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Manager CS 1.6

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943 Silver II

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    Support / Forum / TS3 / F.A.Q / ES And EN <------
  • Dată naștere 02/20/1996


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    Married With ZmOldSchool
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  1. Thank you for your time invested in our zmoldschool family. I hope you go very well in everything you propose you are a very tidy and efficient person I wish you the best of all luck
  2. You were recommended by some of our senior managers I expect many good things from you ACCEPTED
  3. OyaYansa

    im back

    Welcome to zmoldschool
  4. Rejected You are not loyal NEXT NEXT !!!
  5. Accepted to contact in private with your password tag and nick NEXT NEXT Old Player
  6. Do activity and show that you want to help us and maybe we can think about returning your old rank REJECTED We are looking for serious people not children NEXT NEXT -----> We are looking for people would be reputed in the forum for elder grade ranges
  7. Improve your activity and return in 6 days
  9. ¤ Date: 27/08/2019¤ Nick Admin: Gr.Maxidonas, Dark0Master, ¤ Old Grade: GOD¤ Sanction: REMOVE¤ New Grade: --¤ Reason: Admin on other servers
  10. Rule as of today 08/24/2019 All administrators who stay AFK on the server must use the following bind Use Auto-Attack When You Dont Play For Afk bind "/" ";+attack ;+forward ;+left" - This will start autoattack bind "." ";-attack ;-forward ;-left" - this will stop autoattack You will wonder why we require our administrators to use this Due to the new updates of the gametracker rules a server with so many afk players will be banned for considering these players as fake Administrators of the following ranks will have a power to kick administrators who are AFK without using the bind ELDER PRINCE CO-OWNER OWNER FOUNDER only these administrators have permission to kick other administrators who are afk so in this way we will prevent gametraker from continuing to ban us THIS RULE APPLIES TO NORMAL PLAYERS ALSO Before kicking a person you must make sure that you are actually 100% afk I hope all the administrators collaborate in this it is time to make some changes and start making a 100% active server where afk players are very few, not like other servers that half of the players are afk Today at zmoldschool we will work to make this possible so as not to depend more on administrators 100% afk @Roselina ✾ @myCro @AgentKnockout
  11. Well you must remember that the server has critical hours which are very few where sometimes there is not even 1 online administrator But in 1 to 2 hours I will publish a topic where we will solve this problem and also solve the problem of the prohibition of our server in the gametraker list I will also hold a meeting where all the administrators must be present but I have to look for an adjustable time so that we can be comfortable at all to be there
  12. REJECTED You are not a loyal player NEXT NEXT NEXT!!!

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