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    Banned by Celtix
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    Planning to become Moderators forum , Nothing is impossible , Just work hard!

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  1. enjoy grade :))):v

  2. congra new grade xD 

  3. Just you are stupid idk what is your problem ??

    1. VaGner!


      hhhhhhhhh Cobga FINe

    2. YosseF


      Hhhh congra nice gradre ?

    3. Vizitator



  4. OMG man you have very lucky , i want got this grade please @#CeLTiXxX ? 


    1. Russ ;x

      Russ ;x

      u wanna this grade? its easy just insult mr.love :v

  5. congratulations for you new grade ajajajajajajajjaajajajaajjajajajajajajajaj

    1. Nıco


      On Okay Completely

  6. Don't cry baby , Banned its for Legends :'v 

    1. Nıco


      lahi barek, rak testachfa yak 

    2. Russ ;x

      Russ ;x

      not ur buisness!

    3. Nıco


      xD rahi hadja bayena :v

  7. Congrats for new grade ? 

    1. Nıco


      And what is the relationship to ban the account in the forum, This has absolutely nothing to do with it at all, As long as he did not do anything that is not allowed in the forum no one has the power to ban him, who felt this talk to him gives me a reply according to the rules, that who delete ftp in servers The penalty is ban !

    2. OyaYansa


      Friend has to see a lot since the counter strike is related to the forum and if he does the wrong thing in the counter strike he is also punished in the forum depending on the seriousness of the problem


    3. Nıco



      Friend has to see a lot since the counter strike is related to the forum and if he does the wrong thing in the counter strike he is also punished in the forum depending on the seriousness of the problem

      Sorry i did not understand your English, what are you trying to say !

  8. Good new grade xD 


    1. Nıco


      lahi barek, rak testachfa yak 

  9. Nice i like your new Rank, you deserve it after Delete Highlife Server, good luck with your new Rank, looks like beautiful in your account :)))

    1. Nıco


      as long you an administrators and that is so beautiful something, i am happy to see you provided us with some information about the rules that who deleted FTP Servers, the penalty is a ban !

    2. Akrapovic;


      Thank you Celtixxx

    3. cachbard
  10. #FiNe

    [Gift] FiNe

    Thank you so much! I really liked it!
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