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  1. DreNK^

    Report Admin

    ¤ Your name:DreNK^ ¤ Claimed Admin name: - ¤ Date and time:13:10 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo):https://imgur.com/mxNstSI ¤ Reason of complaint:2x mode *The thing is that the server made me Assasin, and after a few rounds i purchased Sniper too. Why i did it ? i seen in chat that is showing an message about admins can't buy another mode if server gives them first, logic after that message i thought players/vips can. So to make sure i asked 1-2 weeks ago, Yoosef about it, and he told me that ofc i can, i am not admin and i can buy even if the server gives me, so from now to know, why is that message in chat if the players and vips are not allowed to buy an mode after the server gives them?? What about when someone just bought an mode, and after 10 rounds, the server gives him another mode, isn't the same thing ? why players can't if that message is popping up there in chat ? i want to find out, because mhmd slayed me, plus.. MomeN wanted to do it too as you can see in SS's. I did not wanted to put mhmd's name there cuz is not that smart to report an Owner, but cmon, why is the sittuation like this ? why is that much confusion?*
  2. Up there from me, the admin is not made for him, give him an slot and make him be as he deserve, this is my oppinion.PRO
  3. ¤ Your name:DreNK^ ¤ Claimed Admin name:S.Pardik or Momen al ¤ Date and time:1:15 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo):https://imgur.com/0E64lkj ¤ Reason of complaint:I don't know the reason, i just got banned Info: I was playing on arma round mode, and i purchased 2x Damage, in the half of round, my cs just crashed and i thought it's an problem of me, i tried to join server back, and i seen that i got banned. *The thing is that there are too much stupid admins on this server, kids that they don't know how to use that admin. i said it even before but nothing changed, it's gonna be like this as always, kids admins, and players unfair banned.*
  4. ¤ Your name:DreNK^ ¤ Claimed Admin name:Majd ¤ Date and time:13:45 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo):https://imgur.com/a/K3yihOu ¤ Reason of complaint:He was survivor and EnmyDestory was on his cage using madness and hiting him, so he slayed him to kill the others which camed in his cage. NOTE: Read the rules before initiating the complaint.
  5. i-am dat msg pe steam, nu e on acuma

  6. Nume: Nick: Varsta(Primele 7 numere din CNP, OBLIGATORIU): Cum te putem contacta?: Gradul dorit: Orejucate(GameTracker); Ai citit regulamentul?: O sa intrii pe TS3(Team Speak3)?: Experienta admin: Ai putea boosta 1 serverul pe luna?(Da/Nu): De ce anume doresti grad la noi pe server?: Cate ore esti dispus sa activezi pe server la zi?: Altceva in plus: ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Luati la cunostinta: *Varsta minima pentru a deveni admin este 15 ani* *Inainte de a face cererea asigurati-va ca aveti orele necesare pentru gradul cerut* *Va trebui sa fiti activi pe server cat si pe forum, vor avea loc sedinte neanuntate* *Respectati modelul expus in intregime, nerespectarea modelului poate duce direct la REJECT* *Asigurati-va ca ati citit bine regulamentul inainte de a face o cerere admin* *Dupa ce faceti cererea pentru admin, o sa primiti un raspuns dupa 3 zile din data in care ati postat-o* Pentru cei care ati fost respinsi, veti putea sa aplicati din nou abia dupa 14 zile de la cererea precedenta.
  7. PRO, founders should take attitude for those kind of admins.
  8. ¤ Your name:DreNK^ ¤ Claimed Admin name: AuSt[0]Ra_ ¤ Date and time:14:50 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo):https://imgur.com/a/97ScJAc ¤ Reason of complaint:He slayed me because i was almost killing him with zombie madness, and he slayed Ovrei too for same reason.+ at nightmare mode he purchased God Mode, idk if is it ok or not, but this is what he done, he blocked a player too in an hole with his god mode to kill him.(I have no ss for that) I'm tired of those kids.
  9. DreNK^

    Family Quiz One

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 219 seconds  
  10. ¤ Your name:DreNK^ ¤ Claimed Admin name:Yazan ¤ Date and time:14:30 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo):https://imgur.com/a/gbgqs7K ¤ Reason of complaint:He just destroyed me and after that, banned! *What can i say is, remove the kids from admin list, they are destroying the server*
  11. ¤ Your name:DreNK^ ¤ Claimed Admin name:Dr.B^_^B ¤ Date and time:18:30 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo):https://imgur.com/TE1Gexm ¤ Reason of complaint:He slayed me for no reason. He said he slayed me because i taked his jet, and he slayed another play for this reason too.
  12. ¤ Your name:DreNK^ ¤ Claimed Admin name:I don't know who banned me, there was 3-4 admin's online. ¤ Date and time:00:50 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo):Banned. ¤ Reason of complaint:I really don't know, i think he got a good reason, because i got banned again in just 10h after unnban (I'm so happy, seeing this very experienced admin's and doing they job very very well) **Again**
  13. ¤ Your name:DreNK^ ¤ Claimed Admin name:I don't which admin banned me, there was few admins online: Criminal.-JoKeR!-.::L3eeB::.-BlooD-Yazan ¤ Date and time:23:27 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo):Here's the ss which can show you i'm banned. ¤ Reason of complaint:I really don't know, i think he tought i was using speed hack. (I'm so happy, seeing this very experienced admin's and doing they job very very well)
  14. ¤ Your Nickname: DreNK^ ¤ Your Address Skype, Steam: STEAM: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198376982676/ ¤ Age (You must have or higher than 13 years):19 ¤ Languages That You Can Speak:English and Romanian ¤ Your Location: Arad, Romania ¤ Experience As Admin: About 4 years ¤ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (22:00 To 12:00 PM): I guess yes, but if i will be only slot, i don't think so it will be necessary ¤ Link Of Hours You Played On Server ( Click Here You Must Write Your Nickname): https://www.gametracker.rs/player/ ¤ Reason That You Want To Be Admin: I just wanna be an minimum(SLOT) i see a lot of kids how steal my point's, and i know really well who's stealing. ¤ Other Information For Your Request: I know i don't have enough hours, but i will complet the target and more of that,i hope.
  15. ¤ Your name:DreNK^ ¤ Claimed Admin name: I guess Dennischarkov- or mhmd! The "http://csaddicted.com/bans" are not responding so i don't know really who banned me. ¤ Date and time:About 16:00 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo):https://imgur.com/WZ8Sg2v ¤ Reason of complaint:That play Advanced spamed him, "Drek hack Drek hack" and some of the admin's online banned me for hack i suppose.