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  1. 8 hours played on server? Contra Improve your activity and come back
  2. Contra. Low activity.
  3. Contra, inconsistent activity
  4. He has 10 hours played on our server bro If you know, 30h is minimum that u must have before requesting admin. CONTRA -not enough time played -asking for ammo/jet -mostly afk, not playing
  5. Danywex

    [Rejected] resquet admin

    Minimum 30 hours played. You should be active in the server for atleast 2 hours on the server per day. You must understand and be able to speak English well or semi-well Respect the Topic Tittle: Admin Request [ Your Nickname ] You are allowed to make only one request per 7 day For now, Rejected! Improve you activity, join us everyday and come back with a request after you improved your activity.
  6. Danywex

    (Accepted) Bada

    There are some rules wich must pe followed. You broke already 3 rules. 1. You should have been playing on this server for The last 2 weeks constantly 2. Respect the TOPIC TITLE: Admin Request [ Your Nickname ] 3. You are allowed to make only one request per 7 days (Last request was last Saturday) So, from me, CONTRA.
  7. Danywex

    Banlist Bisky

    Date / Time: 17/07/2021 14:45 ¤ Nick: yuojgtatd ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 60 min ¤ Reason: suicidng when zm / did a verbal warning and let him know that if it happens again, i will take action ¤ Proof:
  8. Danywex

    Banlist Bisky

    Date / Time: 15/07/2021 15:50 ¤ Nick: Papusha ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 60 mins ¤ Reason: retry after gag ¤ Proof:
  9. Danywex

    Banlist Bisky

    Date / Time: 15/07/2021 15:35 ¤ Nick: Said.Dz ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 120 mins ¤ Reason: retry zm. ¤ Proof:
  10. Danywex

    Banlist Bisky

    Date / Time: 15/07/2021 15:45 ¤ Nick: Ice. ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 120 mins ¤ Reason: retry zm. ¤ Proof:
  11. You're mostly afk, i kicked you few times when sv was full so Contra
  12. Of course i am defending myself, what do you mean? U made a complain and i have to defend because the complain is direct to me, right? But i m not defending with what happened 2-3 days ago, i also could've gag you at that Time for your words and for your arrogance. Also, i assume the gag that was for "looser" and the way that you were talking to others like, also, let me know, do you have a screenshot where that guy made you a looser? And i find it funny how you can say that i gagged you just so i can kill you, this is abusrd. I am not a score player You are still beign arogant even on forum by pretending ur an angel on server, but you're not. Also, i have to inform you, dear friend, that i don't have access to ftp:)
  13. I was Waiting for your report because i was pretty sure that you will make it, heh. You probably forgot about the main reason of receiving gag, but no worries, i ll remind you. Also, the way that you are talking with others, like ur a boss or something, ur an aroggant person and we had a little dispute about 2-3 days Ago when you destroyed the players lm and i slayed you for that and u started saying "bad admins" and so on.. I won't tolerate this type of behavior. And also, i didn't gagged you so you cannot place lm and i can kill you, this is a dumb reason. There you go, the reason that u got gagged.
  14. Danywex

    Banlist Bisky

    Date / Time: 12/07/2021 ¤ Nick: Mr. Baba ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 120 mins ¤ Reason: retry after gag + i'll let the gag reason here for any doubts. Also, he's an arrogant person and the way he speaks triggers other players. ¤ Proof:
  15. Danywex


    Good one I Agree with this
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