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  1. What is the name of your profile song tell me ?

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    2. [Paul]


      hahaha dont get arrested xD



      Im on fam in tiktok 😎 

      I have 2.5k followers 😎😃

    4. [Paul]


      Congratzz brother 😛 

  2. We are the members 🤣🤣

    1. [Paul]


      members are golden sexy people xD

    2. [Paul]


      if there are no memebers adminstrators will quit too xD

  3. Good morning guys and happy Holi indians

  4. ¤ Your name: BOSS ¤ Name of admin: SkZ! ¤ Date and time: 06/03/2020 ¤ Reason of complaint: ubuseing commands ¤ Proof (screenshot or demo):
  5. your msg is full :V

    1. Meh Rez vM ! ♫

      Meh Rez vM ! ♫

      You can send now it's solved.

  6. Im back  in india ❤

  7. give ip of your server in which ur playing

    1. ✘ #KellooKizz™ ✘

      ✘ #KellooKizz™ ✘

      Here ip of the server --->

      Here is the Forum of the Server --->

      And here gametracker of the server -->


      Good luck, we are waiting u to play on our server 🙂 



      Follow this ip 👆 and join make 30 hours for adminship good luck 

  8. You are manager in which server ?

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    2. [Depo]


      i don't have "ftp" Bro need talk with @axelxcapo

    3. myCro 🐺

      myCro 🐺

      Sadly, we dont receive traitors.

    4. Crimson!
  9. Maybe you are not ready for co-Owner grade let see What @myCro and @Roselina ✾ will do in this request...
  10. Hello guys life is so bussy in hard work 😞

    1. BIg albania

      BIg albania

      Yea  bro real life is hard 😉

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