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    1. bolfosu

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      ¤ Nickname: bolfosu ¤ Category Musical genres : trap , house , electro , rock , hip hop , but esspecially remixes off po[CENSORED]r songs ¤ Contractor :
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    3. Happy New Year to everyone ?

    4. Ciprian is no more part off the staff , if u want admin back prove that u wrilly want , play and make request , how you've been admin before u know the steps ;)
    5. Nick: bolfosu Tag Your Friends: #DeXteR #Mr.Love Where will you spend the end of the year?: home , alone , or maybe outside :)
    6. He was say : Admin Margelatu is not doing his job as an admin , he was say in chat that some player is blocking him allways and the admin didn't do nothing and when he was seee no one slay that player he was say some bad word in sort version and he was gagged etc etc
    7. bolfosu

      ì'am back !

      hai nu ma inebuni :))) ??
    8. bolfosu


      deci intru si eu din an in paste pe sv ca imi este drag , cine ma mai tine minte am fost si slot si admin si owner si etc , am ajutat serverul dar la un moment dat m-am retras din cauza 1 , fostul fondator care ma avea ca prieten doar daca ajutam financiar cand am zis ca nu o mai fac din cauza copiilor ( exact ca cei de azi ) care mai au si grade pe server dar ei nu stiu sa foloseasca teamspeack , forumul sa nu mai zic de comenzi si reguli, pacat ca a ramas la fel , iei up daca il pupi in cur pe sefu si stai afk , sa va dau un exemplu s3nzatie este owner acum dupa mai bine de 1 an , dar el nic
    9. Uuuu , i'm still here ?

      1. #DEXTER


        YOOO, im still here too ? :v 

      2. RafaeL G.

        RafaeL G.

        Uuuu Hello There! ??

    10. e permis?


      HaTReK killed MoHaMeD. with awp
      [ADMIN] HaTReK: made HaTReK Sniper
      BUY ARMOR TO STAY OUT FROM INFECTIONS Press M, 2, 9, 4 keys!
      HaTReK killed yudhaaa_ with awp
      Co_OwNeR HaTReK :  lm

      1. MasterKid™



        Mulțumesc pentru dovada! 



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