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  1. Your nickname: TugaCarlos Your real name: Carlos Your grade: Moderador (Recently Absent) Your birthday: 30/08/2002 Time Remaining till birthday: 1 month and 26 days
  2. TugaCarlos


    Pro for helper (Test 1 week) Improve your activity, respect the rules and any doubts we can help you.
  3. Sorry bro, contra. Wait at least 2 weeks, be active, respect the rules.
  4. Sorry bro, but you only have 5 hours, wait 1 week, be active and respect the rules! Contra
  5. Nick: Tbag For River IP: SteamID : STEAM_1:0:61047620 Time : 60 Reason: Retry ZM (He was the first ZM) Proof (print/demo) :
  6. Nick: CenTiLman IP: SteamID : STEAM_3:0:945002586 Time : 60 Reason: Retry ZM Proof (print/demo) :
  7. Contra. You're request is the same as from "hop lalach"
  8. Nick: TugaCarlos Tag your friends: all of u You are admin/player on server: Admin
  9. Nick: IP: SteamID : Time : Reason: Proof (print/demo) :