the feet (and not only feet) to get rid of dead cells and renew, which makes the hardened limbs soften and take on a decent look. It is desirable that the sand is very fine at the same time - the beaches of the Seychelles, the Dominican Republic, the island of Bali or Cambodia are ideal. In addition, walking on the sand is also a kind of foot massage, which is considered useful by followers of alternative medicine: they claim that foot massage helps relieve stress, improve blood circulation and strengthen immunity. With regard to sea water, options are possible. For example, with eczema and atopic dermatitis, it should be avoided. With psoriasis - on the contrary, splash in it more often. And for those who suffer from acne, doctors advise to sunbathe (in moderation, of course): vitamin D is also known for its antibacterial properties. 3. At the resort, we move more and eat better The debaters will surely find an answer to this statement: yes, exercise with a shovel in the country is also great fitness. But not now! In winter, many summer residents, even wealthy ones, prefer not to break through to the site through the snowdrifts, but calmly wait for the snow to melt. And there is nothing to weed. In apartments, summer residents, of course, lack the opportunity to warm up. Sea resorts are a different matter. At the same time, it also strengthens the muscles of the legs (when walking), shoulders, back and arms (when swimming). But he may also decide to play beach volleyball, go for a mountain walk or ride a bike! Meals at the resort are another story. If you've traveled to one of the Mediterranean or Southeast Asian countries, you'll likely be eating more fish and seafood (and consuming more omega-3 fatty acids, which you probably lack) and vegetables (vitamins and fiber) than at home. Additional benefits for the heart, blood vessels and mood. A person who has just had a good dinner always has a good mood, doesn't it? 4. Sea air has a beneficial effect on the lungs And our ancestors knew this very well - to recall at least Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, who suffered from tuberculosis, whom we presumptuously rank among the ancestors. “The sea air contains practically all known mineral elements,” says Ekaterina Pushkova. - In composition, it is close to human blood plasma: it is a very physiological composition, and negative ionization helps microelements to penetrate into human tissues and saturate them comfortably for mucous membranes. Inhalation with ionized air in a seaside resort occurs without discomfort, it is not perceived as a medical procedure. " “The healing effect is moisturizing, relieving inflammation,” continues Ekaterina Pushkova. - Breathing in the fresh air of the sea is useful for those who suffer from tuberculosis and obstructive pulmonary disease (it would be nice if there were fewer of them, of course), recovering from pneumonia or bronchitis. But, of course, it is useful not only for lung diseases. Residents of megalopolises breathe polluted air with a high concentration of tar and exhaust gases, it maintains inflammation of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, and the susceptibility to infections increases. The sea air suppresses inflammation, restores mucous membranes. " It is good if there is also a coniferous forest near the sea: the forest air is saturated with phytoncides that have antimicrobial action - an additional benefit. Baltic pines, Gelendzhik Pitsunda pine, Lebanese cedar in the Mediterranean countries, eucalyptus trees that can be unexpectedly found in Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands, rainbow eucalyptus trees of the Sulawesi island in Indonesia - choose phytoncides to taste. 5. Vacation at sea saves from stress and depression The fact that the sea is somehow calmer and more fun for us has a lot of explanations. For example, the obvious: on vacation somehow not up to the dollar rate and international conflicts - there is no TV, the news is reluctant to read, so the reasons for concern disappear by themselves. The second explanation is offered by the American oceanographer, po[CENSORED]rizer of science Wallace J. Nichols, author of the book "Blue Mind": he claims that the seascape has a calming effect on the psyche by itself. The most understandable is the third scientific explanation associated with the familiar vitamin D. “This substance is involved in the synthesis of dopamine, which has a stimulating effect,” explains Mikhail Gavrilov. - Low dopamine levels are associated with poor motivation, lack of energy, problems with emotion control. It is no coincidence that seasonal spleen covers many in autumn and winter, when daylight hours are shortened and it is impossible to get a sufficient dose of vitamin D in the sun. Lack of vitamin D in adults can lead to seasonal affective disorder, depression, obesity and reduced immunity. ” So away from doubts - it's time to go to sea.
  7. Welcome to true-blue petrolhead territory. This is where incredible outright grip and pace, vivid driver engagement and thrill, supreme handling poise and track-day-ready specification and purpose all abide. You’ll like it here. The cars we’re saluting are genuine immortals of speed and excitement. Some of them are so exciting, in fact, that they don’t really belong on the road at all — although all are road-legal with numberplates. But all are cars you’d be in the market for if you wanted a money-no-object track-day tool to enjoy through the summer months — and something you could drive home in afterwards. Here, we rank both current production machines as well as those that have gone off sale but have yet to be replaced; because these kinds of cars don’t come along often, don’t stay around for long, and the best remain relevant long after they’ve disappeared from the sales brochures. To chart 10 of these cars without counting those that are technically defunct would be to deny some amazing driver’s cars the recognition they’re undoubtedly due. But which are due the most? 1. McLaren 765 LT The latest model in McLaren's special 'Longtail' series is not without its flaws, but as an explosive tour de force in the upper echelons of the 'trackday supercar' world, it takes some beating. For one thing, the effort and expense that has gone into the 765 LT deserves recognition. Removing weight from something as light as the 720S is no mean feat, and has necessitated extreme measures such as the use of titanium wheel nuts and thinner glazing, which help save 80kg in total and give the car's powertrain frighteningly little to hold it back. That powertrain consists of McLaren's 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 – what else? – only tuned to 755bhp for this application and with a shorter final drive, for truly neck-snapping acceleration. However, where the LT really departs from the dynamic template set down by the 720S concerns its more flighty balance and limit-handling. Simply, the car wants to play, and is probably the most entertaining car that McLaren has ever built. It'll take some yaw at all stages of the corner, perhaps sacrificing some speed in the process, but it's this combination of dynamism with McLaren's hallmark steering and sense of levity that makes the driving experience so memorable. The catch? The 765 LT isn't so easily mastered, so drivers need to show their mettle. LATEST DRIVES 1 Toyota Camry 2021 FD Fronttrack Toyota Camry 2021 UK review audi q4 e tron 50 2021 583 Audi Q4 E-tron 50 2021 UK review LUC Lamborghini Huracan STO 2021 0003 Lamborghini Huracan STO UK review 1 T Roc front tracking Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet Design 1.0 TSI UK Review 1 Porsche Macan GTS 2021 UK LHD first drive hero front Porsche Macan GTS 2021 UK review View all latest drives Read our review CAR REVIEW Porsche 911 GT3 Porsche 911 GT3 2017-2021 Brilliant new Porsche 911 GT3 picks up where the previous GT3 RS and 911 R left off Read our review Back to top Save money with new 720S deals from What Car? 2. Porsche 911 GT3 The supreme hardcore focus, track-day hardiness, handling brilliance, driver involvement and performance value of the Porsche 911 GT3 make it a car that absolutely demands recognition. It has become the default answer to any number of questions a newly inducted petrolhead might ask about which car they should buy to maximise return on investment for speed, excitement and driver reward. The only fly in the ointment is that, these days, everyone knows it — and so GT3s have become highly sought after. Though visually shoutier than before, the 992 GT3 still isn’t a machine that advertises its brilliance particularly loudly on paper. The car’s 503bhp 4.0-litre flat-six makes it look a bit outgunned in this company, and even in Porsche’s own model range there are several 911s with greater claimed power and outright accelerative performance. But no rival has the GT3’s blend of pace, grip, balance and usefully positioned weight; none has the all-round dynamic precision and outstanding controllability needed at once to set blistering laptimes and set your imagination racing on track. Our only reservation about this latest 992-series version is that it seems to have been positioned more deliberately as a track car, rather than something that's also very comfortable on the road, and it therefore encroaches on the upcoming GT3 RS's position in the range even before that flagship model has been announced. Overall, the GT3 is not quite as well-rounded as the 991-vintage car, in our opinion. However, the big picture is that through four generations and as many mid-cycle revisions, the GT3 has got better and better since the very first one appeared in 1999. Counting some very closely related GT3 derivative offshoots, it has won Autocar’s annual Britain’s Best Driver’s Car contest four times. Porsche 911s of various types have won it seven times. For the record, no other sports car in three decades of competition has won it more than twice. Back to top Save money with new 911 deals from What Car? 3. McLaren 600 LT Regular readers of Autocar might be somewhat surprised to see the McLaren 600 LT slide into third place on this list after being crowned Britain’s Best Driver’s Car for 2018. Make no mistake, the McLaren is a visceral, highly engaging and beautifully balanced hardcore sports car that works sublimely on both road and track; but the fact it doesn’t pip the Porsche here just goes to show how highly we regard the outgoing 911 GT3 and the ferocious new 765 LT. The 600 LT is based on the fantastic 570S, and is the third ‘Longtail’ model launched by McLaren Automotive. Power has been hiked by 30bhp to 592bhp courtesy of a freer-breathing exhaust, the springs are significantly stiffer, its dampers have been retuned, and aggressive new body work now sees it generate even more downforce at speed. s with any track-honed special, it’s been stripped out too. In its lightest spec (no air-con, no nose lift, no stereo etc) it weighs 1247kg dry (less than even the 620R). The resulting package really is something special indeed; one that steers with the tactile sweetness and accuracy that McLaren has become renowned for, while also now being faster, grippier and more aurally rewarding than ever before. Top work, McLaren – not onto whatever trackday hero you're going to spin off the V6-hybrid Artura. Back to top Save money with new 570S deals from What Car? 4. Ferrari 488 Pista Here are the headline stats: 710bhp, 568 lb ft, 1359kg, zero to 62mph in 2.85sec and a price tag of £252,765 - before options. In short, the 488 Pista is a truly serious piece of kit. And an effective one, to boot. At our Britain’s Best Driver’s Car 2018 shoot out, the successor to the phenomenal 458 Speciale was the fastest car to lap the Anglesey Coastal Circuit, with a time of 1min 11.4sec - 1.7sec quicker than the McLaren 600 LT. This is a car that’s seemingly defined by immediacy. Turn the wheel and the front end responds with the agility of a pursued hare. Pull one of the steering column-mounted columns and the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic ‘box will swap cogs faster than you can blink. And if you’re brave enough to extend all of the throttle’s travel, you’ll find yourself catching up on the horizon at an alarming rate of pace. Given the Pista’s immence potency, it’d be easy to write it off as being a handful on track, but the reality is that it’s one of the most balanced, adjustable and flattering cars you can buy. That it’s not quite as adept at making the most of its abilities on the road as the road as the McLaren 600 LT sees it slide into fourth place here. But it’s an incredibly narrow gap that separates very differently tuned rivals. Back to top Save money with new 488 deals from What Car? 5. Porsche 911 GT2 RS This is where the world’s best-loved sports car gets a bit silly. There has never been a faster or more powerful 911 than the 690bhp, 211mph GT2 RS. This uber-911 seeks to combine the involving track focus of the GT3 RS with a level of torque and sheer brute force performance that even a 911 Turbo S struggles to match, with the latter channelled through one driven axle rather than two. It’s quite a mission statement — and, if only by Porsche’s own high standards, it’s not entirely successfully delivered upon. But such a tiny detail needn’t necessarily come between any GT2 RS owner and the appreciation of what remains a staggeringly compelling driver’s car, because the GT2 RS is remarkably good at keeping its ridiculousness largely in check most of the time, unleashing it only when you want it to. The car uses 21in rear wheels and 325-section tyres to transmit its venom to the Tarmac. It has carbon-ceramic brakes as standard and a suspension set-up even more specialised than that of a GT3 RS. And yet, unlike almost any other 911 GT2 there has ever been, it knows how to behave itself when the occasion calls for it. At other times? It’s ballistic; not without turbo lag (how could it be?) but still remarkably responsive and linear, and as fast as a hypercar in full cry. It’s also approachable and obedient on a track, for the most part. It doesn’t feel like it’s hardwired into your synapses like a GT3 and doesn’t involve to quite the same extent. Even so, there’s nothing else quite like it. Back to top Save money with new 911 deals from What Car? 6. Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Carrying more motorsport technology than any production machine in Mercedes-AMG’s history, the old GT R was Affalterbach’s big swipe at the golden boy of its near Stuttgart rival: the Porsche 911 GT3. That it existed at all told you much about AMG’s determination, one day soon, to emerge from the shadows of its world-famous neighbour as a maker of sports cars of equal stature and acclaim. That emergence comes in the form of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, which appears to be an even hotter version of the GT R, but is in fact quite a different beast altogether. The sixth Black Series model is 35kg lighter than the GT R, shares plenty of genuine aero-knowhow with Mercedes-AMG's GT3 cars (in fact, the same chap who developed the aero package for the racers also did this road-legal car) and is the new Nürburgring lap-record holder, displacing the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. AMG has also revised the twin-turbo V8, switching the rumbling old cross-plane crank for a peakier flat-plane item, and raising power to 720bhp, making this car it's most powerful series-production model. The suspension and interior are also suitably racey, as you'd expect. However, what makes the Black Series such a revelation – even at £335,000 – and what allows AMG to encroach on Porsche GT turf more than ever before, is the confidence this car inspries. As Matt Prior gushed, 'you can drive the cracker off the Black Series, feel involved and bonded int o the process and, at the end of it, it's likely to have lapped about five seconds slwoer than a full-fat GT3 race car.' Back to top Save money with new GT deals from What Car? 7. Lamborghini Huracán Performante Having until quite recently been the fastest production car in history to lap the Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit, the Lamborghini Huracán Performante is also one of the fastest car we’ve ever timed around our benchmark dry handling circuit, around which every performance car that’s subject to a full Autocar road test is driven. That makes the 630bhp, extra-lightweight, four-wheel drive Lambo quicker, corner by corner, than a McLaren P1, a Porsche 918 Spyder and a Bugatti Veyron Supersport; that's proof of how much grip, incisiveness, poise and precision Sant’Agata has engineering into a Huracán chassis, which wasn’t class-leading in any of those respects in standard form. Very little will prepare you for the baleful, red-blooded howl of this car’s naturally aspirated V10 engine as it rips past 8000rpm, or the savagery of every upshift of its twin-clutch gearbox. In an era of turbocharged opponents, the Huracán’s rapier-sharp engine really is to be embraced and savoured. But, in this Huracán, the handling balance and confidence you’ll unearth once the car’s incredible Pirelli Trofeo R tyres are warmed up can at last approach the same kind of brilliance as the powertrain. The Huracán has almost unrivalled supercar presence and sense of occasion, not to mention all that bleeding soul. As an object of desire, its appeal is multifaceted; you won’t find better-looking carbonfibre anywhere else in the world. As a driver’s car, it only lacks that last degree of throttle-on poise and interactivity of the best of its rivals. Back to top Save money with new Huracán deals from What Car? 8. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Mentioning the word ‘jota’ in the company of a well-read supercar aficionado will always produce a wobbly-kneed reaction. The first one was Lamborghini’s test driver Bob Wallace’s pet project to up the performance level of the legendary Miura and to make the car ready for FIA sports car racing. There was only ever one prototype built, and it burnt to a cinder before it could sire a very special limited-edition production run. The Aventador SVJ is only the second Lamborghini since Wallace’s Miura to wear the ‘jota’ nameplate (which is what the J suffix stands for). It is also a tribute to the firm’s all-important and totally inimitable lineage of big, mid-engined, twelve-cylinder, harem-scarem supercars, which included the Diablo, Murcielago, Countach and Miura – and which is due to be transformed somewhat with the Aventador replacement, since the firm is set to change the recipe of its bigger series-production supercar by adding electrification. Big, wide, heavy and searingly rapid, this is a car demanding physical effort, bodily compromise and plenty of commitment to drive to its fullest. A cramped and quite dated cabin will test your enthusiasm first; after that, the violence of the car’s full bore gear changes, the savagery of its outright pace and the intensity of the concentration needed to find the limit of its grip level are your next challenges to overcome.Negotiate all, however, and the Aventador SVJ gives a driving experience of almost unmatched rawness and attitude. Wrestling it to a fast lap is a more rewarding experience than you’ll find almost anywhere, in a era in which the business of going fast is being made ever easier. Like your hardcore thrills physically testing and deliciously old-school in flavour? This Lambo is in a league of one. Back to top 9. Lotus Exige Cup 430 This is nothing less than the quickest street-legal production car that Lotus has ever made. Significantly modified from Hethel’s Sport 380 specification, the Cup 430 has a supercharged V6 engine good for 430bhp and shared with the Evora GT430; but it run-out 'Final Edition' spec it weighs just 1098kg without fluids, making it good for a claimed 0-62mph sprint of 3.2sec. Top speed is 174mph, in a car that also makes hundreds of kilograms of downforce, so it's capable of lapping Lotus’s home test track more than a second quicker than the car it replaces. On road or track, the Cup 430 feels ferociously fast and intensely engaging to a level that no modern Lotus has previously reached. It’s a car without Hethel’s usual preference for a supple, breathing road ride, but it has three-way adjustable dampers and adjustable ant-roll bars so can be set up to your preference. In standard setting, it’s certainly firm enough to test your enthusiasm for it; and its cabin is as tight and frippery-free as Exiges have ever been. On the track, the car’s handling is little short of magnificent. Such a light car doesn’t punish its mechanicals too hard and can be driven hard lap after lap without showing a hint of wilting under pressure. It’s a driving experience that rewards the investment of effort and commitmen t with vivid excitement, huge speed and handling that’s supremely agile and balanced — albeit quite scary in wet conditions. Production ends in 2021, hence the introduction of the Final Edition model (regular Cup 430 pictured), so if you want to secure one of the most inimitable trackday cars ever made, and secure one from new, now's the time. Back to top Save money with new Lotus deals from What Car? 10. Nissan GT-R Nismo That Nissan can even throw punches in the same category as McLaren shows how well it has developed the GT-R, which has recently reappeared in hardcore Nismo guise some 13 years after the original R35-generation car made it debut. This latest iteration gets lighter, fast-spooling turbochargers for the 3.7-litre V6, enormous ceramic brakes, unmissable aero addenda (including wheelarch vents) and plenty of carbonfibre in the body. Power remains at 592bhp, but the price has risen to an unseemly £175,000… The problem, as ever, is that the GT-R is fundamentally a heavy car, and one with a high centre of gravity in relation to everything else here. It scrapes into this list by virtue of its enormous pace and personality, rather than its sense of finesse or, indeed, satisfaction. Save money with new GT-R deals from What Car?
  8. Aaron Donald, Patrick Mahomes, DeAndre Hopkins, Tom Brady, Derrick Henry and Aaron Rodgers are just some of the players who will make a splash this season. Composite: Getty Images The NFL kicks off on Thursday. Will Kansas City steamroller the league? Which of the rookies will shine? And who will win MVP? Oliver Connolly, Andrew Lawrence, Graham Searles, Melissa Jacobs and Hunter Felt Thu 9 Sep 2021 09.00 BST 48 This will be the year of ... The rookie quarterback. The five first-rounders have already dominated the preseason discourse and that is likely carry over into the regular one. Mac Jones and Justin Fields will both start for playoff-caliber teams, while Kyle Shanahan has plans to get all sorts of funky with the Niners’ use of Trey Lance, utilizing a two-quarterback system. Chuck in Zach Wilson as the Jets’ latest savior and Trevor Lawrence, who just so happens to be the most gifted of the bunch, and it sets up for a historic year. OC The 17-game schedule. For a long time, the NFL has made the math easy with even-number schedules that cleanly separate the wheat from the chaff. But with an extra game in the mix now, there will be no more taking Jeff Fisher-like satisfaction in .500 ball. Now teams will record either winning or losing seasons (barring unlikely scenarios involving ties) – a shift that will heap more pressure on coaches and front office types when their rosters don’t make the grade. AL Comeback kings. A raft of key players are returning from serious injury. Nothing new there, but the sheer volume of talent teams were denied felt unique in 2020. The impact of having them back in the league will be huge as we embark on the longest season ever. GS Will the extra game this season allow a team with a new/rookie quarterback to make a late run as he gets extra time to get acclimated? How will a team that clinches home field advantage in Week 14 or 15 handle the final few games? And how many more players will the extra week leave injured? MJ The NFL becomes a proxy culture war as vaccination status starts to become a legitimate factor in every team’s roster decisions. HF The most underrated team this year is ... The Patriots. I know, I know: How is it fair that this generation’s dynasty is now able to drop the ‘nobody believes in us’ card? But here they are. The Patriots return a whole bunch of crucial opt-outs on defense. They have the most talented offensive line in the league. And Bill Belichick has already seen enough to feel like Mac Jones is the quarterback capable of executing the precision passing structure that he craves. OC The Los Angeles Chargers. With a reinforced offensive line and a healthy Mike Williams, quarterback Justin Herbert should take a Pro Bowl step under new coordinator Joe Lombardi, who worked with the Saints’ Drew Brees. But the defense gets the bigger boost with the return of do-it-all defensive back Derwin James. AL Hate on Teddy Bridgewater all you like, but he is better than Drew Lock. The Denver Broncos have a chance of easing the strain on their mighty defense with Bridgewater moving the sticks. Denver have also quietly assembled an improved roster across the board. Receiver Jerry Jeudy is set to explode after a solid rookie year, too. GS Seattle Seahawks. It’s weird to think of the NFC West champs as underrated but many don’t see Seattle repeating. Sure, others in the division improved but Seattle should have an upgraded defense, a receiving corps that rivals that of any other team, and most importantly, Russell Wilson. MJ Indianapolis Colts. It’s hard to look at how things ended with Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles and not be skeptical about how he fares in Indiana. Here’s the thing though: if there’s ever an ideal “change of scenery recharges an athlete” scenario it’s probably “away from Philadelphia.” HF One bold prediction …
  9. American actress Jennifer Lawrence will become a mother for the first time. This was announced on Thursday, September 9, by People magazine, citing the artist's inner circle. First guy: why we still haven't bothered with Brad Pitt Russian film critic finds out the secret of the po[CENSORED]rity of a Hollywood star According to a spokeswoman for the actress, 31-year-old Lawrence is expecting a child from her husband, art gallery director Cook Maroney. As noted by the "Federal News Agency", the sex of the baby, as well as the pregnancy period of the star is kept secret. Earlier, the actress hinted that with the birth of children, "her whole life will seem complete." Lawrence and Maroni got married in October 2019. The ceremony took place in one of the luxurious mansions of Roy Island. 150 guests were invited to the wedding, including Nicole Ricci, Emma Stone, Ashley Olsen, comedian Amy Schumer, singer Adele and other celebrities, notes. Lawrence called her husband the greatest person she has ever met and is honored to “become Maroni,” according to REGNUM. On August 18, Saturday Night Live host Colin Jost announced the birth of their baby with Scarlett Johansson. Johansson and Jost officially confirmed the information about their romance in 2017.
  10. Your nick :- Lost[-]Unknown Number chosen (1-40) :- 33 Tag your friends :- @King_of_lion @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ @-Dark
  11. I believe in objectivity and try to treat everything related to the community coldly I think that such a change would be beneficial I would like you to build a rack yourself and run your VDS servers and sell cheaper
  12. ¤ Your Nickname: Drosel ¤ Your adress Skype, Steam: ¤ Age:23 ¤ Languages that you can speak:Arab,Ru,Eng ¤ Your location:Russia ¤ Experience as admin:15+ ¤ Can you stay spectator or playing between these hours (02:00 AM To 12:00 PM) np ¤ Reason that you want to be admin:if you take it only as a manager to work on the server side and help in all directions on the server ¤ Other informations for your request:THX
  13. Subaru cars, tuning of which is gaining more and more po[CENSORED]rity among Russians, are distinguished by their reliability and high build quality. Cars of this brand are powerful enough, but this does not prevent folk craftsmen from looking for new ways to make cars even more dynamic and faster. Tuning Subaru - revision of "Japanese" without harm to the budget Subaru cars, tuning of which is gaining more and more po[CENSORED]rity among Russians, are distinguished by their reliability and high build quality. Cars of this brand are quite powerful, but this does not prevent folk craftsmen from looking for new ways to make cars even more dynamic and faster. Content Zero-filter under the hood - selection and self-assembly Improving aerodynamics - installation of body kits on Japanese cars Refinement of the rear-view mirror - install the registrar 1 Zero-filter under the hood - selection and self-assembly Many owners of Japanese cars are convinced that their cars can do much more than indicated in the data sheets. To do this, it is not necessary to order or do the chip tuning of the car yourself. Of course, with it, the car will only benefit, but this method requires a long search for firmware and the purchase of licensed programs. In some cases, and specifically in the case of Subaru, you can get by with replacing the standard filter. Do not forget that not all parts meet the quality declared by the manufacturer. On the Russian market, for several years now, experts consider zero filters from the Raid company to be the optimal and inexpensive option. These spare parts have excellent flow capacity, protect the fuel system from dust and small insects. These parts are also very easy to maintain and durable. In addition to the zero filter, for tuning you will need to prepare: flat and Phillips screwdrivers; set of keys No. 15-18; pliers; clean rags and soapy water; candle key. First of all, you need to disconnect the fuel sensor terminal from the car battery. Next, turn off the fuel pipes and use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the bolts holding the platform for the spark plug. We unscrew the candle, remove the platform and dismantle the top protection of the standard filter. After that we insert a flat screwdriver and unscrew the fasteners of the lower protection. We pull the filter towards ourselves and carefully remove it without breaking the wiring. After that, moisten the rags and carefully clean the place for installing the new filter. Another, but already dry cloth, can also be used to clean the ends of the pipes. Finally, we put a new filter in place under the hood. To install it, you can use old platforms from the standard Subaru filter, but it is best to install the stands from the kit of a new part. Next, we connect the steam pipes, fasten the candle and its support and connect the terminal. The result of the work was an increase in power of 25 liters. from. Decreased acceleration time and fuel consumption. The exhaust pipe began to emit less recycled gases, and they became much safer. 2 Improvement of aerodynamics - installation of body kits on Japanese cars Many Subaru drivers know that tuning a car cannot be imagined without installing new body kits. These parts significantly change the appearance of the car. And, importantly, with the right selection, they will help speed up the car. Regardless of which Subaru model lends itself to refinement, new door sills are sure to be bought for it. In the case of passenger cars, a spoiler will not be superfluous. And the higher and wider it is, the better. New bumpers and skirts are selected based on budget. An important nuance - you should not install only the front or only the rear bumper. In this case, either the front or the rear of the car will become heavier, and this will negatively affect the car's handling. Besides, it is simply not beautiful and harmonious. Body kits for subaru With the installation of new bumpers, everything is very simple. To do this, the car must be lifted with a jack - this will make it easier to remove the regular bumper. After that, the factory part is removed - for this you need to unscrew the front and rear bolts, and then clean the body of dirt and rust. Finally, try on a new part. If necessary, trim it with a grinder, then put it on the car. Installing door sills also does not take much time and effort. First you need to remove the old elements. After that, we apply new pads and cut them to size so that they do not hang outside the thresholds. The parts are fixed using the fasteners from the kit. Installing the spoiler will require precision. It will be easier if the car is already equipped with a rear wing from the factory. However, if it was not there, then you will have to drill holes. Before that, you need to measure the exact distance between the spoiler pillars so that it fits exactly into the holes made. After tuning, Subaru will take on a completely different look. The car will become more aggressive, which will allow it to quickly stand out among many of the same type of city cars. 3 Refinement of the rear-view mirror - install the registrar One of the advantages of Subaru models has always been considered a decent interior. The Japanese manufacturer never skimped on parts and materials, because there were always very few drivers who experienced discomfort while driving. However, time does not stand still, and more and more car enthusiasts resort to tuning the interior of Subaru models. Very often, drivers combine a rear-view mirror and a DVR. With the help of this method of refinement, the driver does not have to look for a place to install the device and worry about being stolen from the passenger compartment. Rear Mirror Recorder For tuning, you need to buy a registrar and disassemble it into parts. You also need to remove the mirror in the cabin and unscrew its back cover. We attach the recorder display to the mirror. In order for the device buttons to be located in the upper part of the mirror, you need to separate them from the display along with a board soldered to them. We fasten the buttons with screws. To mount the recorder camera, you need to cut a ball out of a piece of propylene tube. The diameter inside the tube must match the size of the chamber. If necessary, we cut off the parts of the rear wall of the mirror so that the entire board fits into the case. After that, we solder all the parts together. To connect the appliance, you need to route the wiring under the headliner. After that, we connect the wires to the battery terminal as indicated in the instructions for the recorder.
  14. Why martial arts are not effective for self-defense on the street What they study in special forces Rapid Response Teams and Police Yet why is it so important to train martial arts skills? Which martial arts to choose for self-defense 10 best martial arts styles Is competition necessary for self-defense Why martial arts are not effective for self-defense on the street You've probably already read similar articles: "10 best martial arts", "TOP 10 martial arts for self-defense", "10 most powerful and dangerous martial arts" and so on. Almost always in such articles and videos they talk about the advantages of martial arts for self-defense on the street and personal safety in everyday life. I want to refute this myth right away. No single combat sports will prepare you for a street fight or a real attack. For several reasons: 1. There are no prohibited equipment and rules on the street. No matter how the style or sport is promoted, it is primarily a sport or even gymnastics. With its own rules. system of preparation for sports competitions. With prohibited equipment and safety measures. 2. In the competitive practice of most types of martial arts, one-on-one fights with an opponent are used. On the street, there is a high probability of running into a group of opponents. Some of whom can hide in the crowd and attack from behind. 3. Most street fights use powerful psychological pressure, for which athletes are often not prepared. Berserker behavior. For such behavior in the ring or on the tatami, the pressure fighters are punished. 4. The unexpectedness and transience of the bout. The level of preparedness and the weight category of opponents are often very different. On the tatami, such a difference in levels is always avoided. 5. Use of improvised items. This is practically not taught in any martial arts school. And since they don't teach to attack. means and do not teach to defend. That is why a street fight is contraindicated for a good fighter - an athlete. This is why so many self-confident Champions are killed on the street or injured for life. This is not an unfounded statement. You can read the story of Ivan Kirp on Wikipedia. I know him. Combat academy Why martial arts are not effective for self-defense on the street What they study in special forces Rapid Response Teams and Police Yet why is it so important to train martial arts skills? Which martial arts to choose for self-defense 10 best martial arts styles Is competition necessary for self-defense Why martial arts are not effective for self-defense on the street You've probably already read similar articles: "10 best martial arts", "TOP 10 martial arts for self-defense", "10 most powerful and dangerous martial arts" and so on. Almost always in such articles and videos they talk about the advantages of martial arts for self-defense on the street and personal safety in everyday life. I want to refute this myth right away. No single combat sports will prepare you for a street fight or a real attack. For several reasons: 1. There are no prohibited equipment and rules on the street. No matter how the style or sport is promoted, it is primarily a sport or even gymnastics. With its own rules. system of preparation for sports competitions. With prohibited equipment and safety measures. 2. In the competitive practice of most types of martial arts, one-on-one fights with an opponent are used. On the street, there is a high probability of running into a group of opponents. Some of whom can hide in the crowd and attack from behind. 3. Most street fights use powerful psychological pressure, for which athletes are often not prepared. Berserker behavior. For such behavior in the ring or on the tatami, the pressure fighters are punished. 4. The unexpectedness and transience of the bout. The level of preparedness and the weight category of opponents are often very different. On the tatami, such a difference in levels is always avoided. 5. Use of improvised items. This is practically not taught in any martial arts school. And since they don't teach to attack. means and do not teach to defend. That is why a street fight is contraindicated for a good fighter - an athlete. This is why so many self-confident Champions are killed on the street or injured for life. This is not an unfounded statement. You can read the story of Ivan Kirp on Wikipedia. I know him. Ivan Kirpa, Personal safety in everyday life His career as a fighter ended in a street brawl. And there are many such stories. Fighter Yuri Vlasko was killed on Lake Baikal with a knife in the neck. The murder of Dmitry Krivosheev at the IL Tokyo cafe in the center of Voronezh. Athletes do not always win in street fights. I already wrote about the statistics of knockouts in street fights in this article: "How to deliver a knockout blow - 3 components" I will write a short conclusion here: physical STRENGTH and TIMING decide more than technology. Striking technique is important in sports, and not so important for self-defense and in a real fight. What they study in special forces Very often coaches and adherents of sports disciplines argue. that some kind of martial arts is used for training in special forces. For example, I see and hear information that Korean police officers are engaged in taekwondo, and that kyokushinkai is used in special forces around the world. But this is just self-promotion of styles. Not that it's not true. Every less well-known martial arts coach trained someone from the special forces. And sometimes organized groups. For example, in the bins of the Rosinkas team and the VSM Shield, I have a lot of thanks from the guys who fought in hot spots. In war, the chances of a fist fight are practically nil. What kind of moron does it take to face an enemy soldier, and neither one nor the other would have small arms, a knife or a sapper's shovel? Consequently, the military needs courses and trainers in shooting and weapon handling. And only as an OFP hand-to-hand combat. Such a martial art really exists and is even available to civilians. This is Krav Maga. Everything else is past the checkout. But will the Israeli units share their equipment with other states? It seems to me not. And those instructors who train civilians, it is not a fact that they know enough to fully train special forces. All trainers who position themselves as a special forces trainer and teach civilians are potentially dangerous for their country. Except for Israel or another country where there is a continuous war. That is why there are so many freaks on this topic all over the world. They benefit the state. By creating competition for truly knowledgeable professionals. More often than not, freaks know better how to captivate people with their system than real war specialists. Rapid response teams If we are talking about private offices, chop or even the police, then they really need a technique of fighting without weapons. Well, and the possession of special means available: gas or traumatic weapons, rubber truncheons, tonfa. And since knives and sharpening are often used in everyday life. blades. awl. hammers, roses, rifles, etc. I think they would be greatly helped by lessons in knife fighting and stick fighting. The use of service firearms threatens with a lengthy debriefing and may end up in prison. Therefore, shooting here is general physical training. The RRT fighters and the police should really do martial arts.
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