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  1. The trail with a boxer engine from BMW and the last name Adventure continues to be the aspiration of many riders. In the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure they see the peak of their evolution, the maturity as a biker who seeks a series of qualities that only a high-flying trail can transmit to him. We are talking about a motorcycle where concepts such as performance or comfort abound and where the spirit of adventure is also present, thus leaving out GT motorcycles, prepared only to ride on asphalt. It is very true that currently the customer profile of this style of motorcycle is mature for about 50 years, who values being able to go out occasionally on dirt tracks, although the reality in many cases is very different. But that the investment contemplates that possibility, contributes that value of adventurous restlessness that many of its clients desire, people who with their saddles have discovered great experiences about their GS. As a tester, I roll on many motorcycles and all in perfect condition as new models, but only the user who makes the purchase and enjoys for thousands of kilometers, can claim things from the future model that he demands in his. So taking advantage of the great experience of having participated in two of the three editions of the PuntaPunta Morocco organized by BMW Motorrad Spain, where I met many “riders” of the brand, I took the opportunity to invite two of them to the test of the new R 1250 GS Adventure. So I called two who had R 1200 GS Adventure (see test) to test our R 1250 GS Adventure and they didn't think twice. José Manuel Serrano is Valencian, a lawyer by profession, a widower and childless, while Federico Unter, a Mexican, a civil engineer by profession, is married to a Spanish woman and has one child. With them I can already say that I have traveled thousands of kilometers, being two experienced Bemeuvists where I value their opinion a lot. The lawyer's motorcycle, in three years has done 32,000 kilometers and its use is playful, pure enjoyment, while in the case of the engineer, his motorcycle is the way of fun but also that of mobility, so that in two years already He has made 60,000 kilometers: if he slows down, it will be due to his recent paternity So, with them, I stayed in a midpoint of their residence areas, specifically in the Tarragona area in the “Baix Penedés”, to carry out this report. We were very early and after a long morning coffee given the time we had seen each other we started the test: What great companions on the road they are! Looking for the course If I have something to praise in some brands, it is to be faithful to their principles. I could talk about Harley Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Vespa or, of course, BMW Motorrad, who I especially appreciate that their style and philosophy have wanted to keep modernizing it over the years. Focusing on the brand that has led us to this test, the eternal boxer engine burst in 1980 in that currently highly valued by collectors, R 80 GS. Since that year and in these 40 years of history, the boxer-powered GS has only grown in quality, performance and, logically, in sales and followers. That is why countless events have been created for its clients, from international routes by teams from different countries, the GS Trophy in which I participated in 2010 in South Africa, through the national routes PuntApunta Spain and Morocco, without forget the Motorrad Days meetings, now in Sabiñánigo and organized by BMW Motorrad Spain. In the case of the Moroccan experience, since we are talking about the Spanish experience in travel / adventure, the trail world has opened up to people who in some cases had not even considered stepping on land with their motorcycle. The slogan of “Espíritu GS” stuck with them a lot and these clients hooked on it are already regular consumers of this type of experience annually… Focusing on our test unit ... Once again it came to the brim with extras, being the perfect showcase for how you can equip this model and consequently make the mount more expensive. But its financing formula called Select, a soft installment system with the latest registration to refinance, return the vehicle or pay in full, ensures that the bike varies little in installments from going barefoot to going full, so in general in the second-hand market you will rarely find a peeled one. In fact, I have not seen a basic one of these trails ... Our motorcycle provides an Exclusive finish, characterized by metallic matte green Kalamata paint contrasting with its metallic Agate gray chassis. The handlebar is finished in matte black, like the subframe and gimbal, and its brake calipers from the American manufacturer Hayes, instead of Brembo, are finished in gold. So, if we also add the three optional equipment packages, the Comfort, Touring and Dynamic along with the suitcases and top case, we go from € 20,100 of the base model to € 27,090 of ours, a price that for many will seem exorbitant. What represent the sales of SUVs in the automobile sector are the trails in the motorcycle sector, so there is a lot of supply, economic and Premium; This BMW is in the most select of the market. Sometimes, when I see the price of the beautiful Indian Challenger type custom (see test) or Harley Davidson Road King Special 114 (see test) that we tested, what strikes me is the strength that these Americans have exclusively with respect to this trail boxer. And the reason is none other than the success achieved by this BMW has made many GS’s visible on our Spanish roads, as if it were an economic motorcycle. At the end of the report I give you what all the accessories provided by the motorcycle consist of, for your curiosity ... Details that attract attention With exactly the same mechanical and cycle base as its catalog sisters, which we have tested as described, I encourage you to stop by them to see the differences. The staging of this motorcycle where I delved into its mechanical qualities and range innovations, as well as applied solutions, you have it in the presentation of the R 1250 GS range (see presentation). Curiously, the Adventure version will not find it, because it was not presented until the Milan Motor Show. Then we tested the standard version, also super-equipped, by Javier Millán (see test), to continue with the test I personally carried out in Tardienta (Los Monegros) with lugged tires from the R 1250 GS HP version (see test). So what was said. I am not going to repeat myself in what is the same and I will focus on the differences and feelings. If I start looking at details, I was struck by several things. The first is the protector that they have put on the bridge of the central trestle to protect the lower part of the exhaust from stones. The following is the impressive optional finish of the gigantic fuel tank, the great protagonist of its silhouette. With the welds polished, brushed and varnished by hand by the operators of the German factory, I would pay the 338 € they ask for it ... Another thing that strikes me is that with the Touring package comes the pre-installation of the browser: the model must be specifically that of the brand even if it is manufactured by the prestigious Garming. My reflection is that with the impressive operation of the Conect Ride that already comes standard, the expensive optional browser you will use little and in any case I would not be the first to put my Smartphone in that space before only the exclusive navigation tools. Finally, let me comment on the design of the mirrors. They are functional, no doubt, but apart from that they are not a panacea in the field of vision, I have them somewhat boring. They are those elements that stand out completely from the automobile sector, because in addition to being much simpler than that of the 4-wheel sector, we also inherit them endlessly, the same or intermittent ... In this case we will find them until on C400 X and GT scooters. The route is your thing, but with more sauce ... The new R 1250 GS Adventure remains the quintessential route of the firm. Yes, they have models with in-line 6-cylinder engines like their K's and also, the RT, is another of the wonders of the range of the brand that has this impressive 1250 boxer engine, but this GS version takes them to all to the water ... Because in addition to giving autonomy and a lot of comfort, it is capable of taking you out on the roads or tracks and getting the story of your life. But that also had it in the R 1200 GS Adventure, you can think if you own or owned one. But in that one you did not have the sensations and the sporty behavior that this has, among other things because of its impulsive motor. If it were not for the multiple controls it provides, such as the ASC traction control, which in our case and with more precision is the DTC for carrying it as an extra, this motorcycle is easy and more loaded, that you cannot open the throttle with power in the first three gears because it lifts the wheel. Personally, I think that Dynamic is a very sporty profile for the philosophy of the trail concept, but I have to admit that now it is getting more fruit both for the extra power and for the new geometries, as well as the more retained suspension settings. It is precisely this aspect one of the things that our guests liked the most, especially José Manuel's little magazine who likes to walk fast on twisty roads (see video statements). Maneuvering with her continues to surprise me. My eighty meter tall lets me touch my flat feet on the floor in the lowest position of the seat that it provides. So, although all of it is large, not to mention tall, wide and heavy, it is not uncomfortable in urban use. You will not be able to pass between cars if it is narrow, but if you go without suitcases it moves better than expected, among other things due to its wide turning angle.
  2. Borussia Mönchengladbach still dreams of the Bundesliga. Marco Rose's team exhibited (1-3) at Eintracht's home and climbs to third place. A victory with which they advance RB Leipzig and remain two points behind Borussia Dortmund and three points behind Bayern, who have one game less. They still opt for the 'Salad Bowl'. In the Bundesliga restart after the coronavirus crisis and in a Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt without an audience, Gladbach was unrivaled. Pléa and Marcus Thuram, with their ninth and seventh goals respectively in Bundesliga so far, put the 0-2 at seven minutes. Bensebaini, from a penalty, made the sentence in the second half and ex-Sevilla player André Silva signed the 1-3 for Eintracht. The team from Frankfurt is still struggling and in the bottom, five points from the promotion zone of descent to the 2. Bundesliga with one less game. They accumulate four consecutive defeats in the Bundesliga. The opposite streak to that of a Gladbach who is leaving behind his post-winter slump and who is still opting for the League title.
  3. Suitable for different skin classes, these four models remove body hair safely and painlessly Our expert has chosen the Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 PL311 as the best pulsed light epilator of the four analyzed for its design, features and high performance. Each one chooses the type of hair removal that works best for them and with which they feel most comfortable. Thus, the usual thing is to visit the aesthetic centers when we want to remove that hair with which we have not just felt comfortable, either for a matter of comfort or aesthetics; In these locations, laser technology has carved a niche for itself by eliminating it. At home, the usual methods continue to be wax, knife and tweezers. However, they are not the only possible options. Another alternative is pulsed light epilators. They are also known as IPL and are more effective. They work through pulses of light that "attack" the hair root to weaken it and reduce its growth: they do so through the pigment responsible for skin and hair coloring, melanin. It is required, of course, of constancy because the epilator must be used in several sessions to start seeing the first results. Once the treatment cycle is completed, small touches will be enough that the users will do when they deem it necessary. What models have we tested? The following proposals have been selected: Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 PL3111 (8.75), BaByliss G935E (8.25), Medisana IPL 805 (7) and Philips Lumea Advanced Bri921 / 00 (8.25). They have been analyzed taking into account some considerations such as those indicated below: - Ergonomics: an ergonomic design favors its comfortable use when we move through the area of the body to be waxed. - Materials: to guarantee maximum durability. - Number of pulses: the greater the number of ‘pulses’, the more time can be used. - Efficacy: does the product fulfill what was promised? Do you notice that the hair is disappearing session after session? - Others: some models incorporate systems that make them safer, offer an app that helps track the hair removal process, come with accessories ... How we have tested them These four epilators have been used over two months in different sessions respecting the indications of their manufacturers. It is important to maintain and follow them for maximum effectiveness. Armpits, legs, arms and groins have been the areas of the body where they have been used. In addition, sun exposure has been avoided days before and after each session. Despite being the second most expensive option, the winning epilator has been the Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 PL3111. It not only attracts attention from the point of view of its aesthetics, but it has turned out to be a very balanced model accompanied by various accessories. Its SensoAdapt technology avoids having to select the intensity level according to our skin color. It detects it automatically. Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 PL311: our choice The handle and head have an ergonomic design, which favors their handling and works connected to the electrical outlet. Before using it, it is advisable to pass the blade over the area of the hair to be waxed. It incorporates two modalities of use. Along with the ‘normal’ there is another ‘soft’ that is visually identified. It is a small button located on the top that includes the serigraphy of a pen: what it does is reduce the intensity at which the epilator works and is suitable for more sensitive areas such as armpits and groins. However, even using the first modality you do not notice physical pain, rather slight discomfort and heat that is supported without problems. Sensations you get used to as you use it. DATA SHEET - Dimensions: 236 x 104 x 194 mm - Number of shots: 300,000 - Intensity levels: two - Modes of use: slide and short shot -Technology: SensoAdapt with UV protection - Accessories: Venus Smooth razor, precision head recommended for face, groin and armpits, case with rope and transformer with power cable and plug. - Others: Braun Silk-expert Pro app It also has two shooting modes. The one called ‘slip’ is recommended for larger areas while the corto short shot ’offers better results on smaller surfaces. The experience of use is simple and effective because you notice how effectively the hair is weakening and 'sleeping'. The added advantage is that it has an intelligent sensor known as SensoAdapt (UV protection included) that identifies and adapts the intensity level of each shot or pulse depending on the skin tone it recognizes. On one of its sides we find a bar in which the numbers 1, 2 and 3 are represented: the epilator automatically selects this grade with a white light. Its accessories include: a second head to reach the most difficult areas, a cover and a Venus Smooth razor. 20% discount, save 68.74 euros. - The best: its ergonomic design, its high number of pulses and its SensoAdapt technology. - The worst: it is the second least expensive option. - Conclusions: Its features allow it to offer high performance. In addition, its SensoAdapt technology helps you forget about having to adapt the intensity level of the epilator depending on your skin and hair. It does it for you.
  4. A 'battle' between two lobes of different magnetic force near the Earth's core would be behind the accelerated motion of the magnetic pole. It is known that the Earth's magnetic north after being close to Canada for hundreds of years began to move rapidly towards the Siberia region since the beginning of the century, but the explanations for this phenomenon have not been clear to date. In order to discover what causes the displacement of the magnetic field, a team of researchers from the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) and the Technical University of Denmark analyzed 20 years of satellite data and found that a competition between two lobes of different strength Magnetic near the Earth's core is probably behind the pole's motion, according to a recent study published in the journal Nature Geoscience. The pole has been inexorably displaced towards Russia since the first measurements made in 1831 at its location in the Canadian Arctic. It has been accelerating its speed between 1990 and 2005 to its current speed of 50 and 60 kilometers per year, according to researchers Philip Livermore, Matthew Bayliff and Christopher Finlay in their report. Scientists consider that the path of the magnetic pole is clearly related to two anomalies called negative magnetic fluxes. One of them is deep in Canada and the other is below Siberia. They explain that these large lobes of magnetism grow and shrink over time, having a profound effect on the magnetic field that we perceive on the surface. It has weakened According to the researchers, between 1970 and 1999 changes in the interactions between the flowing mantle and the core of our planet caused the area below Canada to lengthen, thus reducing the strength of the magnetic field it generates. "Historically, the Canadian patch has won the battle and that is why magnetic north has focused on Canada," Livermore explained during an interview with BBC Radio 4. "But in recent decades, the Canadian patch has weakened and the Siberian patch has slightly strengthened, and that explains why the pole has suddenly moved from its historical position, "added the specialist. According to the scientists, it is clear that the pole will continue to move, however it cannot be predicted with pressure for how long and where it will stop, says the Science Alert portal. They also argue that there is still much that is unknown about the mechanism that works inside the planet and that only the development of more models like this gives the hope of one day predicting where the Earth's poles will end in the future.
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  9. This important executive returns to his origins after reaching great successes in Volkswagen Group, especially in SEAT. Those rumors about the arrival of Luca de Meo to Groupe Renualt have become a reality, when his arrival became official after leaving the position of president of SEAT. After a long selection process, the Committee and Board of Directors of the French manufacturer made the decision to elect Luca de Meo as Executive Director and President of Renault, which was made official on January 28, 2019. With more than two decades of experience in the automotive industry, the 53-year-old Italian executive returns to the frank company as of July 1, 2019, with the main objective of the development and transformation of Groupe Renault. During the time in which Luca de Meo assumes the position, Clotilde Delbos, interim executive director of Renault, will continue assuming her duties, after that she will take on the position of Deputy Executive Director of Renault, from July 1, 2020. About Luce de Meo Born in Milan, Italy, in 1967, Luca de Meo graduated in business administration from the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University in Milan. He subsequently started his career at Renault before joining Toyota, then Grupo Fiat, where he directed the Lancia, Fiat and Alfa Romeo brands. In 2009, he joined the Volkswagen Group as Marketing Director, both for passenger cars of the Volkswagen brand and for the conglomerate. He then served as a member of the Board of Directors in charge of Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG in 2012. From 2015 to 2020, he was Chairman of the Executive Committee of SEAT and a member of the Supervisory Boards Ducati and Lamborghini, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Volkswagen Group in Italy.
  10. The Vinotinto qualified for the Futsal World Cup in Lithuania 2020 on Thursday, after beating the Chilean national team 3-2. The match started with great intensity between both teams, the Creoles sought to go up in the light to take control of the game, but it was Chile who scored first. However, the Creoles remained focused and managed to close the first part with the score 1-1. At the start of the second half the Creoles came out to realize what a dream was for them and quickly scored the goal that would put them up in the fourth minute of Viamonte's hand. The Venezuelans imposed 3-1 in the 12th minute and sentenced their victory, although the Chilean team discounted near the end. The historic triumph allows Venezuela to get its first participation in a World Cup event.
  11. An old 1989 contract has given a victory to residents of the Salamanca district in Madrid against a leisure entrepreneur who wants to open a business in the neighborhood yard In 1989, long before the Goya neighborhood in Madrid became an area of bars and parties around the WiZink Center, a community of neighbors was careful to protect themselves so that they did not install a disco in their inner courtyard. Room X had just closed in the basement of the building, on Calle del Berro Street 29, and the neighbors feared that Chinese businessman Cheng Xiao Tong would use the huge underground space for a nightclub. That's why they agreed with him in writing that he would only open a restaurant there. Thirty-one years later that old yellowed document is your best protection against Eugenio Gurumeta, a leisure entrepreneur who smelled the opportunity to open a business next to the fourth world concert venue in number of tickets. A sentence of the Provincial Court of Madrid consulted by this newspaper gave the reason two weeks ago to the neighbors, a relief for them because in parallel and since 2017 they maintain a battle before the City Council so that it does not grant the license to Gurumeta. “He has given us vidilla because we saw him blacker than the fish,” says José María López Moya, a 58-year-old neighbor who has lived in the building since 1971. Some second-generation residents like him thank their parents for being so farsighted The neighbors of the other six-story buildings that overlook the common courtyard also breathe in relief. In the 80s, the residents of Fuente del Berro 29 saw with disgust that their bass houses a cinema that broadcast movies such as Vice on Planet Eros or hot sex schoolgirls. The porn had replaced the Hollywood hits of the old cinema Felipe II, but at least the clientele made no noise. They entered discreetly, many sneaking. Worse was the fight that was coming. The Chinese businessman, who took over the premises in July 1989, started underground works to adapt the old cinema. He designed a large space with three floors and 1,304 square meters. It was ideal for a disco, the neighbors thought. To heal in health, on November 21, 1989 the 12 owners met, including Cheng. They agreed that, in exchange for validating the works done by him behind the back of the community, he would only open a restaurant. These pacts that limit the right of property to protect the community are common, according to Immaculate Vivas Tesón, professor of Civil Law at the University of Seville. Although the City Council hypothetically gave a disco license to Gurumeta, neighborhood agreements prevail. "For example, a community of owners can prevent a neighbor from having a potentially dangerous dog at home, even if he has all the licenses in order," says Vivas Tesón. The neighbors of Calle del Berro 29, almost all retired or about to retire, keep the document typed, already yellowed, in a piece of furniture in their meeting room. He was not registered in the Property Registry but the magistrates of the Thirteenth Section of the Provincial Court of Madrid have said that it was not necessary in this case, since the owner of the premises remains the same, Cheng. The businessman who rented it, Gurumeta, was diligently notified. When he contacted the neighbors in January 2017 to inform them of their negotiations to rent the premises, they quickly informed him by burofax that the only possible exploitation was that of a restaurant. Breakfasts with jazz Gurumeta says he won't give his arm to twist. He will resort to the Supreme Court and says that in case of losing he does not rule out opening a restaurant, as the 1989 agreement allows, but he adds, that it would be a "restaurant with shows", a type of activity cataloged with that name in the Madrid norms and which he said would fit into that pact. Gurumeta, 59, is in charge of Tropos, an agency with 25 years of experience in which they have organized more than 5,000 shows and more than 2,000 events, according to their website. After signing the rental with Cheng, he wasted no time to announce on the Internet the local future, the Tropos Space. On the web hung the plans of the space, with capacity for 800 people in four rooms (Kamaloo, Lemur, Chrysalis and Octopussy). The neighbors had no doubt that the businessman sought to capture the public of the WiZink Center when the concerts ended after midnight. The venue with capacity for 17,453 spectators celebrates events and concerts almost half the day of the year: 164 in 2019, among them Rosalia, Juan Luis Guerra or Daddy Yankee. He denies it. He says he has changed plans and what he really has in mind is to celebrate company meals. "I want, for example, to give breakfast to an elevator company," he tells this newspaper. "Obviously when you have a cocktail you want to have ambient music, maybe a little jazz band ...". The neighbors are concerned that the City Council seems more favorable to the interests of Gurumeta since the team of José Luis Martínez-Almeida arrived. Gurumeta applied for an unsuccessful license to the Activity Agency six times in 2017 and 2018. They were quickly denied. But now, the request he sent in March 2019, is still under study and has a favorable report from the Town Planning technicians. In this last attempt, Gurumeta requests a license for an “auditorium with associated bar / restaurant”, a term that scares the neighbors. Too much they already have with the noise of the WiZink that, they say, makes the pictures on their walls tremble. Gurumeta remains confident that he will get away with it. He defines himself as "a man full of plans that are usually fulfilled." Just in case, the neighbors have not removed from their facades the banners against the party room of their nightmares. WON BATTLE? The defeated businessman, Gurumeta, says he will appeal to the Supreme Court the ruling of the Provincial Court of January 26 but his options are limited. He could exercise the appeal, but the Supreme Court has said that this is not an excuse to access a third judicial instance. It would only be admissible if it fits one of the few assumptions, such as that Gurumeta shows that there is contradictory jurisprudence of the Provincial Hearings on cases like his. If the appeal were admitted, the lawsuit could last several years. In the meantime, neighbors can ask that the party room not be opened.