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    You love me?
    Think Im ugly?
    Dont look at me!
    Dont know me?
    Dont judge me!
    Think you know me?
    You have no idea !!
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    Not your problem

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  1. mai rahul

    tu idhar aa aur paisa de

    aur mujhe follow kar...

  2. You think you will get admin in any server if you ask all managers in server for admin? Say me one manager name that you didn't asked from him admin, you have to be loyal man get admin in one server and stay active, you don't see no one want to give you admin because you want only high grade, if i give you any grade and another manager say to you come in my server i will give you big grade you will left. Don't take my words as offense i just want to learn you how to be more good!

    1. FALLEN'



    2. #BUTA


      No one will give you admin, because if someone see your profile he will see you asked admin in many servers and you don't understand english? Read again what i said :)