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  1. ¤ Admin: TaCoS ¤ Grade: Moderator ¤ Sanction: 1 warn ¤ Reason: Used command on other admin
  2. ril slav

    Admin skin

    Contra Since history of csbd, admin had the same model, only in different colors, so i wouldnt like to touch that :P Only thing that i would like to see happen is including white admin model to something, like managers, or vip or legends, that model just looks too good
  3. ril slav

    Add /Donate all

    Well it can be helpful if it could be made, but im pretty sure it couldnt be done are you dumb? Usually, when player are dead they mind to leave so they want to donate, and they cant see their ammo Also, ive seen too many times a player writing for excample "donate ril all" and expect it to work, so if it could work, it wouldnt be useless for sure But i think its easier to make a display that would show you ur ammo while ur dead
  4. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  5. i mean.... its already limited, but hack is hack
  6. pro for fps limiting to 200 if its possible contra for banning them nick changing is also kind of hack so its regulated under hacking category
  7. ril slav

    [Accepted] Admin Request

    Pro I expect you to be good admin
  8. nice age xdd Pro from me anyways
  9. Rejected permanently as said previously.
  10. ril slav

    [Solved] Abod

    LISTEN HERE TALHA, IM TRYING TO IGNORE YOU, BUT YOU ARE CARRYING THIS WAY TOO FAR YOU ARE NOTHING, STOP ACTING LIKE ANYBODY CARES FOR YOU HERE, WHAT THE FCK DOES YOU KNOW? WHAT YOU SEE? WHO IS LYING? AND WHO ARE YOU TO CARE OR NOT WHATEVER I BANNED HIM BY MISTAKE OR NOT, WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR NOT CARING? NOTHING, SINCE YOU ARE NOONE. You werent there when accident happened, what the hell you know? Please dont talk to me ever again, you are not included in this report, you are not the reported one, you are not the one who is reporting, you didnt see anything connected to situation, so please keep far distance from me. Message to forum moderators: i know you are now about to hide this and give me warn points for caps lock, but respect my anger once and let me yell like a man.
  11. ril slav

    [Solved] Abod

    1. Who the hell said i destroyed anyone? 2. Who the hell asked you anything? Are you manager? No you arent, gtfo, i have full rights to warn you for posting under reports that is not about you, so next time get ready for that 3. I banned agent by mistake, i wanted to ban */** (188 hacker) but i accidently copied agent's playerid and banned him, and as u can see i unbanned him instantly so i dont know why you all want to make problems over nothing, watch your damn business, or else i will start watching yours more than u would want to.
  12. ¤ Admin: Ibrah / Samaka ¤ Grade: Moderator / Pre-Manager ¤ Sanction: 1 warn ¤ Reason: Using command on each other (same sanction because Ibrah used command first without reason)
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