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  1. saha Frre ya blid 

    Wled 7oma normalement t9olna 3al talifon ya 7agar

    Ama ma3dhrour

    by the way Enjoy Your time and welcome back to ur family Mate

    Have Fun 

  2. Accepted Helper Send me infos via pm next next ? We still searching for full stuff
  3. Hello user You may ask the foundators of the krond solution's host @Mr.Love @Sethhh. to sell to you a classic server Good luck Regards.
  4. I have addons Zp 6.2 UltimiteX and Zp6.2 Oustanding 


    Have addons ( zp 6.2 / zombie OutStanding )

    and can put it on panel 

    pm me and win Co-owner and Ftp

    Good luck

  6. Well i Can Say That im Back :bad_boys_20:

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