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    HighLifeZM - Never Die

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  2. I want to convince you Mr.Love that the thing that i did on ts3 it was only Salut and waiting for the responding or growdex but the respond it was ban like ths you discuss with a member @Mr.Love @- hNk @CSBD | *bLn* @DiaboliK. @EMMA @growndex. @pulse.exe @REVAN @Sethhh. @Supremache
  3. Salut Mr.Love i text you on ts3 and i wait like 1 hour and more i seee you arcive on ts3 but nothing from you we are at the discuss section and i m tell the truth but somtimes when i tell the truth i got banned se who have rank have advantage
  4. TRASH


    SALUT-HELLO STAFF OF CSBLACKDEVIL About me why always people like Mr.Love Growdex and other Administrator staff don't awnser me if you don't wana to speek to somebody or just tell him 'bro let me alone i don't wana speek with you' but not awnsering it meen the person who are you speek is waiting for you he may have problem he may ask you for somthing you don't need to be like you have everything on you hand I'm if the CSBD don't want me on server or ts3 or forum just pleas tell me and I promis to staff thet a will never disturb more this community and a wil never join again her if you don't want me if you want just awnser me don't ignor me i just wana speek with my frends i don't have another community that i can stay i know that i m a littel idot but ignor me some times don't be so angry about joks that i make but just tell me like TRASH i don't wana see you again her its eazy to leave but i m telling i just wana stay with my frends becaus in my life this my hobby i don't have somthing els what to do if i can't join her anymore but staff need to be more sociable about people they want them i m talling if staff of CSBD don't want me her its ok for me if you thing giving me the last waninig just tell my mistak and what i don't need to do her ok THNX BY TRASH @Mr.Love @- hNk @CSBD | *bLn* @DiaboliK. @EMMA @growndex. @pulse.exe @REVAN @Sethhh. @Supremache
  5. Name:TRASH What would you do with the 1000 points?:Sent to @Ares How do you know about the community:idk
  6. TRASH


    Nick:TRASH Ip: Unique ID:---- Who banned:growdex Details:i say to him salut and ban Photo: Reason:go sleep
  7. Nickname: TRASH Profile Link: @TRASH Any kind of quizzes you like: Movie
  8. Nickname:TRASH Profile link: Do you completed the last quiz added by our staff?(Yes/No): yes
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 44 seconds  
  10. Name : TRASH Name FR:@Ares Why?i want vip Number for you and you FR:8-
  11. Nickname:TRASH Profile link: 
  12. T R A S H hyr pak n ts3

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