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ril slav a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Septembrie 14 2021

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    Banned by Amaranth for Advertise [150 euro for unban]
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  1. Accepted Tell Omar to send me password and tag that he wants on discord or forum message.
  2. ¤ Admin: KaReeM [x7] ¤ Grade: Administrator ¤ Sanction: x1 warn ¤ Reason: Changing map without any reason without asking anyone
  3. Admins with the best activity this week (20.09-26.09) are: Cosmine1 with 2483 minutes. Venom with 1481 minutes. (Extended to 7 days due to same reward on other competition)
  4. The winners of #9 Competition (29.11-13.12) are: Francola14 with 928 kills and 69 deaths. KaReeM [x7] with 883 kills and 243 deaths. "abed alrhman" with 694 kills and 95 deaths. Venom with 693 kills and 215 deaths. Sorry for being late tho, you all will have vips 1 day after it should expire regularly.
  5. ril slav

    GTA San Andreas (Normal)

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 74 seconds  
  6. On date 19.12.2021. at 20h (RO time) we will be having one-map competition on HighLifeZM with big prizes! -Competition map will be zm_foda -Competition winner will be the one with most frags. -Every CSBD member and Staff is invited to this event. -If you want to claim your prize: Contact Summon or Me Via forum(Private message) ,TeamSpeak Or Create a ticket in our discord server. Rules: 1. Every VIP will be removed on that map to make game fair 2. Admins that use any zp_ command will be directly disqualified 3. Only players and admins with lower grades than Owners can participate. 4. If any player caught cheating will be punished immediately (report them [email protected]). REWARDS: 1st place: 1 month Gold VIP in server 2nd place: 20 days Gold VIP in server 3rd place: 10 days Gold VIP in server All participants: 3 days Silver VIP (Choose days whenever you want) Depending on the analysis of this event, the next event PRIZES value may increase (Real money). I will see you guys on December 19th. Good luck! Hosted By Summon and ril slav.
  7. December Admins with the best activity this week (29.11-05.12) are: -noone had above 1000 minutes this week, but the closest one and rewarded is: Cs__MAFIA-__- with 857 minutes.
  8. Boyz is owner, so he is allowed to punish other admins And Mafia slayed him because he probably didnt know that he is owner, so he wont get punishment for that, but he slayed him because he planted lm on afks, which is allowed on this server. Mafia have his last chance to read rules, every next mistake will lead to harder punishments. Solved. T/c
  9. ¤ Admin: Cs__MAFIA-__- ¤ Grade: Semi-elder ¤ Sanction: 1 warn ¤ Reason: Used command on other admin ()
  10. Hello everyone. I'm announcing that competitions are LIVE! Starting from Monday (Nov, 28th) both competitions will be live, so you can win free VIP by either becoming one of players in /top 4, or one of 2 most active admins First TOP4 competition will end on December 13th, and activity competition will end on December 5th. Good luck to all!
  11. ril slav

    [Rejected] Admin+

    1. respect the model 2. i think that you know that you need to tell password privately to manager 3. if you ever had pre-manager, you would be ex-staff and we would know it, and since we doesnt see you in ex-staff, i doubt that you ever had pre manager 4. you arent capable of being pre-manager Rejected.
  12. hahahaahaha dude he didnt play a single minute in server, so you must be a blessed guy if u are seeing good activity, anyways pro from me
  13. ril slav

    [Accepted] request Tag

    Accepted Send me password you want via message. T/C
  14. ril slav


    We dont need to change nemesis' health Its purpose is actually not to die, unless there is human team enough strong to take him down. Nemesis is mod that is not easy to play, it has high stun by human's guns, so his health is there to let him stay alive while breaching through lasermines, and sustain humans damage while they are shooting him to escape, its harder to kill humans as nemesis, thats why you have health that engages your time to kill them. The assassin is mod that should have less hp, since he is more powerful, and thats the way things are now, we need no change in that. If we reduced his hp to like 100k, it would make no difference, if we cut it down more, then nemesis wouldnt even have a point, since assassin will absolutely take his place. And about that, when you said "Mods" if you meant survivor, sniper, nemesis and assassin, you are quite right, maybe only thing that we could do is actually increase assassins hp by 5k so it could be 30k, thats the thing we did last time, since 25k was nearly, but not enough. And if you were aiming at armageddon, snipers vs assassins and nightmare, you are far away from right, since right now as plugin is on its default, 12500hp humans in mods couldnt be balanced in no way, so we will bring it down as soon as possible.
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