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    I'm Free I Can do what i want no one can stop me Because i the legend

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  1. pro i will give you chance.
  2. Rip man i cann't understand anything what did u mean ,lol u saying man. u made report for him because he didn't reply to you when u said to him "hi" ?? WTF .. Dont say anything u said he gave u slap without reasion in ur report. so we have to wait hessin to reply for what u say...
  3. Look guys. Hessin. have grade coowner and the rules say Only founders and owners and co owners and premanegers can use all commands to admins if they made anyproblems The reason of ur report is but he is have high grade so he can give u slap or slay but u said without reason so for that we have to wait 24 hours to Listen what hassen reply If he gave slap with reason this topic will be rejected But Hessin is co owner and i think he know the rules and should he gave him slap with reasion anyways we waiting him.........
  4. Report Accepted.. Warrning [1/3] T.C
  5. first the rules say u should give him 3 times slap and u did it . but read title of the report he said u gave him slap without reason this are right or not ???? and if u gave him slap with reason give me reason if u didn't then u will get warrning 24 hours to give me proof or u will be warrned.
  6. Contra you have no activity
  7. First of all shut up, you don't manager for reply here or say this. Sir Clown, you are a kid, you ask so much, when i do something you was say why why why?, what is your problem for ammo i give myself and i have permission from evil baby.
  8. In-game nick; Mr.Bean- Played hours; 420 hoursSteam; Non-steam Current rank; semi-god
  9. pro for helper Improve your activity
  10. i want gift from you ❤️ 

    1. #EVIL BABY

      #EVIL BABY

      Don't worry i will  ❤️