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  1. Contra.. Stop creating other accounts and don't put the same model (Wrong model by the way) Use this model as @Velasques said!
  2. Hm I don't know.. You got removed by breaking the rules, if you don't break then again you can be accepted..
  3. Hm, I know I shouldn't interfere but that's not enough proof, at least you could put a demo to show us if he did not attack
  4. TugaCarlos


    Contra.. - Respect the Model :
  5. If you know how to make a request you can check the rules to be accepted.. You Should Follow The Above model and use same nick as in forum! And I repeat the password is wrong go check the rules : And you still doesn't show your hours played, go to gametracker on NewlifeZM, go search your name, click on your name and copy the link and put in the topic.
  6. Can you admins understand only managers reply on these reports? @BlancaNieveS-- don't reply on admin complaints.. Only if it yours.. Same to you @BhOOTh! @ CSBD..
  7. Omg... Can you please read carefully the rules!?
  8. Contra : - Wrong Password.. Where's the link of your hours played? Your not a manager what the hell you put that!?!?
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 78 seconds  
  10. Congrats man 😉👏

    1. ZZIIZZOU ♔

      ZZIIZZOU ♔

      ty ♥_♥ Carlos ❤️ 😊

        • I love it 1
  11. I did not break the rules, I just say to @|OLiVeR.^ his opinion was useless I didn't say anything about your report That's different.. Remember that
  12. I don't know if you knew but your opinion is useless, only managers and the 'admin' who got report can reply.
  13. Another request? You copy that on Mr.raed.. Contra!
  14. What's wrong? Banned!? 

  15. You got rejected yesterday.. Come back next week and read the rules carefully..

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