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    Founder of [StreetZM] if you need help write here or Ts3.
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    drosel_love_cs 1.6

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  1. Accepted As Helper!! Be sure to read the Rules here Click Send me nick / pw / tag Next... T/C
  2. A good update with models and glowing CSBlackDevil.Com inscriptions and also add more fun to ZP; the only person who created the mods is if I’m not mistaken Mercuriy I also suggest adding entertainment such as a zombie class that can release spiders or other negligence that will blow hp people and climb the wall I will give a tip to you @Mr.Love Half-Life there you will find this system
  3. Good morning everyone good mood🤩

    1. CrimeBossYT


      good morning founder!

  4. good morning everyone. have a nice day

  5. Hi ]Brot  

    friend i need to talk to you

  6. Dear employees and just friends, look do not miss your chance 🙂

  7. Open translations without loss of rank From all servers of the CsBlackDevil.Com forum. [RO] ¤ Nickname (identic ca pe forum): ¤ Skype / Facebook: ¤ Vârsta: ¤ Tara: ¤ Experienta ca admin: ¤ Key / pass din regulament: ¤ Rank-ul tau: ¤ Serverul precedent: [ENG] ¤ Nickname (same as forum): ¤ Skype / Facebook: ¤ Age: ¤ Your Country: ¤ Admin experience: ¤ Key / pass of our rules: ¤ Your Rank: ¤ Previous server: Requirements to be accepted: 1. You have to follow all the rules of the server. 2. You have to be active every day. 3. You have to respect the model for the application. 4. The title of the post must be: Admin request [name in the game] Notes: The Link to the GT: If the application has been rejected, you can make another one in 7 days. Contact our Managers: @Studentul @[D]rosel ✔ @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ @TheDarK™ O.o @-Dope @_teory_ @CastLe
  8. Congratulations my dear brother I wish you success in your work

    1. TheDark™


      Thank you dude..

      u too congrats for joined in Uploader.

  9. Congratulations to you and wish you more success and promotion!

  10. Versiune 1.0.0

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    CS: GO Join Sound - this plugin adds a welcome message to your server. Music playback occurs immediately after you log in to the server. angel Installation: 1. Put the joinsound.smx file in the folder ... \ addons \ sourcemod \ plugins. 2. In the server.cfg file, specify the path to the music (initially it is /music/map/sound.mp3). Note: All music must be in .mp3 format. Other formats are not supported.
  11. It would be nice if for each category I make subsections with the search for the desired link with regards to the chain of relationship to the resource
  12. Versiune 1.0.0

    4 descărcări

    The plugin has been fixed specifically for CS: GO and only supports CS: GO (most likely). Adds sounds to the end of the round.

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