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    Since 2012
  • Dată naștere 11/14/1986

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  1. Uuuu , i'm still here 😄

    1. #DeXteR


      YOOO, im still here too 😛 :v 

    2. RafaeL @ CSBD

      RafaeL @ CSBD

      Uuuu Hello There! 👋😎

  2. e permis?


    HaTReK killed MoHaMeD. with awp
    [ADMIN] HaTReK: made HaTReK Sniper
    HaTReK killed yudhaaa_ with awp
    Co_OwNeR HaTReK :  lm

    1. MasterKid™



      Mulțumesc pentru dovada! 

  3. Did u miss me? 😄

    1. Nyx.


      why i miss u ? i'm not a gay :)) 

    2. PranKk.
    3. #DeXteR




  4. Scuze ca ma bag in seama , de preferat daca vor sa stea afk sa nu le fie permis sa stea spec ci in joc, astfel li se va strica rankul si nu vor mai avea chef sa stea spec cate 7-8 ore , 99% din cei care stau afk la spec o fac pentru a nu li se duce ranku. O zi buna.
  5. Started On Finalizat Durată timp Grade Feedback
    06/08/19 11:10 AM 06/08/19 11:13 AM 00:02:42 86/100 Esti uimitor, Einstein!
  6. bolfosu

    Family Quiz One

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 86/100 My Time 162 secunde  
  7. What the ...

    <07:39:05> "CSBD Guard": Your level is 5 and have 13664 in wallet
    <07:39:06> "CSBD Guard": You have logged on to our server 95 times
    <13:19:53> "CSBD Guard": Welcome to CsblackDevil, bolfosu
    <13:19:53> "CSBD Guard": For information about me you can enter: here. If i bother you, you can type: !welcome off.
    <13:19:53> "CSBD Guard": Your level is 5 and have 13664 in wallet
    <13:19:53> "CSBD Guard": You have logged on to our server 96 times
    <19:18:02> "bolfosu": !balance
    <19:18:02> "CSBD Guard": In your wallet now you have: 13664.0 coins


    After 1llmost 12 hours i have the same coins ... where is the rewards for online time?

    1. #DeXteR


      yes ur right but on that 12hrs u got conextion lost 12 time 😉 

  8. bolfosu

    Problam Cs1.6

    Uninstall , delete and take other form this forum ( it was a version or 2 here ) or fromm google. Install and check again , also check for any upgrades on video card drivers.
  9. Scuze de off topic sau ca ma bag eu , data viitoare foloseste butonul edit daca ai uitat sa preciezi ceva
  10. U have 11k not 100k coins , and now the level is no more 25000 is 50000
  11. Nice but i don't give u like because u have to many :)))
  12. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  13. bolfosu

    [ACCEPTED] RoooM

    Hmm u had 2 days when u played only but i give u a chance. Acceptel Helper PM gEoLgAu- with Tag/Nick/Password T.C

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