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BMW e63 <3

Manager CS 1.6

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1692 Gold III

Despre BMW e63 <3

  • Titlu
    HighLifeZM - Never Die
  • Dată naștere 02/03/1994


  • Steam
  • Sex
  • Oraș
    London - Croydon Power


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  1. Men i am Pansher u are on in ts3

  2. Bro Clear U Box 

  3. Your chat box is full man 

  4. Poti verifica cine mi a editat topicul de la echipa highlifezm cel cu Staff?? Uite te si tu cum l a editat...

    1. Ares


      Am discutat ieri cu Prankk pe tema asta.

      In link regăsești informatia dorita.

  5. See you soon bro 🤝

  6. Boys...

    @Spawn @ CSBD @Wanted :x @DeaGLe^  can we make everyone stay at night and morning?? include you 3 guys, please???

  7. If another person will send me message you are manager somewhere else i will ban you my self on server /forum etc. You get me?
  8. You can't say what you said up there. you been manager on California. So when u come back from your military service go there. T/C
  9. join ts3, am there. 

  10. Send me pm with walkingdead FTP!! details both! Managers and main ftp

  11. Men i am Tsunami u are on in ts

  12. Mi ai oprit highlife ul??  I am dat backup si tot nu se wprinde

  13. @Spawn @ CSBD @DeaGLe^ @Wanted :x @FALLEN' remove all the managers. I will fix the server today or tomorrow latest!!! But look after people to help us in night!

    @RiZ3R! prepare the next 4 days boost every morning!!! 

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  încă %s
    2. [Paul]


      i was owner of a server 5 years ago(NewWorld) and for 3 years server run good no stop no bug nothing Ask Mr.Love if  you dont truse me 🙂 And i was manager cs1.6 in @ IRON Gueto server For 2 years Server run smooth....

      Since i wanted to quit i stop it...

      Jayden and Me was the new manager cs.16 here 

      i know jayden for years and he knows me we both will never do any silly things like delete files Etc..

      I don't know what happen server but np remove my manager 

      But Jayden and me are not Kids we are good respected by many here and trusted too 

      Sorry i had to say this Since BMW said Kids 😞 


    3. IRON.


      lets reopen newworld again

    4. BMW e63 <3

      BMW e63 <3

      guys go on server now !! no one removed go !!!

  14. One more request and u take break from posting on here.
  15. Do u still have backup for walkingdead? 

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