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137 Iron II

Despre Nev'

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  • Dată naștere 05/26/1993


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    Hot Girls , Online games , Football & Music
  • Oraș
    Tunis / Tunisia

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  1. you did not has enough activitys . but i'll give you a chance , Pro for helper , everyone deserve a chance to improve
  2. ¤ Nick: Nev'¤ Real name: mohamed¤ Birthday (Date): 04/8/2000
  3. Nev'

    Requesting absent

    ¤ Nick: Nev' ¤ Grad: Co-owner ¤ Date: From 13/07/2019 to 22/07/2019 ¤ Reason: am sorry for saying this. i'll be absent for 10/15 days cuz am going in vacation as u know guys its summer time see you soon
  4. Nev'

    Movie Quizz - One!

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 115 seconds  
  5. Nev'

    [Introduce] SaM

    bun venit sam
  6. Nev'


    vacanta placuta nu vă faceți griji cu privire la server
  7. wtf

    what happend for you

    dont told me that you're leaving us 😢

    1. Mockys


      I am happy hahahaha 

    2. BaBy DriV3R xD
    3. The GodFather

      The GodFather

      now who will give me warning pfff comeback soon dexter !

  8. missed you my queen , just a joke. welcome bro
  9. every one deserve a chance ! Pro from me. P.D : edit your request & respect our request's model .
  10. Nev'

    Prezentare Calin

    bine ai venit, te bucuri că stai aici
  11. Nev'

    Family Quiz One

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 66/100 My Time 176 seconds  
  12. i has another idea : we can create pictures with : "Rejected" and "Accepted" words like old csbd's servers (2014-2016) #Peace!
  13. Nev'

    VOTE !!! ZNS

    as u know the old team here @Lunix I @The GodFather
  14. i has the same problem before 3 days ago. Just retry from ts3 server then type "!buy level" if it doesnt works contact admins they can help you to got it by cp

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