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ERJON a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Februarie 12 2018

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  • Dată Naștere 04/08/1998


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    Hot Girls , Online Games No More :v
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  1. My first design was in a song

    Watch the song and subscribe to the channel


  2. Name applicant: ERJON complained Name: OyaYansa reason for complaint: insulting my mother in spanish language's Time / date: Now Proof (OBLIGATORY) :
  3. Channel name: ERJ Cool's home Add sub-canal: Playing CS.GO Channel admin: me Unique ID:fkCNf1pj/Z5VPekk4Ol9V3WpxTg=
  4. Dein Name ist sexy in roter Farbe

    Wie auch immer, Glückwunsch, du verdienst es Papi ?

  5. NickName : Smilodon Your Facebook Accont : u can contact me via pm for link Your Contry : Tunisia Age : 19 Your GameTracker Link Player NAme IN Server : i didnt had Your Experiance IN FTP : ( I wish no one lie ) : about 3 - 4 years
  6. hello mister , just delete the old one and downoald new teamspeak's version : 3.2.1 / 3.2.0 GL.
  7. Type: Avatar *Dimensions:200x200 Text: E.R.J csblackdevil Theme (Obligatory stock): Last request: long time ago *Other information: made it perfect ! thnx
  8. Type:Avatar *Dimensions: 150x250 Text: RevoluTioN. Theme (Obligatory stock): Last request: since june 21 *Other information: please made it perfect , thank you
  9. Type: Avatar *Dimensions: 200x200 Text: ERJON Theme (Obligatory stock): Last request:
  10. Name applicant: ImmortaL my old name was skuuZa complained Name: SeBA reason for complaint: i dont know who give him channel "Founder" in my channel then he change my Channel name and password (u can ask klay he was who create my channel ) also u can search he didnt request for channel Time / date: 3-4 days ago Proof (OBLIGATORY):
  11. Hello buddy , we already have inbox here also we have our teamspeak3 server : so i cant see how this idea will help our community #Contra
  12. Hello buddy , I cant see how this proposal will help our community so try to made a smart proposal that can help our community to grow up #Contra
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