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  1. I'll try, because i am moving house. But i'll try to be present.
  2. TugaCarlos

    [Rejected] gfgj22

    Hi, in order to put a gametracker link, you have to go to that site, you put your name, then the link is like this: (Example) "" Do That.. And by the way.. The Model itself is in bad shape, try to edit it or create another Request to get it right, follow the Model and do not break the rules of the game and the staff. Good luck, be active and do a good job.
  3. Hi, in order to put a gametracker link, you have to go to that site, you put your name, then the link is like this: (Example) "" Do That..
  4. ¤ Nick: ¤ Date / Time : ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: ¤ Reason: ¤ Proof:
  5. Good evening, You have something to improve on the request, you have to be more active, be on teamspeak in the HighLifeZM room and above all abide by the rules of the game mode and any questions contact any admin. Thanks, TugaCarlos
  6. TugaCarlos


    Congrats man, take care. Come back soon
  7. Wow... I was waiting for that... Oh well.
  8. Let's recap then, first you didn't describe your phrase well, it was bought sniper and then I bought survivor, the next round I think you slayed me and you didn't tell me why. "if there's not more than 15 players." There were 24 players and you got this rule? You must be enjoying .. If you had 24 players why did you slay? And I was the only victim I noticed. You didn't do your job well and you didn't even justify why slay .. PS: I noticed you edit your comment, i was shooting at my lm. There was 2 lm and mine exploded.. You slayed me without reason. Good Luck.
  9. ¤ Your name: TugaCarlos ¤ Claimed Admin name: FaLLLeNN ¤ Date and time: 17-11-2019 | 16:10 ¤ Reason of complaint: Very good afternoon, I come here to report an admin called "FaLLLeNN". The reason for this report is, there were 8 zombies or more alive, I put a laser to do more damage and they die faster, I always shot my lm and the admin "FaLLLeNN" gave me slay, I asked why and he ignored me.. Thank you for your understanding. ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
  10. ¤ Nickname: TugaCarlos ¤ Address Skype: -- ¤ Age: 17 ¤ Your IP - Country (Location): Portugal ¤ Can you be online between these hours?: (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM): Yes, i can leave my ¤ Reason that you want to be admin in HighLifeZM: I know founders here like "ICE-T^, PranKk, Professoru" I was admin with then and i like it so much, i was absent but i came back wednesday and i would like to work with then again. ¤ Other information: --
  11. My Introduce ¤ Nickname: TugaCarlos ¤ Name: Carlos ¤ Age: 16 ¤ Country: Portugal ¤ City: Braga ¤ Favorite Games: Cs 1.6 ; CS:GO ; Left 4 Dead 2 ¤ Favorite Shows: - ¤ Favorite Movies: Avengers - EndGame. ¤ Favorite Songs / Favorite genre: - ¤ What would you like to do in life: Being a cop ¤ Favorite actor - why ?: - ¤ Favorite actress - why ?: - ¤ You Smoke? / What brand of cigarette smoke: Nop ¤ What alcoholic drink frequently: - ¤ Favorite juice: Coke ¤ In what country would you like to live: New York/Las Vegas ¤ Favorite football team: Manchester City ¤ Car models: - ¤ A brief description about you: - ¤ How did you find NewLifeZm?: Long time ago, i played first time when i was a little boy (Like 9 years old) and i came back again (this year) and i'm still absent until now, because of problems i had with my life. ¤ If you win 1 million dollars, which would be the first thing you do?: Buy a new computer for me, for my brother and help my family with paying debts etc.. PS: Good to be back.
  12. TugaCarlos

    Photoshop quiz (easy)

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 65 seconds  
  13. TugaCarlos

    [Rejected] Upgader

    All you have to do is improve your Activity, do your good work and respect the rules and players, have fun with them. Thank you
  14. TugaCarlos

    [Rejected]Req Admin

    Contra.. Link of your hours played on gametracker!? Go check out the gametracker and search your name and copy your link with ur name..

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