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  1. ¤ Administrator: @Eslam ¤ Degree: Co-owners ¤ Period: 3 Days ¤ Reason: Breaking the rules by setting a bad example for other players, using freeze with the killer
  2. Hey bro

    That CS good / download it 

    U Can sée name for who freeze u if u are zm/assassin

  3. ¤ Administrator: @NW.graphic ¤ Degree: Administrator ¤ Period: 1 WEEK 17/09/21 ¤ Reason: Unfairly killing another manager iHeroLeo427 and disrespecting my K9999 for calling me a crying boss. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ¤ Tests: -
  4. firstly I never addressed with bad words towards the admins should you make sure first before speaking, the admin calls me crying boy for claiming 6 proceeds to give me gag for 12 minutes just for claiming just for saying the following that the admins don't respect????? wtf where is the insult LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL? secondly I never received a name change warning until they even went so far as to tease & they proceeded to put my name back on me again and tell me you're happy? edit tsemaa: to avoid multiple useless posting I said to you to stop changing name and retry. And i was talking before your line with "admins dont respect rules", before that you used some bad words, so that is why you received gag. Also, like i said, your ban is expired now, it was only 60 mins. You still push it with your complain...but the rules you dont wanna read, and after that make some statements
  5. ¤ Tu nombre: K999999999999999999999999999999 ¤ Nombre de administrador reclamado: NW.graphic & tsema ¤ Fecha y hora: Fecha:7/8/2021 Hora:14:58 ¤ Motivo de la queja: Los Administradores NW.graphic & tsema me cambian el nombre sin motivos a cada momento & por reclamar el administrador NW.graphic me llama niño llorón & me da gag por 12 minutos & luego me banean por 1h injustamente, he jugado más de 5 años en la comunidad con mi nombre & nunca había tenido dicho problema con los administradores incluso llegue a ser administrador pero por motivos de trabajo y estudios deje la comunidad & regrese hace 1 semana. ¤ Prueba (captura de pantalla o consola o demostración): - -
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