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    1. this is my instagram, or csbd o.O?



      1. D4ng3r Ⓡ
      2. Hossam Taibi

        Hossam Taibi

        hhh Hello bro i miss you


    2. I'm here just for listen the song:3

    3. Bueno, ahorita si se caera el foro JSJSJS


      Felicidades perris, pero que te dure ah? ❤️

      1. -Dark


        Intentare que me dure mas que una paja xd, gracias mano xd ❤️ 

    4. 79 Followers from 115, well ? ._.

      1. -LosT


        not just u ? 

      2. ITS OZX-

        ITS OZX-

        Everyone has been updated, and I think all the members who were appointed by the official have been hidden, and the music and points have also been removed.

    5. oh sh*t here we go again

    6. Hello axel . It has a good activity both on the ts3 server, such as the projects that he mentioned above, and in Latin it has already begun to recruit (last night got +6 new members), and from what I see it has a good future, that is my opinion.
    7. Remove @aRbi~ from Co-leader Reason Retired (can come back whenever you want)
    8. #Garrix

      Wolfine's Gallery

      After a year x2 Signature; Cover:
    9. Well boys, you have again the chance to win Vip, and some devils coins, come on niggas:x


    10. Congrats :- ?:) 

      1. #Garrix


        Thanks you.<3 



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