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    1. ¤ Nick: N0!ZY ¤ Mention your friends: @El Luciano @Darkrai @#Steeven.™ @Roselina ♣ flowers
    2. N0IZY

      Request Avatar

      *Type(avatar/signature/cover): avatar *Dimensions: for profile Text: Noori *Theme[Girls/Cars/Nature/Abstract/Dogs/etc]: Just Text *Last request link: 8-Dec Other informations: just like. this add crown on I or N thank u ..
    3. ¤ Your name: N0!ZY ¤ Claimed Admin name:XRifhan ¤ Date and time:-- ¤ Reason of complaint: not attacking in mods/There is another one but i am not too sure about other one ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): Two Videos Not sure about this In the first video u can see him not attacking right next to the igloo u can clearly see the time is 1:17 which means he didn't attack for 1 mins and 43 sec when the sniper comes out of the igloo he attacks in the end he dies but he didn't attack. In the other video(Same Link) he is attacking me have more then 1.2k hp t
    4. N0IZY

      [Accepted] Report Admin

      1)Ok so ur admitting that u teamed and now ur saying teaming is allowed ok if this is allowed then I can just ask someone to team with me nice if this really is allowed then all players can do it even tho it's against the rules. 2)You are not running after throwing u didn't even watched the demo wow 3)and I spammed lol again u didn't watched the demo I have sent the whole demo. Watch the demo then answer
    5. ¤ Your name: N0!ZY ¤ Claimed Admin name: aRbi ¤ Date and time:2 hr ago ¤ Reason of complaint: teaming/freeze bmb spamming/no attacking/gag for no reason(Look at the chat) ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): Here (1)Ok in the start of the demo "playdemo 221 viewdemo doesn't work its 4 to 5 rounds" he is teaming he didn't even told him to attack instead he just kept shooting in the end he tried to kill him with jet (if u don't know the kills with following weapons "Jetpack,Lm(Laser Mine),Suicide,slay,anytype of grenade" doesn't get involved in rank) in the end he
    6. N0IZY

      Request Avatar Cherry

      *Type(avatar/signature/cover): Avatar *Dimensions: 180X180 Text: CHERRY *Theme[Girls/Cars/Nature/Abstract/Dogs/etc]: *Last request link: HERE Other informations: JUST ADD TEXT WITH CYAN AND GOLDEN COLOR TEXT LIKE THIS
    7. N0IZY

      Request Avatar Cherry

      *Type: Avatar*Dimensions: 160x160Texts: Cherry *Theme / Image(s): CLICK Here *Last request link: Other Informationds: Add the similar Background if u can PLs use Bold Fonts Of RED, Green or YEllow Color Thank u !
    8. Need Devil coins just 91 ?

    9. ø Method of contact (TS3 / Steam) : PM me here or Ts3 ø Item(s) on sale: creative destruction account ø Price of the product(s):100$ ø Product photo(s): here are some outfits Destructors Upgraded Wepones / Vechicles Gliders and emotes Payment method: Eaisypaisa or paypak ø Other specifications:Flex pass from season 7 and 1150 Diamods + hardwork
    10. ★ Nickname(must be the same on forum and server): Noizy [NB] ★ Skype/Steam: i Forgot ? ★ Age: 25 ★ Your Country: Pakistan ★ Admin experience: 3 years ★ You can donate?: No Sorry ★ Can you spectate in night [Yes/No]: yea ★ Why you want to be admin in HighLifeZm: Help and Support Server ★ Other information: I was Onwer in Highlifezm at least half and 1 year ago
    11. Type:avatar *Dimensions: For FB + CSBD Text: NOIZY [NB] Theme (Obligatory stock):here are 2 Png pics Last request: *Other information:HERE IS PICTURE PLS ADD THE SAME TEXT COLOR AND BACKGROUND THanks
    12. N0IZY

      [Solved] Request Avatar

      Type:avatar *Dimensions:u know very well Text: NOIZY [NB] Theme (Obligatory stock):Just like my current avatar / Just text Last request: idk I thing so month have been passed *Other information:just do it with your own choice ?
    13. guys tell me the best zm server of  CSBD I wanna Join !

      1. vMuz1c-♕™


        NewLifeZm - ThunderZM ❤️ 

    14. N0IZY

      Problem with Signature

      Your Nickname: #Noziy [NB] Your Problem: I Want to know how to remove lines of signature Screenshot:



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