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  1. Artist : Hayleys Real Name : Hayley Williams Birth Date /Place : Meridian, United States, December 27, 1988 Age: 31 years old Social status ( Single / Married ) : Single Artist Picture : Musical Genres : Pop punk -Emo - Rock - Pop Awards : - Top 3 Songs (Names) : Still Into You - Simmer And Airplanes Colaboration With B.O.B Other Informations : The singer has cited Saves The Day, mewithoutYou, Slick Shoes, The Chariot, Now, Now Every Children, No Doubt, Fireworks, Set Your Goals, Tegan and Sara, New Found Glory, H2O, Lemuria, and The Swellers as her favorite bands .1 In an interview he said: «I think there are three bands that are huge, all different, with professional careers that we would like to pursue [in reference to Paramore]: bands like U2 are huge, they do what they want, they write what they want and they keep for something; Jimmy Eat World, who I think will never disappoint his fans; and No Doubt, who have done incredible things.
  2. Music Title : Residente - Hoy (Today) Signer : Residente Release Date : 02 - 08 - 2020 Official Youtube Link : Informations About The Signer : - Your Opinion About The Track ( Music Video ) : About style of music 9/10
  3. Nickname ( Must be the same as forum ) : Garrix Your age : 17 Have you heared about this project in it's old editions ? ( if yes , have you participated before ? ) : Yup Your favorite style : Dubstep, Trap, Electronic
  4. Artist : Skrillex Real Name: Sonny John Moore Birth Date /Place : Angeles, California, United States; January 15, 1988 Age: 32 years old Social status ( Single / Married ) : Single Artist Picture : Musical Genres : EDM - Dubstep - Trap - Hardcore - Metalcore Awards : 2012, Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording - Grammy Award for Best Dance / Electronic Album - DJ Award for Best Drum N Bass/Dubstep, and list continue (HERE) Top 3 Songs (Names) : Bangarang - First of the year - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites Other Informations : In January 2017, Moore uploaded a video for a new song, "Make War," with himself on vocals, shared on his Instagram and Twitter. This officially comes out in mid-January under Sumerian Records and OWSLA. The band plays their first show in 10 years alongside vocalist Sonny Moore on February 7, 2017 at the Emo Nite event in Los Angeles, California. Accompanying him were Mat Manning on bass and Derek Bloom on drums. This was his first performance with the band since he left in 2010. In early December, Matt, Travis and Derek perform at a new Emo Nite event and leak a new song from the band.
  5. Music Title : 6IX9INE- YAYA Signer : 6ix9ine Release Date : 03 - 08 - 2020 Official Youtube Link : Informations About The Signer : All Information about 6ix9ine Press Here Your Opinion About The Track ( Music Video ) : Insane, 10/10
  6. Music Title : Nicky Jam - Desahogo Ft. Carla Morrison Signer : Nicky Jam Ft Larla Morrison Release Date : 28 - 07 - 2020 Official Youtube Link : Informations About The Signer : - Your Opinion About The Track ( Music Video ) : Incredible Animation, Is good 10/10
  7. Artist : 6ix9ine Real Name: Daniel Hernández Birth Date /Place : New York, USA; May 8, 1996 Age: 24 years old Social status ( Single / Married ) : Married with 2 daughters Artist Picture : Musical Genres : Trap. Rap Awards : - Top 3 Songs (Names) : GOOBA, Bebesita FT Anueel, TROLLZ With Nicki Minaj Other Informations : On February 1, 2019, Hernández pleaded guilty to nine charges. He was due to be sentenced on January 24, 2020 and faced a possible mandatory sentence of 47 years in prison.23 24 On February 16, a plea agreement document revealed that the rapper could avoid jail time for changed his willingness to testify against other gang members in concurrent investigations.25 26 On December 18, 2019, Hernández received a 2-year sentence after testifying against the Nine Trey Gang. Judge Paul Engelmayer credited Hernández for helping prosecutors send several violent gang members to prison and forgave him a 13-month sentence.27 On March 22, 2020, while serving his prison sentence, Hernández asked to serve the rest of his sentence in home prison, stating that he had a higher risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus due to his pre-existing asthma condition.28 April 1, 2020, Rolling Stone obtained a letter sent to Prosecutor Geoffrey Berman saying that the government has not opposed Hernández's release from the start of the confinement.29 On Thursday, April 2, 2020, 6ix9ine's lawyer, Dawn Florio, confirmed with XXL magazine that the court decided to allow the rapper to be released and put in house arrest.7 Originally he was scheduled to be released on August 2, 2020.30
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  12. The European Union (EU) imposed sanctions on 11 Venezuelans on Monday, including the president of the National Assembly (AN), Luis Parra. According to the AFP news agency, the sanctions are mostly for actions against the opposition to the government of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro. Among the 11 people, the names of Luis Eduardo Parra, president of the National Assembly (AN), Tanía Díaz, first vice-president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Elvis Amoroso Comptroller General of the Republic, José Adelino Ornelas secretary general of the Defense of the Nation Council, Franklyn Duarte member and first vice president of the National Assembly. As well as José Gregorio Noriega, member and second vice president of the National Assembly, Jorge Elieser Marquez Monsalve, director of Conatel, Juan José Mendoza, second vice president of the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela (TSJ), Farik Mora, Prosecutor of the Special Court of First Instance of Venezuela with office in the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM) and Gladys Requena vice president of the ANC. The decision, published in the Official Journal of the EU, brings the number of people sanctioned to 36, in the opinion of the bloc, to undermine democracy, the rule of law and human rights in Venezuela. The Venezuelan government rejected these measures through a Twitter published by the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza.
  13. The Active package and the Trail package will be offered in both the Transit van and the Tourneo passenger version. This is rare, but Ford knows that there is a very small niche that uses commercial or passenger vans outside of the city, for recreational uses or because they remembered outdoor tourism. For all those, the new Trail versions of Transit and Tourneo await you And Ford, being Ford, appealed to the very welcome look of the F150 Raptor and also carries the Ranger Raptor, as well as other models of the brand, so these vans can not only perform very well on difficult roads, but also look imposing. The Trail package not only comes with plastic bumpers, 16 "black wheels, bumpers or the big Ford grill we know from Raptor trucks, but also the addition of an LSD differential provided by Quaife. This differential will be installed on both veen recalibrated to work with this new hardware. AWD models have special handling modes for slippery and soft surfaces, apart from electronic traction lock, which leaves the cast fixed on both axles (50:50). Both Transit and Transit Custom are powered by two-liter EcoBlue engines, with power options of 130, 170, or 185 Hp. The Transit Customs also come with 48v micro hybrid support for greater efficiency. Inside, we find leather seats, air conditioning, electrically folding mirrors, automatic lighting, as well as a heated windscreen (Quickclear function).
  14. The Venezuelan forward, Salomón Rondón and his Dalian Yifang resumed training after the coronavirus pandemic, as the battering ram posted on his social networks, Little by little, the return to normality is evident throughout the world, the return of the sport is a big part of this and now China has joined the list of returning leagues, first with the training of its teams and then thinking about the back to competition. Although there are still a few months left to raise the curtain on the season, Rondón is already getting in shape under the orders of his coach, Rafael Benitez. According to the Chinese media, the Asian giant's football could fully revive in July. Since arriving at Dalian, the Gladiator has scored a total of 5 goals, his coach has great confidence in him and hopes that with his return to football he will continue at his best level.