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  1. I did my best as a moderator here, I hope someone else can do a better job. Goodbye, CSBD staff. 😞 

  2. Renault will become a 100% electric brand in the year 2030. By then, the entire range of passenger cars of the iconic French firm will be made up of electric cars. This has been pointed out by Luca de Meo himself. But what will happen to Dacia? Will it follow in Renault's footsteps? There are very ambitious plans for the transition process towards fully electric mobility. In this last year, a long list of car brands have officially announced in which year they will become an all-electric company. The death of the combustion engine in Europe is getting closer and that is why manufacturers are beginning to take steps to prepare for the future that lies ahead. Renault has been the latest company to join this particular club. Europe has decided to put an end to the combustion engine in 2035. In terms of time, the margin of action that automakers have is very short. That is why all the machinery must be put into operation to successfully complete the transition process towards electric mobility. Renault will be a 100% electric brand in 2030. That is, 5 years before the death of the internal combustion engine materializes in European territory.
  3. This January 15, the Olympic athlete Paola Pérez, a native of the Táchira state, participated in the Toltén Ultra Marathon, in Toltén, Chile, in the 21-kilometer open water category. After 3 hours and 40 minutes of swimming, the Venezuelan won the gold medal. This competition took place in the midst of the tsunami warning in Chile, reported El Pitazo. “I was first in the women's category. For now there is no open water because the International Swimming Federation has not released its calendar. I feel happy because I managed to get there. It is not a competition that I specifically prepared myself for, but rather forms part of my preparation for Paris 2024. I am very excited and happy,” Paola Pérez told El Pitazo by telephone. This is the athlete's first international competition this year and after having won the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. After not having the expected results at that time, she assured that she would continue to prepare and seek the necessary resources to leave the name of Venezuela in High.

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  6. Lamborghini has always been one of my favorite brands. With several posters hanging on my wall, I always dreamed of the idea of getting on one. That childhood dream has come true thanks to the fact that two of his beasts have passed through my hands. Every child's dream is to be able to get into a powerful car and gallop to the beat of the road and an evocative sound. In our earliest childhood, we dream of reaching those moments that rarely occur in adult life. Riding a Lamborghini is a goal, a dream, let alone being able to drive two of its most beastly models. The Lamborghini Urus and the Lamborghini Huracán hang on many walls, but for this time, they have been mine. Ferruccio Lamborghini was a self-made man. Taking today's standards we speak of him as a visionary and an entrepreneur. We all know his story, and I don't want to be the one to bore the audience by telling something we all know. I grew up in the 80s and 90s, the era of the Lamborghini Countach and Diablo. They were both figured decorating my student portfolio, and just seeing one was more than enough reason to have a great day (I don't remember seeing one until I was older). Who was going to tell that little Javier that he would have to wait a few years to be able to drive it? If he had told me I would not have believed it, but it has been. Although Italy is synonymous with Ferrari, the Lamborghini bulls are pure transalpine essence. From its headquarters in Sant'Agata Bolognese, great figures have come out of the supercar market: Miura, Espada, LM002, Murcielago, Aventador, Gallarod, Huracán and finally Urus, adding the occasional extraordinary unit such as Reventón, Sesto Element, Veneno or Centenary. Each one more spectacular.
  7. Barcelona officially registered in LaLiga this Tuesday with Ferran Torres, who will be able to play the classic against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup this Wednesday in Riyadh. As stated on the website of the Spanish football association, the Barça club has already modified the registration of its last signing, from Manchester City, whose formalization has occurred once the entity has managed to lighten the salary mass of the first team.
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