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    Girl´s want true love :,c
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  1. Wn como chucha le dieron rango a ese xDDD

  2. Noo man a lo que a llegado el foro lo logro el hdpta lo logro!!! Jajsjs 

  3. Maybe me Will tomorrow is more posibilty me have xD , soo me anuciat for my will back? 🤔

  4. xD F a este cabrp caido djasjd

  5. hey!! how are u all?

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    2. [Ty]M@g0k1l3r

      [Ty][email protected]

      maybe.. for now dont but, soon me will maybe back 😄 me too miss all :c

    3. A1ke. -x

      A1ke. -x

      my kid BACK

    4. Isaac Crack

      Isaac Crack

      yo bien, vuelve pana

  6.  Hey people, how are you? I can finally confirm after so much searching [:v] I got a job in my reality, I want to say that now if I won't even have time to see social networks, nothing apart from the fact that I have different shifts in that job (day, afternoon and night). be weird every week that they meet me at a certain time I just wanted to come and say that good luck for this forum and for the people I love I hope to return soon ❤️

  7. Today I again step aside in this community and in the world of CS, today I officially give up my retirement, moments come when I have to worry about other things and partly I do not have what it takes or the environment to be able to have My things (pc, phone) turned on all day, I want to say thank you very much to all those people who helped me to improve here as well as in the projects and to make me more productive I enjoyed it a lot and at the same time it was after an exhausting time For the same reason, time will no longer be given, I will arrive at my house exhausted and I will not have time for literally anything, I just hope to return and if I do, this community and my people are here, thank you very much.


    #Goodbye by [email protected]

    1. -TITAN


      We need Journalists activity alot this is not a good time to leave, anyway all the best.

    2. Polito
  8. An employee of Tesla, a company owned by Elon Musk, developed this vehicle in full confinement due to the current context. The design of its upper part resembles that of the company's first electric pick-up. Tesla's well-known and controversial pick-up, CyberTruck, has been a source of inspiration for toys, replicas and even different vehicles. One of them is the unicycle known as Cyberwheel, which was developed by an employee of the auto company belonging to Elon Musk. Specifically, The Cyberwheel was based on an existing electric unicycle, the Gotway Monster V1. In full confinement, the
  9. The Venezuelan technical director of the University of Chile seeks to promote the young values of the blue team thinking about the next season. The arrival of Rafael Dudamel leveled the field at the University of Chile. The coach arrived with the aim of giving identity to a team that has misplaced the formula to be a protagonist in local football and, therefore, his first weeks in the blue team have been highly evaluated. In this sense, the Venezuelan technical director has sought to motivate those who had not been enjoying minutes on the field and has paid special attention to the youn
  10. President Sebastián Piñera signed a bill on Sunday that seeks to modify the Penal Code and make the tools for the fight against organized crime more efficient. "We are at a turning point that forces us to act now with decision and urgency," stressed the President outside the Palacio de La Moneda. Piñera assured that criminal gangs in the country have caused "the loss of many lives, are terrorizing entire neighborhoods, have enslaved many young people, destroyed families and caused immense damage to our society," underlining that the current legislation to address this matter dates of 1874 and
  11. These are vehicles that are used for some tests and that, according to the international press, would be the last step before final production. The Rimac C_Two is one of the most radical electric automotive promises of recent years and since its presentation at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2018, it has only generated expectations thanks to its more than 1,900 horsepower that it will reach according to the manufacturer. Although the wait has been long, in recent weeks the company began with the production of its pre-series units at its Veliko Trgovišce plant in Croatia, according
  12. Yashir Islame Pinto (29) describes her career as a 'slut' and she likes that. The Colo Colo-trained forward did a test in Germany and also passed through Hungary, Canada, Malaysia and Indonesia, where he defends PS Barito Putera. All those challenges taught him much more than just being a soccer player and that fills him with pride. "I am super happy with this new challenge, the people are very kind here. I had only come to Indonesia for vacation and the truth is that I love it. I usually communicate in English, but in Malaysia I learned a little of their language and I also use it from time
  13. SANTIAGO.- A new ministerial adjustment will have to face the Government in early 2021, this facing January 11, the date on which the deadline for those who want to apply for the Constitutional Convention to leave their positions and be registered as candidates for said elections expires. . The issue generates attention in Chile Vamos, a block that will carry a single list of candidates in this election. In fact, last Thursday the parties asked President Sebastián Piñera himself to encourage the departure of authorities to compete as constituents. According to those who participated in th
  14. Good night, as I told you a few days ago that changed today more ahead of schedule, the good thing is that I already announced everything, clarify everything before this end of another way to say it to my retirement, as I said I will try to do activity in the forum , in ts3 I will not be able to be so active much less now that I will most likely start working and the. Another week in the. Real life like. Any normal person alone. I want to say thank you for trusting me to you. Follow me and continue with this and with the people who want to thank you.💪❤️

  15. Merry Christmas to all people, I hope you have a nice time today with the people who always love the most and give my congratulations to all those people who have helped me and consider me their friend I will always love them ❤️

    1. -Dark


      calla feo 

    2. Isaac Crack

      Isaac Crack

      chupame la pija otaku de mierda 



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