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  1. Next time that you will insult a mom of a members I will be more severe l with you.... And dont try to edit the comment cuz I have the proof. (Click here)





    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  2 alții
    2. Seuong


      As you said @9arma coz globals hide that or edit that to their friends dont have warning. But now I am reviewing all the reports that the global take so dont worry. the things will change now.

    3. Bada.


      @Seuong yes u should warn all who was in fight !.

    4. 9arma


      so ask the adminstrators who delete the first post from ARbi in predator profile

      the story is arbi and his arabian (monaf9 friends) want to make fight betxeen 2 CSBD SERVERS (newlife and oldschool)

      so they come and insult us undirectly insult with post in profile and made a fight 

      so if you want to give warn give it to all not for 1 member

      and for the insulting mother ,when someone come to your profile and want to made a fight with you +disrespect you with 15 reply+ say to you you are a dog search for UPGRADES ....

      here with your angry you can insult him bcs the man ARBI is not angel he is the cause of this problem.


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