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  1. First you need activity on server and a good behaviour. Second, respect the Admin request model For now, Closed and Rejected.
  2. Hello dears Sorry for being late Here are the most waited updates on AmO! This month was a strong and balanced competition between the admins. I love that from the last month, I saw improvements in the admins activity in order to qualify for the AmO. Love you guys ! Congratulation both of you @waLID. and @Bada.. You are doing great job on the server, even the rest of the admins are doing a great job and i want to thank you all! Also, congratulations @Bada. for your activity and for your dedication. Again, you won the AmO!!! Keep up the good work! Also, since this competition was a tight one between you two, @waLID. will receive VIP for 1 week since was a bit hard to take a decision of WHO is the NEW ADMIN OF THE MONTH. Congratulations, guys! Let the new contest begin!
  3. Very very low activity. Contra from me . Try to improve your activity.
  4. Contra, like my colleagues said.
  5. Danywex

    Banlist Bisky

    MR.47 Date / Time: 06/10/2021 ¤ Nick: Mr.47 ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 6000 ¤ Reason: reclama ¤ Proof:
  6. Danywex

    [Closed] Request for a tag

    This is the model. Come back again with a request following the model. Closed.
  7. Danywex

    Banlist Bisky

    Date / Time: 05/10/2021 ¤ Nick: @ Pain @ ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 200 minutes ¤ Reason: M5+retry ¤ Proof:
  8. Contra. Beign afk doesn t mean that you have activity.
  9. Inconsistent activity. Contra
  10. Contra. You do not meet any requirements to get admin. My advice for you would be: try to be more active on the server, interract with others and be sure that we will take in consideration your future requests Minimum 30 hours played. You have to respect all server rules and other players/admins You should be active in the server for atleast 2 hours on the server per day. You should have been playing on this server for the last 2 weeks consistently.(PLAYING. NOT AFK) You must understand and be able to speak English well or semi-well Respect the Topic Tittle: Admin Request [ Your Nickname ] You are allowed to make only one request per 7 days
  11. Danywex

    Banlist Bisky Date / Time: 30/09/2021 ¤ Nick: M.O.M.O.[Always] ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 6000 ¤ Reason: hack ¤ Proof:
  12. ¤ Admin: Mr.Pro ¤ Sanction: Downgrade ¤ Old Grade: Elder ¤ New Grade: Semi-Elder ¤ Reason: Inactive / He was in test 2 weeks, see activity in the last 30 days. Edit: Seems like the GT wasn't working couple of hours ago and was showing me some wrong results in his activity page on GT.
  13. Here is a little update on the contest Seems like the competition it's more tighter than the previous month. Here we have some of the most active admins on our server Bada Walid Rin Amal IHeroleo42 GOOD JOB guys on your activity and on your dedication May the best win Also, a new rule for the contest ---------------------------------- Who received UP in the last month, won't be eligible for the GRANTED BONUS for this competition. This rule will apply from the next month.
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