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  2. We are used to seeing electric motorcycles of acceptable price, but with bad finishes, bad designs and poor performance, or quite the opposite, but at prices that make them unattainable for most. However, from India comes this interesting Ultraviolette F77, with a beautiful design (which reminds us a little of the KTM Duke) and with a lot of torque, good performance and a more than reasonable autonomy, but at a price more than good. The Ultraviolette F77 was born from the association of Ultraviolette with the Indian giant TVS that, among other things, works for BMW to make the G310 range. It is manufactured in three versions: Lightning, Shadow and Laser. The Ultraviolette F77 has 37 hp and no less than 450 Nm of torque, with which it accelerates from 0 to 60km / h in 2.9 seconds and from 0 to 100km / h in 7.5 s. The maximum speed announced is almost 150 km / h. It has three selectable driving modes: Eco, Sports and Insane (madness), which promises great moments. The screen is touch, color, and the batteries are lithium-ion and come in three removable modular packages, making it easy to upload them home to charge. They promise an autonomy of between 130 and 150 km and with fast charging charger they can be 100% in 90 minutes. If in the rear suspension we find a single-shock absorber directly to the swingarm, without connecting rods, in front there is an adjustable inverted fork, such as the shock absorber. The battery self-recharges when braking. We leave you the price for the end: £ 3,464, that is € 4,120. The price of a 125. Some time ago we informed you that TVS had partnered to produce an interesting electric motorcycle: there you have it.
  3. The Barcelona striker, Antoine Griezmann, reviewed his career from hard beginnings to his arrival at the Barca team, where he seeks to understand and learn a "new style", already getting along with Luis Suárez and Leo Messi and taking out the innate football, which comes out without to think a lot and that he had his base in the Real Society. "They always said that he was too small, they did x-rays of my wrist to see how far I would grow, they were very difficult moments but in the field I forgot," he said Wednesday the Frenchman, in an interview with UEFA tv, where he remembered his beginnings and again had beautiful words for both Real and Atleti. "Everything that is my first-touch game, of walls, of looking forward, I learned in Real. The basis of my game, thanks to Real, when I noticed a change was when I signed for Atleti, it was a very hard change, "he said, with special mention to Diego Pablo Simeone. "He wouldn't let me do what I was doing at Real," he said. "He always had his voice behind me asking for more and asking for things I didn't have, working for the team. In Real I didn't get down so much. It cost me until December but I learned defensively , tactically and I was more goalscorer thanks to him. Everything I learn I keep. I put it at the service of the team. I noticed a change in my second year of Atleti, where I said "this is the player I want to be." and from Atleti and he took me to be world champion, "he added. The Frenchman keeps his imagination on the grass as the best virtue. "I don't have one against one or much dribbling. In Real I always looked for walls or play a touch or enter the area and create danger. When I play football I do what I get, I don't think much. If I'm wrong or sad in my private life, in the countryside you will notice, "he explained." DUELE A LOT "THE PENALTY OF SAN SIRO The French striker made it clear that he did not leave Atleti to win titles. "I didn't leave the Atleti for winning Champions, nor winning more titles. I left the Atleti to learn a new game, new philosophies. Learn another football, another team. The Atleti can win the league and the Champions any year." Barcelona, the world champion with France is gradually adapting. "I have to learn a new position and also understand my new teammates. I don't get caught by Luis, Messi, the media, my side. Messi is amazing, you have to enjoy it, it's a show to see him play and play with he, "he said, before explaining the most intimate adaptation." I am someone very shy. I do not usually talk to others, but everything will come in time. I will not give a conversation but we are learning to know Luis, Leo. we have shared dinners and will go to more. What happens outside the field can only help inside, "he added, before remembering his biggest sports spine, the penalty that failed in the 2016 Champions League final in San Siro." I think a lot. It hurts. a lot. It made us lose the final, if we put it in the second one right away. We had come out very well, we were squeezing up. It will always hurt, even if I win it with Barça. That final will hurt like that with Atleti it was my goal, the whole club and have it I was on my feet, I cannot go back, if I had not already done so. In 10 or 15 years it will hurt the same, "he settled.
  4. Some only respond to disinhibition, others satisfy latent sexual desires, all can become the talk of work for the next twelve months Each year is a carbon copy of the previous one. Identical ceremonial and the same gesture when we are told that the company organizes a Christmas lunch or dinner. Whiskers in the halls about how it will be this time and that runrún for every detail of the treat. The mere mention of the event makes resound in our heads the jingle of the chief announcing the dreaded Christmas speech, sumptuous and expected as the traditional message of His Majesty the King on the night of December 24. Is this drink necessary? It seems so, according to psychologist Gabriel Schwartz, a good connoisseur of human resources after 25 years in the workplace. "Although it seems trivial," he says, "the end of the year meetings are designed to share a moment of celebration among those who were close for twelve months. It is good for the company to design events that allow everyone to participate and the collaborators will be happy to attend. They are part of the work and our life. According to their culture and their peculiarities, each company will impose its style of celebration. " The problem that Schwartz warns is that, being a moment of relaxation, "lower our defenses" and we end up building the nativity scene. We enter into the place without knowing very well where each person's place is and saying that there will be strains. "There always are, as in the family," says the expert. A while later, the anecdotes will give to fill the twelve months of the next calendar. What are the most common blunders, those that should be avoided so as not to be in the mouths of the partners during the next twelve months? Never leave your tongue goes less unnoticed In a drunk state it is difficult to speak with sanity and any comment, even if it seems innocent, can spark an argument. This is corroborated by a survey conducted by the market research company OnePoll, whose conclusions were published in the New York Post: two out of five workers have witnessed an awkward scene and anecdotes too juicy to keep their mouths shut. Each guest returns home with an average of seven gossip about their colleagues, so it is not strange that 75% of the staff look forward to this meeting making it clear that any whining is pure hypocrisy. It should be remembered that it is more to watch what one says than what comes out of the mouths of others. Take out the ingenious one inside (and there it must stay) "The food encourages the links to be reinforced; having fun and making known unknown facets enriches the relationship. In the meetings it is discovered that someone knows how to sing or play an instrument, or is good dancing or the best telling jokes," says the psychologist . Some decide to shine and be the life of the party, while others need a push to integrate. But it is not easy to share a table and tablecloth with the skylight, the climb, the little mode, the spoiler, the carabiner, the pedant, the duck and the plummet that has just embraced who does not know who, but who has decided that this night will be his friend . The best thing that can happen is to enjoy a delicious menu, strengthen ties with colleagues, approach the boss, drink free alcohol and get the best gossip. "If there is any small excess, it is not serious either. But as on any occasion, the extremes are bad," Swchartz said. If one decides to be the center of attention one can gain some friendships, but one must not forget that the exhibition can have unforeseen consequences. Bosses are human: they won't stop taking notes How far should we keep when toasting with the mandamases? The prudent thing is not to be neither too affectionate nor too liturgical, let us leave it in good manners, which advise naturalness and discretion. "The bosses," says the psychologist, "are people, but they still have the command. Although their attitude will depend on the link with their employees, let's not lose sight of the fact that they will pay attention to any data that reveals more about who they are and how each one is." People tend to judge others, and if it is a superior the trial can be devastating: lowering the guard can end up serving only to give them reasons to change their minds about us ... for the worse. And alcohol is very effective in reducing the level of alertness, leaving little room for worries or common sense. Resolve sexual tension with a partner (or a superior) The desktop, with the festive spirit elevated to another dimension, seems to incite unleashing passions and unresolved sexual tensions among colleagues. Detectives Global Risk highlights a fact: 57% of men and 63% of women acknowledge having been unfaithful to their partner after a Christmas dinner. "The change of the usual scenario can lead to greater disinhibition among the partners, which mixed with the party atmosphere can lead to adultery," they write in a blog on their website. Approximately 4% of men claim to have been unfaithful to their boss, while 13% of women have had an intimate encounter with their boss. The Victoria Milan dating application, whose users are already unfaithful, provides similar data and adds that almost everyone feels the need to feel attractive. 53% of its users have kissed a partner at this party and in 18% of cases they have ended up in sex. In men, the percentage of the kiss rises to 55% and to 27% the occasions when dinner has had a sexual encounter as a culmination. Ashley Madison, another web of extra-conjugal encounters, says that 38.3% of its users confess to having spent that night with a superior. 60% of men have been discovered by their partner. Since the data reflect reality in detail, whether from biased surveys, it is worth reflecting on another of the statistics they provide: only 22% decide to repeat. Christmas is not celebrated every night Returning to the OnePoll survey, one in three workers does something they regret. 35% show up late at the office and 17% have little decency to leave. Some out of shame, others out of true indisposition. It is the rare virtue of spirits served at mansalva, which enliven ingenuity and one ends up mixing the divine with the human. The worst blunder is to forget that Christmas is celebrated only once a year, and that coworkers are people with whom we have to deal with in a professional environment the other 364 days, perhaps as soon as the day after the farra night. In the end we will end up not knowing very well who is who and singing the poor of me without being San Fermín, toasting, with the glass half full or half empty, for the walk and what remains to be done. As if every year to bring a new destination. Beside us, Nietzsche: "Blessed are the forgetful, who stumble again with the same stone."
  5. It is suspected that it carries weapons material that will be used in the Yemen War. Activists of the 'Weapons Under Control' platform before the Saudi ship in the port of Sagunto. Valencia, Spain, December 10, 2019. The Saudi vessel Bahri Abha docked at three o'clock in the morning on Tuesday in the port of Sagunto, on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. There, anti-war activists received him with posters for peace and against arms trafficking. In addition, many people have raised their voices against the Spanish authorities for allowing this vessel to use the country's infrastructure. Although his stay only lasted six hours, since around 9 in the morning his departure was scheduled, he has raised a great controversy in the country. Why has it provoked protests? The arrival of this ship took place precisely on December 10, which is the day that marks the International Human Rights Day. Suspicions about the purpose of this ship, its cargo and its destination, presumably to assist in the military intervention that Saudi Arabia leads in Yemen, join the pressures from different groups and organizations so that the Government of Spain ceases the sale of weapons to the Arab country and other nations that have allegedly committed war crimes. What is this ship? The Bahri Abha ship is a 220-meter vessel, state-owned, used by the Saudi regime usually for the transport of weapons that are then used in the Yemen war. It is known as the 'ship of death'. Activists at one of the entrances of the port of Sagunto. Valencia, Spain, December 10, 2019. According to Amnesty International, since the attacks on Yemen began in March 2015, this ship "has transported weapons worth 143 million euros (162 million dollars) on eight trips from the United States to Saudi Arabia." A quarter of that cargo has been transported this 2019 and the majority would correspond to military aircraft components, in line with the airstrikes that Saudi Arabia and its allies are carrying out in the intervened country. What did he carry? The only thing that is known about the loading of this ship has been known through the Government Delegation in Valencia, which has only reported that trucks, buses and containers would be loaded. The truth is that eight containers were shipped, but nothing is known of their contents. The fate of these eight troops would be Abu Dhabi (the capital of the United Arab Emirates) and Alexandria (Egypt), ports belonging to two of the nations that make up the coalition with military presence in Yemen since 2015. Critical NGOs point out the possibility that in Spain it has been able to load weapons material, as happened on previous occasions with ships of the same shipping company. The last time was in May of this year, when Bahri Yambu loaded weapons bound for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Santander, north of the country. Concentration in protest over the arrival of the Saudi ship. Sagunto, December 9, 2019. Nor is it known what the ship has unloaded in Spain from the US, the country from which it has sailed to the Mediterranean coast. The eight containers that he has loaded had the label of 'dangerous goods', an epigraph that includes a wide range, but within which the bombs or explosive materials would be found. Although the content it carries is unknown, it is suspected that its cargo could be lethal, due to its history. Bahri Abha visited several ports on the east coast of the United States, just before suddenly announcing on November 26 a change of route to the Spanish port. Why Sagunto The specific reason for choosing this Valencian port is unknown, but it has been against the criteria of local authorities. The Consistory of the city of Sagunto, in the hands of the Socialist Party (PSPV), Compromís and Esquerra Unida del País Valencià (EUPV), called on Monday to the Ministry of Defense to prevent the ship from landing if it was confirmed that it contained an armament cargo: "The peace and life of other human beings cannot depend on our interest to obtain an economic benefit," proclaimed the municipal corporation. Victims of the air attacks led by Saudi Arabia. Dhamar, Yemen, September 1, 2019. Meanwhile, Monica Oltra, vice president of the Valencian Community - region to which the city of Sagunto belongs - has shown "against the massacre that is taking place in Yemen". "It is not convenient to collaborate with those who slaughter human life, and who slaughter children, women, men and the elderly in a way as brutal as it is happening in Yemen," he said, recalling that port management is not the responsibility of the Valencian Government, but of the State. What do activists claim? The antimilitarists waiting at the port had a claim: "We refuse to be complicit." One of the groups that has led the protest has been the Conscientious Objection Movement (MOC) of Valencia, which has disseminated images of seven activists trying to approach the ship when they have been retained and identified. Another group has concentrated on access to the port with signs that read: 'War starts here', 'Stop War' or 'Sagunto por la paz'. They were not the only ones. Members of Amnesty International tried to record the arrival of the ship from another vessel, although the Civil Guard has prevented it. The truth is that more than sixty social groups have joined the campaign launched by MOC to request that competent political leaders and port authorities not allow the entry of the Saudi ship Bahri Abha to any Spanish port. They also asked policy makers to stand openly against "the use of these civil infrastructures for the transport of weapons material" and to port workers who exercise the "conscientious objection for peace" to not collaborate with arms trafficking that fuels a conflict that has already cost thousands of civilian victims. From Amnesty International (AI) remember that if the vessel is carrying weapons that can be used to commit violations of international humanitarian law in Yemen "its transit through Spanish territory is illegal under international law," said Alberto Estévez, spokesman for the Arms Under Control campaign, which brings together entities such as AI, FundiPau, Greenpeace and Oxfam Intermón. The spokesperson also reiterated the claim to the Spanish Government to "suspend arms exports to the international coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates that intervenes in Yemen." Backed by International Law The demands of NGOs and activists are supported by International Law. The Arms Trade Treaty, ratified by Spain in 2014, establishes in its article 6 that states will not authorize the transfer of conventional weapons and ammunition if they are aware that they could be used to commit genocide, crimes against humanity, serious violations of Geneva Conventions of 1949, attacks directed at civil property or protected civilians as such, or other war crimes. Likewise, Article 9 of the same Treaty specifies that States parties "shall take appropriate measures" to regulate the transit / transhipment of conventional weapons through their territory "whenever appropriate and feasible" and "in accordance with applicable international law" . The Yemen Conflict According to a report released by the European Commission in December 2018, at that time it was estimated that there were around 60,000 fatalities of an armed conflict initiated in March 2015. According to the United Nations, by the end of 2019, more than 233,000 Yemenis will have died due to fighting or the humanitarian crisis, more than 14 million are at risk of famine and 24 million, of a po[CENSORED]tion of 29 million, need humanitarian assistance to survive. What initially was an internal conflict unleashed after a coup d'etat, was complicated by the foreign intervention of the coalition of Arab States, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in the so-called Operation Decisive Storm. Throughout this time, accusations of serious human rights violations by all parties to the conflict have been reiterated, some of which could be considered war crimes. In addition, the humanitarian crisis is also undergoing famine, and, according to Amnesty International, approximately 14 million people suffer from food insecurity in the country. In 2018 different countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Germany, suspended all or part of the arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other member countries of the coalition of Arab States. Subsequently, after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, other states announced the suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia, such as Norway, Finland and Denmark.
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  8. When we first saw the Tesla Model Y 2020 at the beginning of the year, we said that its arrival in the US market would take place in autumn 2020, while deliveries would begin in Europe starting in 2021. Although now, against all odds, information arrives To affirm that the American brand would be ready to begin deliveries of the Tesla Model Y until half a year earlier than initially planned. That is the conclusion that comes after an investigation conducted by Deutsche Bank. Apparently, they had access to some reports from Tesla suppliers in Taiwan in which the brand requested that orders be delivered earlier than expected. This acceleration of orders from Tesla suppliers means that it can begin production six months earlier than originally agreed, so the first deliveries would take place in the first quarter of 2020. According to this information, another model that could reach the market earlier could be the brand's truck, the Tesla Semi, which could be leaving on a limited basis over the next year. Recently, the company's boss, Elon Musk, already advanced it at a meeting of shareholders saying that they hoped to have it by summer 2020. It seems that finally the Model Y will be even earlier in the market, something quite atypical in Tesla. You still remember the great delay that the Tesla Model 3 suffered and how they had to press to reach the initial objectives. An additional assembly line was even mounted temporarily to get ahead of time. Although it seems that this era has been left behind and that the American firm has learned from the mistakes of the past and have managed to overcome. The orders accumulated by the Tesla Model Y are still unknown, although the more than 200,000 carried by the Tesla Cybertruck have been said.
  9. Barcelona came out with a new eleven full of substitutes against Inter Milan because nothing was played after having achieved the first group pass to the round of 16 of the Champions League. His was the first great occasion of the game with a sensational cross shot in the race that Handanovic saved well. Then he was the author of the first goal of the game after a bad clearance from Godín who took the opportunity to send it to the back of the net. Out of work, the only occasion has been a voided goal by Lukaku that entered through his short suit. Then he had a great intervention saving the dangerous shot of Biraghi that could be the first of the Italians. Another novelty in the center of the field, very active and participatory in each ball that passed through its area. He gave the long pass to Arturo Vidal who finished in the goal of Carles Pérez. He saved Inter's first after a loss in the midfield. The central threw himself to the ground to plug a clear shot of Lukaku. Then he missed a huge opportunity to do the second when he was alone. Just without incident, he hasn't touched the ball yet. He returns to the initial eleven of Valverde in a match where he will try to prove that he has a place in the team. Something insecure behind, nervous. One of the three plants that Valverde has taken from the start in an unprecedented defense. Very active in attack, wanting to show that he can have minutes in Barcelona. Erratic again at the start of the ball, you need to specify much more controls and passes if you want to be a substitute for Jordi Alba guarantees. It was bad on the occasion of Lukako, he threw himself on the ground and ate all the cut that almost cost Barcelona a goal. Then it was bad again on another occasion for Inter who ended with a shot by Biraghi.
  10. Exceeded a certain threshold of intellectual quotient, emotional management skills or our determination are much more important Intelligence fascinates. Many parents want their children to have high IQs and there are companies that still select their candidates based on diagnoses of this type. We were wrong. The intellectual quotient does not guarantee success and, much less, in complex environments such as the current ones, as demonstrated by endless research. Let's see what are the most widespread po[CENSORED]r beliefs and how studies end them. First erroneous belief: the intellectual quotient (CI) is accompanied by success. The first study that dismantles this correlation of ideas was carried out by Lewis Terman, a professor at Stanford University, in 1921. Terman became obsessed with identifying and recording the evolution of the most intelligent children in the United States. He reviewed the records of 250,000 primary and secondary students and selected the 1,470 with the highest IQ. In some cases they exceeded 200 points. To get an idea of the intellectual potential we must remember that the estimate of Einstein's intelligence is marked around 160. Terman called the group of students as The Termites because, in theory, they were going to eat the world. However, the results were not as expected. After decades of careful monitoring of his termites, which he collected in his books Genetic studies of genius, Terman found that children, already adults, had not obtained the expected public notoriety or made significant contributions to society. It is true that among them there were two judges of higher courts, some prominent civil servant, businessmen of certain success ... but most had normal careers and some, even, had failed. The standard of living of Termites was high, but not as much as expected. Moreover, it seems that if he had chosen 1,470 children at random, they would have achieved similar results. Therefore, a very high IQ does not guarantee success. This is where the window of opportunity opens for most of us, who do not even reach the 200 points of CI. The second misconception is to think that the intellectual quotient is fixed. We believe that we play roulette when we are born. The ball falls into a number and from there we do not move. Interestingly, it was the creator of the concept of CI, Alfred Binet, who in the early twentieth century received a commission from the French Government to assess the children's ability to learn. The authorities were alarmed by the huge school failure. Binet carried out this work in collaboration with other experts and his conclusion was clear: the intellectual quotient changes and varies over time. It depends on education and other attitudes. However, years later the pattern was standardized and we fell into the error of turning it into the game of genetic roulette. Decades later it has been proven that the growth mentality or the abilities of teachers and educators influence the scores. Obviously, it does not seem that it can be duplicated, but the intellectual quotient can vary over time. Third mistaken belief: the intellectual quotient is sufficient to achieve significant success. Happiness does not depend on intelligence, but it does seem that to achieve certain relevant objectives you must have a minimum IQ. The po[CENSORED]tion average is 100 points, but to highlight, different authors suggest exceeding the threshold of 120. Others place the bar below, as Malcol Gladwell beautifully describes in his book Out of series. As we see, the IC does not guarantee significant success, which depends more on other factors such as creativity, emotional intelligence or the ability to manage the emotions that American psychologist Daniel Goleman po[CENSORED]rized. Success also depends on our abilities to find practical solutions to everyday problems, as José Antonio Marina proposed with his executive intelligence; or the strength of determination, which causes a person not to give up on their efforts. In summary, over a certain threshold in the IC, to succeed in life, emotional management skills, our strengths or our determination are much more important than intelligence itself. Extraordinary achievements are less due to talent than opportunity.
  11. The House of Representatives could vote for his impeachment next week, which would make Trump the third U.S. president. That faces an impeachment. The Democrats of the US House of Representatives They have revealed on Tuesday at a press conference the two articles of political trial that will be presented against President Donald Trump: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The president of the Judicial Committee of the Chamber, Jerrold Nadler, said Trump incurred abuse of power by pressing Ukraine to investigate former vice president Joe Biden. In his opinion, the American president "sees himself above the law." "We must be clear, nobody, not even the president, is above the law," Nadler said. "A political madness in its purest form" "It endangers our democracy, our national security," Nadler said. "Our next elections are at risk [...] That's why we must act now," he added. Hours earlier, Trump wrote on his Twitter account that "it would be political madness in its purest form" to subject an impeachment to "a president who has demonstrated through the results of, perhaps the strongest economy in US history, having one of the most successful presidencies and, most importantly, not having done anything wrong. " "Nadler has just said that 'I pressed Ukraine to interfere in our 2020 elections.' Ridiculous, and he knows that is not true," Trump wrote on Twitter after the announcement of the Democrats. "Both the president and the foreign minister of Ukraine said many times that 'there was no pressure'. Nadler and the Democrats know it, but they refuse to recognize it!" Concludes the message of the US president. Will Trump be dismissed? On the other hand, the Democrats ruled out presenting articles of political judgment against Trump in relation to the report of former special advisor Robert Mueller and other alleged crimes committed by the US president. The House could vote on Trump's impeachment next week, which would make him the third U.S. president. That faces an impeachment. This would trigger a trial in the Senate, where many expect the president to be acquitted. History of an impeachment On September 24, the Democratic Party launched the investigation of the political trial to dismiss Trump, on suspicion that in July he pressed a Ukrainian counterpart, Vladimir Zelenski, in a telephone conversation to investigate Biden, his possible rival in the presidential elections of 2020. Last week the Intelligence Committee of the US House of Representatives He published his final report in the case of the political trial against Trump, which he approved with 13 votes in favor and 9 against. Subsequently, the White House dismissed its conclusions, stressing that no incriminating evidence was found against the head of state. Republicans say there is no evidence to support these accusations and that Democrats try to get a president out of the White House who they can't beat at the polls.

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