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  1. M3DHaT

    Help about servers

    it's in my panel how i can fix ?
  2. M3DHaT

    Help about servers

    I am make ticket it's is 5 days and no any one answer
  3. M3DHaT

    Help about servers

    Your Nickname: M3DHaT Your Problem: I am make re-install and all things for server started it's not start I am recive it from company as same like now how i can open this servers ? Screenshot
  4. Accepted my ticketed request i am wait 48 hours and it don't have any answer

    1. Happy boy

      Happy boy

      done medhat ticket is solved 



    1. M3DHaT
    2. #Speed


      Good luck in Your Server i hope see ur server 32,32 🙂 


  6. who is scammer ? this proof in facebook and this is offer in csbd for 50 EURO when server dont have players and respect your self
  7. All are not seruios Last price : 30 €
  8. No i don't want sell with 35 euro because you are not serious
  9. Game: Counter Strike 1.6 Name requested (if the server will be added in our community): Furien.CsBlackdevil.com Slots number:32 Game mode:Furien Contact address ( Skype / Steam):https://www.facebook.com/medhatsalman2 Gametracker states : https://cache4.gametracker.com/server_info/ Current Players : 32/32 / Avergage (past month) 10 Server Price : 50 EUR
  10. Hello I am see it's nice idea and good and this idea will help community and I'm scripter & I'm reday to make addons for CSBD me and my friends we are 12 Scripters do any addons and good Luck PRO
  11. Server Summary Name: StreetZM.CsBlackDevil.Com [Zombie Plague 6.2] Game: Counter Strike 1.6 Address: Port: 27015 Status: Alive Server Manager: m3dhat claim server) Current Players: 5/ 32 Average (past month): 5 Server host: 12 euro/month Addons Zombie Plague 6.2 included ( inclus ) Server Price: 20 EURO
  12. do you can see my ticikcted 

  13. M3DHaT

    Proposal edit time

    I am see it's idea is not clear