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  1. hello Keep you are Working @greeNZ

     Next you are moderator 

    1. greeNZ


      I already was mod

      the grad removed before 1 week ago

    2. Forward™


      i said 

      But No problem  keep working 

  2. so i lovely and I Like ur Blur And Effect
  3. mun Alone to the Great Gallery i Lovely just I Lovely u r Avatar , Gift Editing so Amazing WORKING
  4. i Lovely also Beauty Full amazing Gallery Great Effects Blur text just i Lovely
  5. it nice Gallery amazing effect and nice working
  6. Welcome back 

  7. welcome back 

  8. hello dude nice working 

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    2. Forward™


      for GFX Designer GL

    3. "HaMsIK"


      i not work for GFX couse i dont have photoshop and i mage images with other opptions.

    4. Forward™


      no problem dude....

  9. good job @Freeze™

    and nice Working 

    HappY Diwali 

  10. You Are The Best oF Manager Walking dead zM ICE-T