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TRUE or FALSE QUIZZ - "izi" points!


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    Real Hero
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    (Football) ( (Gta5) ( Adventure ) (buying cars )
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  1. Soon i will be active again 🙂

    1. [X]pErT-


      Oh Welcome Back 

  2. Nickname: i[P]aapay Profile link:
  3. pubg khelta ho ??

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    2. [X]pErT-


      BOhat kam nick MustufaPro

    3. i[P]aapay


      theek ha me add kerta hon 

    4. i[P]aapay


      send ki ha freind req accept kro

  4. Name : i[P]aapay Best friend or friendship? @Mr. Goofy? @NANO @[X]pErT- What will you do with points : give to someone who need Location : Pakistan
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 39 seconds  
  6. enjoy points !! 

  7. Lol why ?? again banned ?

  8. i[P]aapay

    Movie Quizz - One!

    i like this
  9. you cant recieve message bro delete some

    1. MasterKid™
    2. Vizitator


      why?? Removel 

      go done owner 

  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 28 seconds  
  11. ending made me cry 😞

  12. 😞

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    2. #DeXteR


      what's wrong 😞 

    3. bolfosu


      if u don't want your points u cand donate them to me i like to receive for free 😄

    4. #DeXteR


      hahha who dont like free things, i have free things too if u want i'll give u @bolfosu 😉 

  13. [X]pErT Bhai to founder ha walking dead ka server me to ajao

    1. [X]pErT-


      Aba Bhai Zombie Khelna Chor dia

    2. [X]pErT-


      Bhai tumko Owner Derha Ha Lelo

    3. i[P]aapay


      mujhe to mil gaya ap to ao na 😞

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