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  1. Tbh, this is the right thing to do.

  2. Weeen ya sheikh el h6fz .-.

  3. lel, you still alive?! Why all of the other guys disappeared suddenly ?!

    1. -Happy boy

      -Happy boy

      come ts3 

  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 101 seconds  
  5. Your NickName: @- K h α L e D 亗 Tag Your Friends: so much to be mentioned. =>Who will win the trophy? (ex : MC or Chelsea) MC => How many goals they will be in the match? (ex : 1 goal / 2 goals) 3 goals => Who will be the man of the match? Mahrez =>Did you share this topic on your profile?: - Have you ever been VIP On forum: unfortunately, No.
  6. ➢ Your nickname : @- K h α L e D 亗 ➢ Tag your friends : - ➢ Did you Share link in your profile : Nope ➢ ➢ How many goals will score Real Madrid : 1 ➢ Who will win[ Villarreal- RMA ]: Villarreal!
  7. "Israel" isn't interfering with us? Are you serious?.... Let's not talk about the bloody history of "Israel" and how it was created by stealing lands and killing people because most of us knows it... I will mention only the present actions in my post. Trying to obligate people in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to leave their homes using all of their power and with no mercy in order to replace them with "Israeli" settlers isn't interfering ?! What's next? if we said "let them take that neighborhood, we want peace" , will they stop? I am asking you, if someone came to steal your home by force and he was supported by all the world and he succeeded in taking half of your home, and after a while he started to take the rest of it with a global support from someone who have power (such as America and other world governments), will you stay calm and say "I want to live in peace" or "Let him take it, no problem" ???? Won't you fight till the end????????!!!! if he started to kill your kids and raping your wife / mother , will you watch him and smile for peace?!!! Where's the logic? The 2nd point is about religion, I don't know if you believe in god or even what is your religion or you're religious or no, but the thing I know is me, and most of Palestinians (Christians or Muslims) have feelings towards the holy places , If you don't know , Palestine have the most holy places in this Earth for both muslims (Al-Aqsa mosque) and christians (Church of nativity and more... + Jesus was born in these places in Palestine) , so when the thing called "Israel" start to provoke people's feelings by making mess in these places and burning them and preventing people from entering these places and many other racist actions , Isn't that called interfering? Isn't that deserves a revolution ? Personally, if someone made a mess in the mosque in my region (where i live) even if he done it by mistake , I get angry and that hurt my feelings, what about the most holy place in the Earth????? And the final point is about the humanity!! I won't explain so much in this point, search yourself about the pictures of "Israel" crimes against the humanity against the innocents (kids and women and non-fighter men) in Gaza or even in the occupied territories. Then you're calling the person who defend himself as a terrorist or as the reason of the conflict?? Personally, I live in Gaza, Last night, we saw the death in our eyes! Imagine with me , more than 160 aircrafts with huge amount of tanks and ships bombing a small specific area for 40 minutes nonstop and all the creatures in this region are innocents! KIDS , WOMEN , ANIMALS , MEN and even DEAD humans were bombed! they've bombed the cemetery! I am personally can't be sure if I will survive to complete my post, in any moment the bombs may be above your head! then you're talking about peace?! Look at this beautiful sunrise..!! Oh wait this isn't sunrise, it's 1:00 AM after midnight!! This is what happened in the last night yesterday! and here is the result Then you're talking about peace?!?!?!?! I won't show you pictures for innocent people who died because this is gaming community and these pictures are horrible , you can search for it! At the end, I don't know you , but I am trying to reveal the truth, so don't take it personally and sorry for my violent language, but the thing in my heart is MORE! with the full respect to you, I have 1 advice for you, Read history and collect good information about the present before judging! I also believe in peace, but after taking my rights, we can talk about PEACE! Regards.
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 121 seconds  
  9. Haven't you seen all of this space?  🤦‍♀️

    لا يتوفر وصف للصورة.

    1. S9OUL.
    2. Blackfire


      He's still a beginner, but mahrez damn 🔰🔥🔥🤣

  10. إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون, لله ما أخذ و لله ما أعطى , ربنا يرحمها و يصبركم على فراقها

  11. Where did you disappear idiot? why don't you join discord? 😕😞 

    Miss you ❤️ 

    1. [N]audy


      unbanned for noob :v 

  12. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 97 seconds  
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