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  1. ax had l9lawi... kay3tiiwkom VIP o kaytb3o likom Ban ?

    9wtiha a @A.N.R Anouar A.N.R nta jay :

  2. 2nd Banned. Permanent! OMG ?

  3. pfffffffffff why banned OMAR ?????? !!!

    1. Omar-->


      accout will be deleted permanent ? 

    2. ZZIIZZOU ♔
  4. happy that i get banned ? thx all this is was my 1st csb account created on 2014  ( i just recover the password this month)  i dont care if its banned too, first time banned without a reason and now their is no rule for this (i cant see it) i always wonder why too many menbers get banned everyday 


    no need unban thx for your time all ?

    i always was thinking about buying a csgo server here but now no need 

    happy to meet you all 

    good luck all 

  5. Banned again Omg

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  7 alții
    2. Moustafa Amer0v™ - S**T

      Moustafa Amer0v™ - S**T

      Just wait i think there some things error

    3. Omar-->


      no need thx 

      i dont care now 

      even this account got banne too  

    4. Moustafa Amer0v™ - S**T

      Moustafa Amer0v™ - S**T

      Man i dont know why angry just relax and everything will be okay.

  6. 3lax banawk ?

    pff awdi hadi lil9aw kaydirolo ban had frm tla3li frassi

  7. I am agree with you, but only 2 colors (white and black) no more i saw some forums add different colors to choose when you login or even visiting the page and you can save it or change whenever you want #Regards
  8. walah ila wa3ra ? m3alamm wakha had maghrib tl3li frassi ??
  9. [~OMAR~]

    [Gift] [~OMAR~]

    wa3raaa walahhh mrc 3zoz
  10. malk ay server mxitilo katdy3o ? zns+street.......

  11. everyday we lost old legends  ? pff

    1. A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

      A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

      OMAR?ina serv rak nta?
      aji asa7b 7dana 
      ila kan chi mochkil m3a prankk n7loH,3adi

    2. [~OMAR~]



      anhdro f ts

      hit bdit kat9ra f bts khasni nzayar

    3. AlbaneZooo


      @A.N.R Anouar A.N.R  not is normale only for say  admin give me banned i am old members from 2012 
      but @Mr.Love maybe no want old memebers . maybe want to destroy .. 

  12. look who's back again ?

    Hi Mr.Dany ?

  13. Agree With You Brother, Most of users are arabs (and most of them don't speak arabic well) I suggest add "Google Traduction plugin (iframe code)" (very easy to add) no need translate all content that will be hard @Davlin ♛ Dont reply with same thing as @*Ha(C)kEr'S* said (thats spam) most of menbers and even some moderatores/global reply same thing evey time just for likes/points

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