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  1. Shadow Knight

    [Accepted]req admin

    Ayo man you put wrong activity link But ill give you pro anyways P.s. for other admins, if you search for his activity search nick rlex, as MaKaR is not the nick he played on, i guess he just wants to change the nick Edit: he put the right link in reply :d
  2. Well it doesnt have to depend on last 2 rounds, we can make exception for this one, thats the point of suggestion. And also, if someone waited 2 rounds to buy mod, he will for sure have time to buy it, as i mentioned up here, admin who start round should wait 10 seconds to count down so all purchases can be done Edit: and yeah ofc, if someone buys mod, that will cancel the swarm/plague, thats basically how this should work xd
  3. ¤ Nickname : ril slav ¤ Description : at first, lets take a moment and congrat @Dochinfor killing zombie with knife as an afk ¤ Screenshot : ¤ Description : guess we safe ¤ Screenshot : ¤ Description : i dont know who is this but he definitely broke his wrist ¤ Screenshot :
  4. Nickname: ril slav Your suggestion: improvements for last round Other information: simply my idea is to allow admins to use zp_swarm or zp_plague for last round, as many players will have 200+ ammo which they wont be able to spend. Currently last round is usually normal infection, which is very boring in my opinion, we just throw infection bombs like idiots and thats it. So, if admins can make last round plague or swarm that would be nice way for both humans and zombies to spend all the ammo and have powerful round. note: the admin who start round should not start it instantly, he sh
  5. Contra Literally no activity
  6. Contra Low activity, didnt even acomplish 30 hours
  7. dont seem like a guy that know much about adminship but i think u will make activity at least, deserves a chance, pro
  8. I thought server already have this map, but as it doesnt, for sure should be in the server, we need sometimes big maps like this one
  9. this is, no joke, the best challenge we ever had and results will shook you it was so tight whole map, and at the end we managed to have same kills, only deaths make difference :))))) we had so much fun doing this challenge, gg dude @YOUSEFD
  10. ¤ Nickname : YOUSEFD ¤ Challenger Name : ril slav (he challenged me, im just posting ¤ No. Of Maps (1/3/5) : 1 ¤ Reward : loser tag ¤ Other Informations : ¤ Proof :
  11. ¤ Your name: ril slav ¤ Claimed Admin name: DoD ¤ Date and time: 10:30 ¤ Reason of complaint: in his survivor mod, i was literally only zombie that was attacking, then he slapped me 3 times when i was literally hiting his lm, then i started recording demo, and in it you can see that he froze me in front of him, and just shot me to death, i was attacking the whole time. ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):



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