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    Designer , Music Channel Leader & Global-Moderator.
  • Dată naștere 10/26/2002


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    Made In China
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  1. V2 I like those lightning brushes and the text too look cool
  2. come back feo that I missed you so much


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    2. KEPY™✘


      I want to talk to you every day and joke ❤️ 

        • Haha 1
    3. EVIL BABY™

      EVIL BABY™

      you big spammer hhhhhh kiss me xD

        • Haha 2
    4. KEPY™✘


      kiss me u feo >:V

        • Haha 2
  3. My Best Friend i will stay waiting you xD ❤️ i miss you hhh, yesterday i was talking with you 😄 😄 

  4. Holly Molly, look who's alive :vv

    1. Lock 流氓

      Lock 流氓

      Haha what's up just checking the situation 🤣🤣fbi fbifam GIF by CBS

    2. #DeXteR
  5. Lock 流氓

    unban request

    Nick: lock Ip: Unique ID: WwIuzStlcXVHN+jCG1tgebag8WY= Who banned: Details: from last summer i try a plague on my bot than the bot start doing an auto messsage on music channel so banned the bot + ip permently Photo: Reason: - note : hope that @Mr.Love replied !
  6. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 110 seconds  
  7. you Still Alive or Die? I miss you my feo 😞 

  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 122 seconds  
  9. Time to come back? 

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    2. 'Nevox


      ye , still waiting for you 

      missed you bro ❤️

    3. Mockys 😈

      Mockys 😈

      No No Noooo 

      Ahaha zebiiii 😛

    4. Devolz


      yup come back if u want bro 😅

  10. welcome back & Eid Mubarak 👌

    1. Lock 流氓

      Lock 流氓

      Aychou 3lina w 3lik ❤️

  11. Aya mabrouk 3lik sa7bi walah fr7tlek ❤️ nchalah nchoufouk admin 3ed 🙏

    1. #DeXteR


      hhh nchalah ❤️ 

      It will take forever xD

    2. Blackfire
  12. 🙂 Love where are you come back 

  13. Lik wa7ch  😍😍

    1. Lock 流氓

      Lock 流氓

      alah 8aleb frr mak ta3raf 9raya yomkon narja3 fi siff ❤️

  14. Ya khouya twahachteeek 

    1. Lock 流氓

      Lock 流氓

      Soon I will back ❤️

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