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    Hot Girls , Online games , Football & Music
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  1. I feel so bad for the people who grew up not listening to nicki
  2. → Image type: Avatar → Dimensions: 150 x 250 → Text / Watermark: Reus → Last request link: → Image(s):
  3. ¤ Nick: Reus ¤ Mention your friends: @The GodFather @R E V O- @G R 4 V E N 提 @Mr.Devil @-Dark @King_of_lion @Qween @myCro @Aysha @Shyloo
  4. i agree with .. , daily activity is important
  5. Welcome to the strafe topic. Here's a few things that may help you in strafing ! : 1. The parachute strafe. This one is pretty simple but if you cant gain speed its because of your fps or you're lacking your strafes , you cant gain speed above 500 velocity if you have less than 150 fps , if you're a 300+ FPS user , you should try to strafe wide and fast , 2 strafes on each side (Left and Right) i usually gain up to 700 units without a boost on 100aa and 255aa servers if there's no FPS limit . Credits to the youtuber below for making the fast strafing tutorial : 2. The SGS (Stand up ground strafe) speed gain. SGS is an version of the bhop but you can reach an insane velocity with it if you do it without any lacks and if you have a good FPS ! There is 2 ways i use for boosting before i hit the duck when i get on the ground from parachute strafing . - Parachute boost : This one is pretty simple and pretty easy if you know how to get your timing in the moment , once you re close to the ground with your parachute stop flying and hit your mouse duck and continue the SGS , it also helps if youre an ZP or a ZE player ! - Wide SGS = Wide sgs is the fastest and hardest way to gain speed on your SGS , which takes a lot of practice , you have to strafe fast and try to not lack strafes , dont do it in the same time , follow this guy's steps below ! : - @BS Angela
  6. the best cover ever ❤️ 


  7. as far as i know he is a hard working person plus he were a good admin P.S : the activity link that you added belong to HighLifeZm server.
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 104 seconds  
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