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  1. *Type:Avatar*Dimensions:200*200Text: Rapt0r^*Theme (Image(s) obligatory):*Last request link: Other informations:try your best :) GL <3
  2. tere se baat kar ne hai coc ke baare mai

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  4. dude u deserve it :)

  5. ø Method of contact (Y!m / Skype):abas18121(skype) ø Item(s) on sale: ø Price of the product(s):20$ ø Product photo(s):see in link! ø Payment method:need 20$ steam card ø Other specifications:payday2 =58.08$ killing floor =19.99$
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    Thanks I like your work
  7. jani abb tere administrator k wait ha ;)

  8. join our new club


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    Name applicant:Abbas complained Name:Commando reason for complaint:abuse Time / date:Just now Proof (OBLIGATORY):<00:31:32> "CoMMaND0^": fk u <00:31:37> "#REII™ - #The Shield": ok <00:31:37> "CoMMaND0^": wait wanted <00:31:42> "CoMMaND0^": noob <00:31:45> "CoMMaND0^": and kid
  10. Hello Devils, we can play other games to build our community like 8 ball pool and clash of clans i had already make a clan . everyone can join it.. #Thanks
  11. Type:Avatar *Dimensions:200/200 Text:Clash Of Clans Club and watermark CSBD Community Theme (Obligatory stock): Last request:2 months ago *Other information:need good effects
  12. Problem Solved Thanks @Mr.Love
  13. not working that thing is coming again :(