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  1. Name: StreetZM.CsBlackDevil.Com [Zombie Plague 6.2] Game: Counter Strike 1.6 Address: Port: 27015 Status: Alive Current Players: 24 / 32 Average (past month): 15 Price:40 euro with addon (PayPal) Many of my Managers retreat , and add others without my knowledge.I decided to withdraw from cs 1.6, StreetZM had good times when we managed to reach 32/32 a few good hours a day, but because of some who did bad after getting a hand to start their career the server started to decrease daily, which made me considerably disappointed. Many send me messages to give them access to make "wonders" but only promises, so I decided to take a break ...I'm sorry I could not keep the promise that, under my leadership, the server will re-become what it was...also I have some personal problems
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    nice @Mr.Love 🙂

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    2. Stendhal
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    4. -Dope


      Nu vreau sa va stric entuziasmul, dar v-ati gandit cate conturi sunt fake? sau cate coturi au fost facute si niciodata folosite?

  3. Version 1.0.0


    Is a countdown very interesting for zombie mode made by the famous TalRasha scripter.The countdown it's like from cso A video:
  4. ¤ Nick: Kompact ¤ Real name: Andrei / Andrew ; Adrian ¤ Birthday (Date): 05.04.1999 / 07.04.2003 Adrian is my brother,He and me use this account because when I don't have time,He will answer at pm-s etc
  5. Las acest_topic aici, it's more better bcz it's more safety
  6. Don t worry,I will pay boosts and I will make 32/32 myself.I gave you a finger (Founder free) but You wanted a hand (Forum Moderator+FTP)...;)
  7. But,I think You can add some friends to play with they...I can't be on server,but on forum I m daily...I want to see StreetZM 32/32 again
  8. Bine ai venit! Imediat îți dau follow (mai faci o persoana :)) )
  9. go ts3

  10. Here we can talk about anything off topic about our server ✓™©®•√
  11. Hello Accepted as Elder GO PM with nick pass and tag to @Akrapovic;
  12. T/C Rejected Yesterday You maked the request and today want Up? Who will give admin without my permission will be removed G/L

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