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  1. ¤ Nickname (will be same as nick of forum account - no exceptions): [email protected]!N ¤ Age: 21 ¤ Country (Location): Algeria ¤ Can you be online between these hours? (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM) : yes ¤ Reason that you want to be admin in StreetZM: Help server/players ..... wana be a part from ur family ¤ Other information: /
  2. Name: (your name on forum without "@"): [email protected]!N Favorite animal: (just write this, don't ask why) : Wolf
  3. now prinatty left the game a rejoin it using my nick cuz i wasnt there iv changed my nick he start insult with my nick to make a proof for Bhooth but he did a msitake cuz he didnt copy my nick good / else Bhooth banned me for no reason admins u can check ftp for who's that fake __[v]__ from amx_showip i cant acces to ips cuz im player srry for replay
  4. ¤ Your name: __[v]__ ¤ Claimed Admin name: BhOOTh! ¤ Date and time: now ¤ Reason of complaint: A guy called prinatty insulted me so i tell bhooth to gag him but he didnt , he keep saying to him chill dude and say i warned him than prinatty insult again and again but bhooth didnt do anything , and when i said im gonna report he start insulting me too saying kid milkbaby etc..... PS: is he an Elder really? omg guys u have weird criteria for choosing admins( srry for saying that but its the truth/ srry for my bad english) ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
  5. How we can help u if we dont understand your problem! More Details pls
  6. hey why i dont use multiaccount pffffff i just forget my old account pw even that i dont make anyother req here i swear
  7. ¤ Your Nickname : Hyber^ ¤ You adress Skype,Steam : chatihako or pm ¤ Age : 19 ¤ Langueges that you can speak : english frensh arabic ¤ Your Location : algeria ¤ Experience as Admin - name last servers and which grade u had: highlifezm elder but in other nick Other Information For your Request : no thnx