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  1. Chery is on fire in the Chilean market. Have you got your business strategy right or is it a matter of immediate availability? Is there an added value of the brand or is it simply a question of prices? The truth is that today it is within the Top 10 in the ranking of brands, is a leader in the SUV segment and has two models positioned among the best sellers in Chile. Beyond all the analyzes that we can do, Chery today has a mixed range, made up of the correct models that cover the most attractive market segments, together with a new generation of models that, in one way or another, have strongly impacted with highly desired attributes. It is the Pro range. With the arrival of the Tiggo 7 Pro in mid-2020, Chery began the incorporation of the Pro models into its portfolio, as part of a strategy to offer products with a new generation design and equipment, in parallel to already known models. and positioned in our market. To this, the Tiggo 2 Pro was added in July of this year, and the Tiggo 8 Pro is already confirmed for the next few months, to which the new Tiggo 3 Pro could be added in 2021, thus consolidating a much more complete range. The Pro strategy Like cell phones, the Pro (or Plus, as it is known in China) strategy consists of presenting the evolution of an existing model, highlighting its new attributes, especially a change in design, greater technology and security, and sometimes a mechanical improvement. Technically, it is like presenting a "facelift", but with two very particular edges: Most of the models that make up this family of products come with some predefined items to make them more coherent, including a more modern design language and some commonalities in equipment. The strategy, in the vast majority of cases, seeks not to replace the original model, in order to maintain a low-cost alternative (which is already positioned) and a more modern variant, which could perfectly replace it, but which offers improved features for those who require more technology. Many times we have seen this in other brands but with the surname "Grand". Or in the case of MG, for example, with a letter change (from ZS to ZX). In the case of the Chery Pro models, the vast majority are evolutions of a certain model, and therefore share the same platform and main structure. It is a rather clever way to diversify a family of products, making general costs more efficient and extending the useful life of some platforms. Chery has at a global level two Pro models derived from existing models (Tiggo 2 and Tiggo 8), a complete facelift that complies with the premises of the Pro range, without being called Pro (Tiggo 3) and a new generation model that is markets globally under the surname Pro (Tiggo 7). But what does the Pro badge mean on Chery models? In general, Pro offers an "upgrade" in some of the characteristics of its base models, among which we can highlight five: The Pro models have a built-in cat's hand in their design to differentiate them. Outwardly they exhibit a new brand language, which could be interpreted as a mid-life facelift. In the case of the Tiggo 2 Pro and Tiggo 7 Pro, the hexagonal grill with a diamond pattern is repeated, the thinner upper lamps and a section under the upper lamps that can carry the main lights, fog lights or simulate an air intake. When you see the two side by side, there is a coherent familiar air. Inside, the contrasts are higher between both models, especially in appreciation of quality, and it is noticeable that there is a change in terms of the multimedia system and the higher center console. This item is more complete in these models than in its other versions, as it incorporates new standard elements. stand out the LED lights, the eco-leather upholstery, a larger screen for the multimedia system, digital instrument panel or refrigerated console. The norm, in any case, that the entry versions of the Pro model are quite equivalent in equipment than the top of the line of the original model. Powertrain: Although in our country these models share the same engines, it is likely that the Pro versions will also begin to differentiate themselves in this section. An example of this is the 1-liter turbo three-cylinder engine that will start to power the Tiggo 2 Pro in a few more weeks. Chery today has a long list of turbocharged powertrains and the Pro models will get the best of them. Security: The idea is that the Pro models also exhibit an improved level of security. The turbo version of the Tiggo 2 Pro already achieves four airbags, while the Tiggo 7 Pro offers quite competent equipment in its two versions. The Tiggo 8 Pro should be the brand's first model to debut driving assistance. Price: As expected, the Pro models also come with a price increase versus their simpler siblings. Apparently with the Tiggo 2 Pro, which coexists with the Tiggo 2, this will also affect the Tiggo 8 Pro with the Tiggo 8 and the future Tiggo 3 Pro. Upgrades always pay more for. In summary, we can see that effectively the name Pro entails certain improvements with respect to the most basic models, the most noticeable being the design section rather than the equipment. In the case of the Tiggo 2 Pro, it is easier to do the equivalences than in the Tiggo 7 Pro, considering that the Tiggo 7 has already been discontinued. If you want to know these models in depth, you can enter our catalog to know the new Chery Tiggo 2 Pro and Chery Tiggo 7 Pro.
  2. The River coach spoke after the defeat against Newell's, answered if he knows what he will do in January and launched a wish about the local championship. River thrashed Newell's 4-1 in the city of Rosario, Marcelo Gallardo spoke after the match corresponding to date 11 of the Professional League and was asked whether he already knows what will happen to his future after December. "I am not in a position to be able to answer what I am going to do from here to the end of the year because I still have not resolved it," said Gallardo, River's coach, in dialogue with TNT. "I will enjoy this time with my head busy as before, trying to put together puzzles and trying to form the best possible team to see if once and for all we can win this League," said Gallardo, who so far in his successful cycle in River could not conquer any local tournament. Faced with a new question about his future beyond this year, Gallardo explained again: “If I start to think about what is going to be from here at the end of the year… I try not to do it because it avoids a great mental exhaustion and I it takes a lot of energy ”. "I prefer to spend my energy on the things that concern me today, which is to train a team that always demands and find ways and laps for it to win and play in the best possible way," he added. Gallardo's analysis after Rivera's victory against Newell's for the Professional League "We took advantage of the fact that Newell's lowered the rhythm a bit in the second period, after a first in which he played very quickly. That is why we understood that he could not sustain that throughout the game," said Gallardo after the 4-1 of River before Leprosy. "Thus, with the errors that we corrected and with the changes that we made to refresh the team, the team improved in the second half and we were able to win a game that had been very difficult," said the River coach. The Doll also highlighted the task of Julián Alvarez, author of two goals and two assists, when he described that "he had a very good night. He is a young man who always caught our attention and that due to his age (21 years), he also it has ups and downs. " "Despite the fact that we started winning, it became very complicated for us, more when they were able to draw and began to play better, but then we improved we achieved a fair success," Gallardo closed. Gallardo's joke about Scocco's goal against River At the end of the night, when asked about the eighth goal that the ex-millionaire scored for the club in his career, Gallardo laughed at it: "He paid absolutely nothing, nothing that could make us a goal. Nacho's goal was going to be there, unfortunately we couldn't help it, thank goodness it was a goal that did not give Newell's victory and that we were able to recover ".
  3. Artist:Rauw Alejandro Real Name:Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz Birth Date /Place:January 10, 1993, San Juan, Puerto Rico Age:28 Social status (Single / Married): Single Artist Picture: Musical Genres:Reggaeton, hip hop, dancehall, Latin trap and pop Awards: Top 3 Songs (Names):"2/Catorce"/ Tiroteo/Todo de ti Other Information: He began his career in 2014 with the song "Inevitable" and continued in the following years releasing songs such as "That you have", "Days like this", "Do not make me wait" and "I.D.G.F." in 2015 and «Pa 'serio», «Como siempre», «Mala mía», «Back To Sleep» and «Misiones» in 2016. He released his first mixtape entitled Punto De Equilibrio in 2016, which featured the collaborations of Myke Towers, Álvaro Díaz, Joyce Santana and Rafa Pabön. He released songs in 2017 such as "The opportunity", "The fair", "Now it says", "Take it", "Red light", "Ta 'wet", "We are bad", "It is late" and "All" together Alex Rose, which featured a 2018 remix with Cazzu, Lenny Tavárez and Lyanno. This remix has more than 100 million views on Spotify and more than 1 billion on YouTube.
  4. The mission aims to orbit the Earth for three days, about 575 kilometers away and at a speed of 28,160 km. per hour The first space mission composed entirely of civilians, without professional astronauts and in charge of the private company SpaceX, took off this Wednesday successfully from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral (Florida) to orbit the Earth for three days. The historic launch of the so-called Inspiration4 mission occurred at 20:02 on Wednesday (00:02 GMT on Thursday, September 16), as scheduled, aboard a Dragon capsule, powered by a Falcon 9 rocket from Elon Musk's company. Amid shouts and applause from the control center, all stages of the mission launch were accomplished, thanks to favorable weather conditions. This time the crew members are not professional astronauts but billionaire Jared Isaacman, aeronautical engineer Chris Sembroski, medical assistant Hayley Arceneaux, who is a cancer survivor, and scientist, pilot and educator Sian Proctor, who were trained for six months to this scientific mission. The reusable part of the Falcon 9 rocket landed a few minutes after liftoff on SpaceX's "Just Read the Instructions" platform in the Atlantic Ocean. The four civilians, who received instructions on maneuvers in zero gravity, among other matters, will cross the Earth at a speed of about 28,160 kilometers per hour and will circle this planet every 90 minutes. They will reach a height of about 575 kilometers from Earth, about 160 kilometers more than the International Space Station (ISS), "farther than any other human spaceflight since the Hubble missions," according to SpaceX. It is also a distance greater than that of the suborbital trips that millionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson made this year aboard the ships of their respective private space companies. During the pre-launch broadcast, Arceneaux, who was diagnosed at age 10 with bone cancer and at 29 is the youngest American to go into space, was proud of the Inspiration4 mission, which also seeks to raise funds for the hospital. St. Jude, in Memphis, Tennessee, where she was treated as a child. Arceneaux, also the first person with a prosthesis to travel into space (that she replaced part of her femur), said today that she is proud to represent those "who are not physically perfect." The mission, the fourth manned for SpaceX, has a goal of raising $ 200 million for the children's hospital. On her side, Proctor, the other woman in the crew, was happy to be the "first black female pilot" to go into space. Both the capsule and the rocket had already been used in other missions, as part of a strategy by the SpaceX company that has lowered the costs of space exploration. The orbital trip, commanded by Isaacman, founder and CEO of Shift4 Payments, will last three days and will end with the fall of the Dragon capsule into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida with the help of a parachute.
  5. The head of the organ, Elisa Loncon, appreciated that the lawyer of the conventional disclosed the details of his illnesses. "It is important that you assume the voice of him, it is not up to us," she said. The president of the Constitutional Convention, Elisa Loncon, acknowledged this Thursday that the case involving the constituent Rodrigo Rojas Vade, who admitted that he did not have cancer and whose lawyer revealed yesterday that he actually had syphilis and other pathologies, significantly affected the trust towards the organ that she directs. In an interview with Radio Duna, the authority stated that "I think it is important for his lawyer to act as a spokesperson, it is not up to us. Nor is it up to us to judge illnesses and I think it is the best in terms of him having a spokesperson who gives to know the situation of how he is ". "What corresponds to us as a Convention is to make our disposition very clear so that the case is investigated and the courts finally resolve the case," he added, along with highlighting the fact that the true diseases of the conventional were made known. "Truth frees and that is a great lesson," he said. In this context, after being consulted about the impact of this case on the prestige of the Convention, Loncon indicated that "of course it did, it affected the image of the Convention, Rojas Vade was also elected by po[CENSORED]r vote and that affects the confidence that it is had in the organ ". " We regret the situation, however, we are in Chile completely also crossed by problems of values. We are in the extreme individualist Chile and that is the Chile that we want to change. I believe that citizens have to see it from that dimension," he added . In her opinion, "the Convention reflects the Chile in which we are and this is not to defend anyone, but simply to deliver that context in which we find ourselves and why we are mobilizing to change it." However, she stressed that "we have the conviction that we must do serious work and minimize these problems that affect the Convention and work towards that collective goal of writing the new Constitution." Finally, on whether he has maintained any type of contact with Rojas Vade in recent days, he replied that "I have not spoken with him since the information was announced that Saturday when we were doing territorial work, where we proposed to make decentralized accounts in the territories".
  6. The animal world also has its rituals when a loved one dies, proof of this is the recently published research on the pain that primate mothers feel when their newborns die. According to information shared by Business Insider, scientists studying these cases noted that mothers carry the deceased for days as a way of signaling that they are in pain and mourning. Previously, videos and photos of these animals carrying the bodies of their children had been reported, this puzzled the researchers and they began to conduct studies on this fact. In an experiment conducted by BBC Earth in 2017, a group of Semnopithecus could be seen approaching a robot that pretended to be a dead baby semnopithecus. The group of primates slowly approached the body and together they cried and hugged. Do primates grieve? Scientists studying how chimps and gorillas cope with the death of a newborn believe that the terrible sight of them carrying their dead babies for days is a sign that they are in pain. In a recent study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, more than 400 published cases of a primate mother reacting to the death of her baby were compared. From these situations, 40 apes picked up the bodies of their children and carried them on top. This behavior extends, according to the report, to more primates, including great apes like gorillas and chimpanzees and some monkeys like macaques and baboons. This suggested that it is a behavior passed down over millions of years. Elisa Fernández Fueyo, author of the study from University College London, told Insider that “Behavior probably evolved in almost all primates after they diverged from lorises, lemurs, etc. It was probably there in early humans. " "But since apes and monkeys evolved separately from humans, the way they cry probably diverged," she added. Three reasons that would define the duel In the study, Fueyo pointed out that there are three important factors that influence whether or not the mother will pick up the baby after her death. In the first place, the mother's age influences since if they are younger, they will be more likely to carry the dead baby. The second reason was how newborns died, if they died traumatic such as a predator attack or an accident, mothers would not react in such a way. However, if they died of disease or stillbirth, it was possible for them to be picked up. And thirdly, there was the age of the young, the younger they died, the longer they were carried. Based on these points, the scientists formulated a hypothesis that primates can learn about death "in a similar way to humans," according to the study's co-author and professor of evolutionary anthropology at University College London, Alecia Carter. it's a statement. Last conclusions Ultimately, the conclusions were that, the older the ape was, the easier it was for her to accept that if her son did not move it was because he was dead and could no longer do anything about it. "It may take experience to understand that death results in a lasting 'termination of duty,' which is one of the concepts of death that humans have," Carter said in the statement. On the other hand, it is more likely to accept the death of the baby if its body was destroyed in an accident or by the attack of a predator. Another hypothesis is that if the traumatic event drove the mother away, this may prevent her from supporting her child. Even if she had the desire to. Fueyo shared that for mothers, the younger their baby is, the stronger the bond they create. "It may be impossible for them to break the bond right away, causing the mother to wear it for longer," the expert told Insider.
  7. At this point, it is no longer news that the automotive industry is advancing at a redoubled pace towards electrification, however, Volvo is one of those that aims to achieve this transformation in a very short time. In November 2016 the XC90 T8 Plug-in landed in Chile, and since then the brand has moved towards electrification with plug-in hybrid versions of the S60, S90, XC60 and XC40. The brand indicates that 20% of Volvo's sales in Chile are of electrified models, a figure slightly lower than the average of 30% that the brand scores in Latin America. And in order to advance on this path of electrification, which will end in 2030 when Volvo becomes a fully electric brand, it is now announcing the landing of its first 100% electric model in Latin America: the XC40 Recharge Twin. This first electric model and the fifth electrified of the brand in Chile will arrive with a price of $ 59,990,000, with deliveries beginning at the end of September. The Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric uses a lithium-ion battery that is mounted on the floor of the vehicle, right between the two axles. This battery drives two electric motors, one on each axle, thus adding the AWD label. Power - 408 HP Torque - 659 Nm Traction - AWD Battery capacity - 78 kWh Range - 418 km 0 - 100 km / h - 4.9 seconds Towing capacity - 1,500 kg One Pedal driving mode to optimize energy regeneration The brand indicates that with an 11 kW wallbox, the Volvo XC40 Recharge takes about seven hours to fully recharge the battery, while in a fast-charge electric station, it takes about 40 minutes to go from 0 to 80% of its capacity. Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric: exterior and interior The changes in the aesthetic section are minor compared to the gasoline XC40. The most notable is the grille, or rather, the absence of a grille, since instead there is an application in plastic in the same color as the bodywork. Add to that a discreet “Recharge” legend on the C-post and a small emblem on the tailgate. Inside, there are even fewer differences from a gasoline or plug-in hybrid XC40. We find the same very Scandinavian minimalist concept, dominated by a central touch screen in vertical format. The first difference is that the power button disappears, since now it is enough to press the brake pedal and move the lever to position D, and the XC40 Recharge is now ready for movement. The second is in the infotainment system, which completely adopts Google's Android environment. So now you have: 9 "touch screen Virtual assistant "Ok Google" 4G data plan (remote updates will be available in the future) Google maps Google Playstore (you can download apps like Spotify directly to the car system) In addition to Google's infotainment system, the Volvo XC40 Recharge will offer the following equipment in Chile: Harman Kardon 600w sound system Wireless phone charging system Sunroof 12.3 "digital instrument cluster Heated and electric front seats Keyless system with power button Regarding safety, the entire XC40 range offers the following: City Safety, with detection of cyclists, pedestrians and large animals, and with autonomous braking Pilot Assist Lane Keeping Assistant Forward Collision Mitigation Support Stability and traction control Seven airbags (includes driver's knee) Descent control Departure assistant on slopes Front seat whiplash protection Anchor for car seats Front and rear sensors with camera This first electric Volvo exemplary reaches practically a segment where there is still no competition. In fact, the only electric SUV for sale is the MG ZS EV, which costs exactly half.
  8. With the five players who played the Qualifiers already available, plus the return of some injured, Gallardo defines the team to play in Rosario. At this time, there is only one doubt, that the scheme could also vary. River visits Newell's this Wednesday, starting at 9 pm, with the goal of obtaining a victory that will allow it to continue in the top positions in the Professional League. Facing the duel in Rosario, Marcelo Gallardo recovers several soldiers and will be able to put together a team much closer to his ideal. After two dates where he had to search for it in the eleven assembly before the absences due to Elimination and injuries, the coach will once again have the five players who returned from their respective teams, in addition to Matías Suarez (he would go to the substitute bench) and Fabrizio Angileri, who have already received medical discharge. In this way, River will see a substantial change in relation to the last formation that it presented against Independiente, since the DT plans to return their place in the eleven to Franco Armani, Paulo Díaz, Héctor David Martínez, Julián Álvarez and Angileri himself, with the possibility that Robert Rojas will also do it. Precisely between this last name and Jorge Carrascal, Gallardo's only doubt resides in the formation against Newell's. If the Paraguayan defender played, River would present three centrals; On the other hand, if the Colombian starts, which seems more likely, he would keep the line of four. The probable formation of River vs. Newell's, for the Professional League Franco Armani; Alex Vigo, Paulo Díaz, David Martínez, Fabrizio Angileri; Jorge Carrascal, Enzo Pérez, Bruno Zuculini, Nicolás De La Cruz; Julián Álvarez and Brian Romero. In the event that Robert Rojas plays, the one who will come out will be Carrascal and the 4-4-2 will become a 5-3-2. What are River's next matches Wed 9/15, at 9:00 p.m.: Newell's vs. River for the Professional League (V) Sun 9/19, at 8.15pm: River vs. Arsenal for the Professional League (L) Sat 9/25, at 8.15pm: Central Córdoba vs. River for the Professional League (V) The probable formation of Newell's vs. River, for the Professional League Alan Aguerre; Gabriel Compagnucci, Cristian Lema, Facundo Mansilla, Mariano Bíttolo; Pablo Pérez, Julián Fernández; Nicolás Castro, Ramiro Sordo, Maxi Comba; Nacho Scocco.
  9. Artist:Sech Real Name:Carlos Isaías Morales Williams Birth Date /Place:December 3, 1993, Río Abajo, Panama Age:27 Social status (Single / Married): Single Artist Picture: Musical Genres:Reggaeton; Latin R&B Awards:Youth Awards/Latin Grammy Awards/Lo Nuestro Awards Top 3 Songs (Names):Sal y perrea/Otro trago/PSL Other Information: Of Afro-Panamanian descent, he has commented that he is of humble origin and began working when he was a minor and "sold everything that was legal to make money." His parents are pastors, and he has said that his family is very attached to Christianity. He began doing live performances with his brother in a duo they called Los Principiantes, with which they released some demos, but said group disbanded and in the following years, Sech dedicated himself to production and adopted the name of DJ Sech as a name. producer. At the age of 19, with the help of his friend Rafita, they started a producer duo called Combo De Oro, with which they produced some songs for singers known as Dubosky, but this duo also ended up dissolving and Sech chose to be a soloist as a singer. .
  10. After the months of confinement and pandemic, the next September 18 will be a very special celebration for many families that perhaps for months have not been able to reunite. In this context, pets, who are also a fundamental part of the family nucleus, may be tempted when it comes to perceiving all the aromas that emerge from roasts and other typical foods. However, that for them it is appetizing is not synonymous with healthy. In addition, many pets are often given "a portion" of some food to try, which could result in indigestion or more serious problems in dogs and cats. Empanadas, for example, are often a nuisance for some people with gastritis or another stomach ailment. In the case of animals, they tend to be more sensitive to these foods, and some can even be toxic. Viviana Valenzuela, director of the Commission for Responsible Ownership of Pets of the Veterinary Medical College (Colmevet) said through a statement that "our call is for families not only to take the safeguards indicated by the health authority to have safe national holidays and prevent infections by Covid-19, but also consider the health of your pets. That is why we provide basic advice to have 18 insurance for each and every member of the household ”. 6 foods that pets should not eat According to what was explained by the Las Condes veterinary clinic in a statement through its website, there are around six foods that pets should not consume on national holidays. 1. Empanadas: This inevitable classic in our eighteenth-century diet for our pet can bring them a big problem. "The onion is considered toxic for dogs and cats. It is attributed a substance called Thiosulfate, which can trigger a hemolytic anemia, which destroys their red blood cells ”. 2. Chicken or chop bones: “Not only are they not recommended because they splinter, but also because they micro-fragment, which can cause damage to the stomach walls, especially in small breeds. The great complication they cause is that they produce intestinal obstructions ”. 3. Meat: Although cats and dogs can consume it, it must be prepared in a special way. “First, that it does not have fat. People often give their pet the fattiest pieces, which is a calorie bomb for our friend. Another point is that it has to be well cooked, because raw meat can bring salmonella and cause vomiting, diarrhea and serious dehydration ”. 4. Bread: “Although it seems harmless, bread can cause long-term damage to our pet. The bread can also cause irritation of the colon and also probable constipation ”. 5. Chorizos (longaniza): "It is advisable to avoid them, since the digestive system of our pets is not prepared to digest the excess fat and dressings they contain." 6. Alcohol: It seems obvious that alcohol is the enemy of our pets, but even so, clinical cases arrive at veterinary centers of animals that have ingested alcohol. "It produces, among other things, significant kidney damage, respiratory and heart problems, and gastroenteritis, as well as changes in the behavior of the pet."
  11. The small 500 is relaunched in three versions loaded with style. There is still life to the current generation of the FIAT 500 on this side of the world, considering that the new FIAT 500 already exists in Europe, of course it is a 100% electric model. By 2022, the little "cinquecento" will be offered in Chile with three new versions, Cult, Sport and Dolcevita. FIAT 500 2022: dimensions Length: 3,546 mm Width: 1,627 mm Height: 1,488 mm Wheelbase: 2,300 mm Trunk: 185 L FIAT 500 2022: styling 500 Cult: characterized by a more cheerful color palette, including red or orange. It also offers front foggers, 15 "wheels and body-colored mirrors. Inside are dark blue upholstered seats with a pattern designed with the FIAT monogram and a two-color ambience in black with body-color accents, as a nod. retro. 500 Dolcevita: logically, an absolute tribute to the Italian lifestyle of the fifties. It offers chrome details on the exterior, a panoramic glass roof, 15 "wheels and Dolcevita badges on the body. Beware, there is also a Cabrio version to enjoy the sun. Inside, there is a two-color set and mixed upholstery seats. 500 Sport: Sportier in style, it offers blacked-out 15 "wheels, Sport badges and" 500 "logos in red, plus seats in fabric and leather upholstery, all black with gray accents inside, of course. It also adds gray mirrors, panoramic glass roof and sports spoiler. FIAT 500 2022: equipment The base model is the Cult, which offers: Headlights with LED DRL light Foggers Multifunction leather steering wheel (audio, speed limiter), adjustable in height Air conditioning "One touch" front power windows Central locking with remote opening Power and heated exterior mirrors 12v plug "My Car Fiat" and "Follow Me Home" system 3.5 "multifunction display with on-board computer Uconnect 5 "multimedia system Bluetooth and USB port with fast charging Six speakers Dolcevita and Sport models add or modify: Photosensitive interior mirror Light and rain sensor 7 "digital instrument cluster Uconnect 7 "multimedia system Adds support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Light in the trunk Air conditioner Power steering with Sport function Adjustable driver's seat height FIAT 500 2022: safety All models offer: Seven airbags Front disc brakes Rear disc brakes (Dolcevita and Sport only) ABS system with EBD Stability control Hill start assistant Two rear head restraints, with three-point belts ISOFIX anchors Immobilizer Recoil sensors Tire pressure monitor FIAT 500 2022: powertrain Depending on the version, there are also differences: The Cult model is powered by a 1.2 four-cylinder engine, with 68 HP and 102 Nm, exclusively associated with a five-speed manual gearbox. Approved 13.1 km / l in the city and 21.4 km / l on the highway. The Sport model takes a 1.4 engine with 94 Hp and 127 Nm, also associated with a five-speed manual gearbox. It performs 11.6 km / l in the city and 17.4 km / l on the highway. The Dolcevita model is the same as the Sport model, only that it replaces the manual gearbox with a robotic automatic transmission. Consumption is similar.
  12. On September 14, 1997, the maximum idol did not spare Goycochea from the penalty spot and shouted the last conquest of his history as a player. His post-match statements and his great gesture with the referee. Diego Armando Maradona contemplated for a moment the tiring path of the ball towards the left corner of Newell's goal and, before it hit the net, he shot out to the boxes to dedicate the 1-0 to Claudia and her daughters Dalma and Gianinna of Boca. Without knowing it, that sunny Sunday of September 14, 1997, a packed Bombonera celebrated the last goal of his career as a professional. The fans had begun to vibrate a minute earlier, when Martín Palermo, dressed as a left-handed side, sent a cross into the area and defender Daniel Fagiani, in his eagerness to intercept the pass destined for the sole of Fiorito's, deployed his right arm and he made a mistake. While the stands roared, the referee Rubén Pascualino took refuge in the indication of the line judge Páez, the same one to whom the historical idol had thrown water in a classic with Independiente when he was DT of Racing, and sanctioned the maximum penalty. Maradona quickly grabbed the ball, tucked it under his arm and walked to the penalty spot. Between the posts, with the leper diver, Sergio Goycochea was waiting for him, his friend and side with the Argentina shirt at the 1990 World Cup in Italy. When we were training in the National Team it was impossible to take a penalty against him, ”said No. 10 blue and gold hours later at a press conference. "But a lot of things are at stake in a game like this," he continued. Today the one who held out the most won and I held out longer than him ”. He took four running steps, opened the boot and placed it flush against Goyco's right post, who chose the opposite side: "I thought he was going to cross it, that he was going to put a blunder down there, but unfortunately he deceived me well" . With the partial victory, Maradona was replaced by Diego Latorre after the quarter hour of the complement. He left the court with his pants pulled up, limping with his left leg and making gestures of pain. Before crossing the lime line and sitting on the bench, he took off the tape and handed it to Alfredo Berti, who then passed it on to Claudio Caniggia. He also shook hands with referee Pascualino, with whom he would have a huge gesture at the end of the match. “The truth is that I was not going to direct that game because the day before, Saturday September 13, my grandmother had passed away. I don't know how Diego found out and he came to the locker room to give me his signed shirt. That really was Maradona, "said the experienced whistle in an interview last year with Unanimo Deportes. Now without the idol on the field, Boca suffered the goal of the Uruguayan Josemir Lujambio five minutes later and, in that same play, the injury of Roberto Abbondanzieri, who had to be replaced by Cristian Muñoz, the team's third goalkeeper. Beyond the hard blow that the tie meant, Xeneize managed to set the story straight thanks to the conquest of Guillermo Barros Schelotto, who was making his debut that afternoon in La Ribera. At 37, Maradona ended up celebrating from the outside the victory 2-1 against Newell's, the victim of the last goal cry in his history as a professional player. Seven dates later, he decided to hang up his boots after winning the Superclásico against River at the Estadio Monumental.
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