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  1. Name: ril slav Date&time: 30.07.2020. 12:00 Screenshoot: something you can dream of
  2. Nick-Or-RealName: ril slav Age: 18 Suggestions: Buff zombies Reason Why Add-Or-Remove It: So, last days, i was talking with @Lucky-chan and few other admins. We concluded that zombies have to be buffed, since humans easily outstands zombies. Here, i wont talk about major updates like god mode, golden ak-47 or things like that, just little updates to increase zombie experience. me personally, like to play zombie more than human. but most of times, as i usually get last alive zombie (swarm, plague etc.) i get pushed against the wall by 10 humans and cant do anything. Seriously, isnt the plague survivor a bit OP? he can literally kill a zombie solo by knife with 2000 hp remaining. Usually, in 50% plagues there are 2 afk nemesis' so plagues looks like this just... imagine being a zombie, with another 2 zombies (probably both afk), having to deal with 10 humans, and 3 humans with 7000 hp. Aside that, when you are zombie, facing human, you are 5000 hp knife fighter, and human is shooter that can buy infinity armor for cheap prices. Also, if we look at human shop, you can buy grenades for small price, and absolutely destroy zombies with them. But as a zombie, if you want to have special powers from shop, madness-17 ammo packs, bomb, 26. Anyways, i wont be talking about shop changes right now. My opinion about features that should be changed are: 1. remove red screen when zombie gets hit by explosion, or just reduce its effect (i know that it looks cool, but dude its a flashbang, especially when you get shot by 5 explosions in 2 seconds) 2. increase ctrl+space jump rate. its pretty good thing, and zombies already have that feature, but only like once in 20 seconds, i think it should occur more often 3. reduce human hp in modes -just look at armagedon... most unfair mode. there are usually more survivors than nemesis' and when you are survivor, you have low chances of dying (with jetpack 0%) and you will usually earn 200 ammo packs. and well, when you are poor nemesis, you have to hit survivor 50 times to kill him :v even if you want to kill afks, you get bored by hiting him whole damn round xd. I think around 8500 hp would be enough for them to make armagedon fair mode. Also, in nightmares, snipers have (i think) same hp as survivor so when you are assassin, you can do literally nothing, as snipers can kill you within seconds (increasing assassins hp may as well be a good update) 4. rework frozen. After double jump update, he is just weaker version of hunter. i have no idea what rework should look like, but any change would be good. Be creative 5. visible zombie damage - you know blue numbers that you see when you shoot zombies? well, zombies could also have same thing (red if possible) just to have idea how much damage we dealt, did we hit head, backstab or body, so we can easier plan future moves The main point of those updates is to make game less depend on luck. When you have no luck to be human, at least have a good experience being a zombie Thank you for your attention. I'm happy to see your votes, and hope that at least one suggestion will be accepted!
  3. ¤ Your name: ril slav ¤ Claimed Admin name: HaMzA ¤ Date and time: 21:00 ¤ Reason of complaint: gag random player for no reason (actually i dont care about other players, but he gaged me afterwards so that forced me to make report) ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): 4 messages are spam???????????? idk what is wrong with few admins but they are gaging players for literally nothing just to feel important
  4. Shadow Knight


    Actually wtf is that :v so, im ril slav and i have absolutly no idea of who is this guy that made this account and request just close/delete this topic or suspend fake account. Thanks also thank you @Lucky-chanfor letting me know, good job
  6. ¤ Your name: ril slav ¤ Claimed Admin name: eXeCuToR ¤ Date and time: 16.6.2020. around 20:00 ¤ Reason of complaint: racistic topic 1. Nobody asked for your opinion of who you hate, and literally noone gives a damn about it 2. maybe me, and other players also have opinions for some nations, but we are keeping it for ourselves, this is not a place to talk about that 3. it wouldnt be awkward if some low graded admin or player talked about this, but you are ELDER, think about your responsibility 4. this isnt first time i saw you talking about serbs, few times you just randomly hit the chat with "i hate serbians" 5. as seen in screenshot below, did i said kosovo is serbia once??? so you wanted to judge me ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
  7. Shadow Knight

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    ¤ Nickname: ril slav ¤ Grade: tag ¤ New Tag: bhop artist ¤ Link of Hours Played GT link: slav/
  8. @Lucky-chan Well i thought admin only requires a password
  9. Nick-Or-RealName: ril slav Age: 18 Suggestions: SUGGESTING SOME OF ADMINS TO READ THIS TUTORIAL DOWN [Download Links]: Reason Why Add-Or-Remove It: dude spamming for 10 minutes and couldnt be gaged
  10. Shadow Knight

    [Accepted]tag req

    ¤ Nickname: ril slav ¤ Grade: player ¤ New Tag: retired admin ¤ Link of Hours Played GT link: slav/