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  1. General huge idea between founders and all of members Nick: MaRCoS (Scriptor in Zombie Outstanding Ultimate X in 2020) & Wesker Age: 19 Suggestions: or ideas: Idea about making adding automatic smart thinker concurs system VERSION [1.5.3 BETA] Reason why add-or-remove It: it can be automatically working in period! it avoids spending time to look at top3 only! And gifts every top players(until top10) in game when time will be up Every two months all scores, kills, deaths [except points and played time] will be reseted fully (When concurs ends, all players will start from 1,000 score again and kills: 0, deaths: 0) All main information of player is saved fully without causing such bad problems in protection MySQL Automatic gifting system for player when time is up during disconnecting or connecting or playing in server, everyone of top10 will be awarded automatically by system with random gifts (gifts might be that are upgrades with steps, adding points, access, vip access, ...) Avoiding players conflict in some point! Other that you want to tell: please give your comment here about pro or contra, even you are not player in server!
  2. GENERAL UPDATES AND GLOBAL CHANGING UNITS IN ZOMBIE OUTSTANDING BY FOUNDERS/MANAGER SERVERS ONLY [Model posting] Nick: Age: Suggestions: or ideas: Reason why add-or-remove It: Other that you want to tell: NOTES 1. Respect The Model ! ( Even you are the manager server or founder one ) 2. General idea by Founders/Manager servers only 3. One Suggestion each 12 hours! 4. If players/admins give pro more than contra, topic will be accepted
  3. PrOZM

    [Banlist] Founders

    [ Model ] ¤ Nick: {[email protected]} ¤ IP/STEAM_ID: ¤ Time Ban: 13 days (approx) ¤ Reason: 1. Founders decided to ban this player because of asking Co-Owner without activation! 2. Even we had made him to have Co-Owner but he pressed us to give him Gold member (VIP) too and spammed chat several times. 3. He added several fake players that mainly from one ip! 4. Breaking several rules of server directly! 5. Player don't respect to anyone even all admins and players! ¤ Proof: Proving #1 Proving #2
  4. PrOZM

    [Banlist] Founders

    [ Model ] ¤ Nick: ¤ IP/STEAM_ID: ¤ Time Ban: ¤ Reason: ¤ Proof:
  5. Accepted as Moderator send me nick with password welcome to our staff team
  6. PrOZM

    Upgrades & Downgrades

    Nickname: Brad Smith™ Old access: Co-Owner New access: Owner Upgrade/downgrade/Remove (Up/Down/Remove ?): Upgrade to one step high! Reason: Activation, discussion with Founders Data: 01/08/2020
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  8. ✯ ✯ ✯ ZM.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM ✯ ✯ ✯ ZOMBIE OUTSTANDING ULTIMATE X OPTIONS OF BUYING FROM SERVER IN CS 1.6 How can I buy something from server ? 1. General opening payment menu using is /shop or /shopping 2. Vip and such things you want to buy is possible through using payment menu 3. If you want to buy something first step you are to write console my_password [password (recommend longer password)] 4. Then say /shop and open payment menu 5. enter menu change identification then insert into details of given informations through typing 6. Then you can buy things that you want through entering payment menu! Proff: Automatic smart PAYMENT SYSTEM [discount/no discount]: 1. There is discount system in payment system that will be shown automatically when you filled all identification! 2. No discount means that all units are in no discount point! 3. Discount means that all units are in discount point! 4. If you request buying something, there is waiting time that you have to wait maximum 2 days for successfully paying WARNING: We strongly recommend players/admins to write longer password in console to command my_password When you wrote password to my_password console command there is automatically saving file in your cstrike by using snapshot, if you forget password that you wrote, open snapshot file and check [ for example: cstrike/zm_gbox6.bmp ] Don't share this password with anyone! If something bad occurs by yourselves that you are causing that, our project will not respons! If you make fake information of identification then making requesting for buying something might cause blocking your account payment!
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  10. PrOZM

    Upgrades & Downgrades

    Nickname: F5*Kyo Kusanagi Old access: Admin New access: Player Upgrade/downgrade/Remove (Up/Down/Remove ?): Removed! Reason: No activation without main reason Data: 31/07/2020
  11. CONCURS ENDED SEASON JULY HAS BEEN ENDED Winners are shown below! . eldiosito is gifted ⇢ Access Protector, +2,500 Points, Gold member VIP PRO [1 month], Free randomly upgrade (2 up) in upgrading menu! . islam is gifted ⇢ Access Semi-Elder, +1,500 Points, Gold member VIP [2 weeks], Free randomly upgrade (1 up) in upgrading menu! . hunter man [~~RoudriGuez~~ {J} 10 player is not gifted because no respection to rules server with using teamming and spamming] is gifted ⇢ Access Admin, +1,000 Points NOTE: Concurs has been closed for a month and starts from initial date of september
  12. ✯ ✯ ✯ ZM.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM ✯ ✯ ✯ ZOMBIE OUTSTANDING ULTIMATE X MODEL FOR BOOSTING SERVER Nick: Time that you bought: General site: Used Contact method is: Proof (Photo. link): Daily/Weekly/Monthly boost? : Other main informations: Boosting is a temporary method to increase the quantity of players and making game better to fill players and of course admins in team of staff; Purchasing and helping server to speed up for collecting players will be gifted with special gifts or access Boosting help us to collect players for server is needing players and most people have not listened or tested in our server! ■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■ Here you can check our server: Click for checking To see and verify the boosting list: Boost will be firstly shown when you see it. Press click on the name that you have written(name from the SMS you've sent will be the same in the list) then provide us the link(the link will be the proof of the boosting) How can I boost ?: There are two main methods for boosting server 1- method - boosting with using sms Send sms at the number: that based on your country selection Form of the message: TXT GTRS AdressIP Name Exemplu mesaj: TXT GTRS Roselina Price: €1.00 + TVA 2 - method - boosting for server through using paypal (cash cards) Send ip address server ( ) Then you go to paypal method Use cash cards to boost server
  13. Accepted as Semi-Elder Send me nick with password T/C
  14. Accepted as Co-Owner send me nick + password, you are in testing period for a week! next (Co-Owners are taken)..
  15. Accepted as Co-Owner send me nick with password! next!