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  1. An old proverb says. You don't know the value of something you have. until you lose it. a small tip keep your people who always asking for you constantly and never overdo them at all. Nico was here 😘 

    1. #ΣVIL BABY

      #ΣVIL BABY

      You will still a legend, take care of yourself, i will miss you 😭

    2. Angrry.exe™.
  2. Nıco

    cerere unban

    Hello! over there. This section is only for requesting unban on TeamSpeak only. if you want to request unban on the server where you received a ban. However. check the following link. Topic Closed
  3. Nıco

    problem with ts3

    Next time be sure you are in the right section. Topic Closed!
  4. #Ace

    Nico nii feo 


    1. Nıco


      Hello Friend .. situation is glowing like a high - flow current .. influential. what about you?

        • I love it 1
    2. #Ace


      All good just on a two week break cause of my left hand being hurt 

  5. Everyone knows beyond the truth and what is going on and how things are going. i say calm down as our friend said this is just a hobby.

      • I love it 2
      • Sad 6
  6. Quote

    <15:51:58> "[[N]audy] [N]audy": BOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
    <15:52:02> "[[N]audy] [N]audy": L0000000000L :vvvvvvvvvv
    <15:52:11> "[[N]audy] [N]audy": hahahahaha BOT NICO 2.0
    <15:52:14> "[[N]audy] [N]audy": BYE UGLYYYY
    <15:52:20> "[[N]audy] [N]audy": I LOVE UUUUUUU

    Hello my feo, i wasn't there to answer you xD. Your words are similar to interest of mental illness 😘 

    You Dont Say No Way GIF by Njorg

    1. [N]audy


      You know that I have mental problems :P ok no I'm just crazy: V

      you are bot in ts3 whenever I try to connect your  afk :V :V Resultado de imagen para gif de baka

    2. Nıco


      Yeah. of course i be away. in morning i go to work so i leave .. Pending back in the evening as usual 🤗😄

  7. #Ace

    I cant tag you to save my life -_- 

    Change name to FEONico :v

    1. Nıco


      xD i will save you your life in my wallet. it is so easy that everyone suffers from him 😘 

    2. #DeXteR


      well, let me tell u why u cant, cuz ur the ugliest member on the whole community :vv

    3. #Ace


      Oh here is el gey lord number 2 :v

  8. come ts3 pm

  9. We are delighted that they have redeveloped profile song again and it is more important that we are one of the first forums own that plugin and that is essential. Regarding the price of points i think should be about one 1 half K to two thousand K. that should be accessible to everyone, just a simple motivation.
  10. despite my lack experience in Photoshop. But participation is what matters 😄
  11. I just completed this quiz. My Score 28/100 My Time 121 seconds  
  12. Nickname: Nıco Tag Your Friends: @Mockys @[N]audy @#Ace What Is Your Best Game on 2019: WOT
  13. Nickname: Nıco Tag members you would like them to see the giveaway: @#DeXteR
  14. Nıco

    OK. i understand. Good luck in the exams. we are always waiting for you.

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