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  1. wtf what happend bro :L 

    1. Stendhal


      Suspending @Nıco of grade Global Moderator Reason: „Retirement” (mention: retired after being rejected when asking for upgrade to Administrator)

  2. everything expected.. i were knew this but no problem, good luck in your life..

    i will miss you ❤️ 

  3. im with you evre Time don't leave Nico 💛💛 hbq frr

  4. I understand you because you retired...

  5. Thanks for everything you were the best 😘 

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    2. #Garrix


      When i back, you retire :c


      You very feo, see you<3

    3. Blackfire


      damn kho wlah ta ana very sad now :ccccccc. ana chrit unban just to work with you again as ateam and brothers a ##bi . really sad to see you leave again 😞 .

    4. Angrry.exe™


      Yssama ki walit 9rib nji rohat frr ? 

  6. Follow back my friend, only if you want. 🙂 ❤️

  7. hello brooo:3

  8. Wrong Section CLick here ! Topic Closed.
  9. Accepted ! Channel Created.
  10. ty man i will give it to you someday


    Nıco sent you 100 Devil Coins

    ty my love

  12. all Participants in Gamblers Giveaway were Rewarded with 100 devil coins 😘 

    1. Nikhel Nice

      Nikhel Nice

      thank you ^^

  13. The winners were announced in the Gamblers Giveaway, Congratulations 🤩 🥳


    Rewards was sent Professionally, Stay Close to our Project and to Casino for More Coming Prizes 😘