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  1. Rejected low activeted Next... T/C
  2. I want to follow the topics and activity increase by my chosen section and the form as a whole. I don’t want high marks but just want to help as a moderator of the game section and forum. 1. I would like to make a launcher for the game samp for any mods and any country.
  3. Nick: @[D]ROSEL ♚♚♚ Real name: Vladislav How old are you?: 22 Which Games you play? and for how long?(each of them): I play cs 1.6 for more than 10 years, I also like cs go, sump, left 4 dead 2, dota but I spend more time in cs Where are you from?(country and city): I am from Russia, the city of Kazan Describe yourself(at least 50 words): I am a man of the "golden mean." I’m not in a hurry to make important decisions. The principle - “who does not take risks, does not drink champagne” is uncomfortable for me, but I will not begin to “measure the stool 77 times”. Able to look at the task from the "third party", I am easy to take and adopt non-standard solutions. The nature is creative, I dominate the thinking of the right hemisphere. Note some of your qualities: I am neat, thrifty, polite, well-mannered, kind, friendly, responsible and communicative Tell us some of your defects: I am restless, but when this happens I still think about those who trust me. I think I'm too demanding on myself and others. Had you before any kind of responsabilities(describe it): rI had a StreetZM server; I was a bootloader and did a good job of it. And there was also a VIP. Now I am the founder of PerfectZm. We also work in a team to improve the server. On which category/categories have you been active lately?(describe your activity): I was active on the PerfectZM forum Which category/project you want to care off?(choose from THIS LIST): Forum Games How well you speak english?(and other languages): I speak English fluently Do you use TS3? Do you have an active microphone?: Yes, I use not so often, I speak on the microphone, but I write without looking at the keyboard even with my eyes closed Contact methods: TS3, CSBD, Whatsapp. Last request: did not file
  4. Type: Profile Cover*Dimensions: 1839x309Texts: [D]rosel PerfectZM *Theme / Image(s) *Last request link: LINK *Other information: thanks
  5. Rejected low activeted Next... T/C
  6. Nickname (will be the same as the Nickname of the forum account - no exceptions): [D]rosel ♠ Age: 22 ♠ your Country (Location): russia ♠ Experience in administration: about 10 years of Experiences ♠ Can you watch at night (Yes/no): yes i can ♠ can you be online between these hours? (2: 00 am to 12: 00 PM) yes ♠ The reason you want to be an administrator in StreetZM: what connects me to the server is that I was the founder for almost six months and I also want to work for the server in promotion ♠ Other information: no more information
  7. I congratulate the entire team on their birthday and wish them a clean world and good luck
  8. ⪢ What is your name in the game? s: [D] r o ⪢ What is your name from reality? :Vladislav ⪢ How old are you? :22 ⪢ In which country do you live? :Russia ⪢ In what city do you live in? :Kazan ⪢ What are your favorite games? :CS:GO, CS:1.6, L4D2 ⪢ What do you want to do with time on this server? :improve activity and strive for greater heights ⪢ In which country would you like to live? : USA ⪢ What improvements would you bring as an owner? :I will develop an anti cheat from ddos attacks make models with labels new models for zombies and people without advantages so that there is a balance in the game ⪢ Can you give a brief description of yourself? If so, prove : I am a sympathetic kind and purposeful person. I always get what I want. ⪢ How did you find the CSBLACKDEVIL community and for what purpose did you want to join this server? : It was a long time ago I started small and was a founder on many servers here. You also want to be the Founder and the above I will comply with the rules and all incline the compliance of other members of the community to comply with all the rules and order on the project ⪢ If you earn 1 million euros, which would be the first thing you do ? : I would help sick children and my relatives
  9. Nickname: [D]rosel Age:22 Can you be online between these hours?: (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM):yes Reason that you want to be admin with us: Help in development and be always ready to support players and the server to protect and cheer up Other information about you(previous experience): I myself am a kind and responsive person I have a lot of experience in programming cs 1.6
  10. ♠ Nickname (will be the same as the Nickname of the forum account - no exceptions): [D]rosel ♠ Age: 23 ♠ your Country (Location): Russia ♠ Experience in administration: 10 year ♠ Can you watch at night (Yes/no): Yes ♠ can you be online between these hours? (2: 00 am to 12: 00 PM) : Not problem ♠ The reason you want to be an administrator in ZOMBIE: I am one of those who respect the community and all the players who are attached to it. And ready to help the server. ♠ Other information: Thx
  11. Nickname: [D]rosel Age: 22 Can you be online between these hours?: (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM): yes Reason that you want to be admin with us: Trustee Other information about you(previous experience): thanks
  12. Hi everyone I'm back colleagues