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  1. September Admins with the best activity this week (13.09-19.09) are: COSTAvo with 5618minutes. SOLDIER with 4680 minutes.
  2. The winners of #8 Competition (06.09-19.09) are: *DeZzY Th3 MoNsT3R* with 1573 kills and 102 deaths. ABC with 995 kills and 90 deaths. Cosa Nostra with 647 kills and 89 deaths. <<PRO>>XD with 775 kills and 140 deaths.
  3. ¤ Admin: MagicieN ¤ Sanction: Downgrade ¤ Old Grade: Semi-elder ¤ New Grade: Helper ¤ Reason: Failed test
  4. ril slav

    [Rejected] Request Elder

    I wanted to give you a chance according to your story, but since you was accepted on newlife, i guess you cant be admin here now. If you decide to leave their server and come here contact me. Until then, rejected.
  5. Use report model, and most importantly give us PROOFS without them no action can be taken
  6. ril slav

    write /get

    nah contra, i think we dont need that
  7. ril slav

    [Accepted] request admin

    Accepted Send me message with password and tag that you want
  8. ¤ Admin: COSTAvo, Pr0GreSiVe, *DeZzY Th3 MoNsT3R* ¤ Old Grade: Elder, Administrator, Helper ¤ New Grade: Pre-manager, Semi-elder, Moderator ¤ Reason: Good boys
  9. ¤ Admin: TouTou, HumaN, harel ¤ Sanction: Remove ¤ Old Grade: Semi-elder, Moderator, Moderator ¤ New Grade: Ex-staff, Player, Player ¤ Reason: No activity, Very low activity, Failed test
  10. September Admins with the best activity this week (06.09-12.09) are: -_-Moltres-_- with 4057 minutes. *DeZzY Th3 MoNsT3R* with 1349 minutes.
  11. ¤ Admin: Yeezuz ¤ Sanction: Remove ¤ Old Grade: Helper ¤ New Grade: Player ¤ Reason: Failed test 100th time by using lm in sniper mod
  12. ril slav


    Hm you got the point. But as you mentioned, that weapons may not be capable with our server. And another, maybe the biggest problem... WE HAVE NO DEVELOPER ATM so no idea who will make these changes, every of them just lost interest in cs 1.6 modifications
  13. Accepted as semi-elder on 1 week test Send me password and tag in pm
  14. ril slav


    Vips are already having golden weapons, but if we decide to step forward and make changes in zp 6.2 (i dont think its possible) we can add that golden ak to players menu
  15. ¤ Admin: DANGER, [email protected], TugaCarlos ¤ Sanction: Move ¤ Old Grade: Founder, Founder, Co-owner ¤ New Grade: Legends ¤ Reason: Long time of inactivity Thanks for the time you have spent here, we hope to see you all back on your grades soon
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