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  1. Eid mubarak my homies

    And I am back ?

  2. *Type: signature*Dimensions: you know Text: Blaster Supreme Que La famille *Theme (Image(s) obligatory):*Last request link: Other informations: no
  3. ¤ Nickname: BlasTerJaxX- ¤ Age: 20 ¤ Experinces as admin: 4 years ¤ Your Country: tunisia ¤ You can boost sometimes server?: i will try
  4. this is model not his intredouce i think he forget to lock the topic that's all ?
  5. ¤ Your Nickname (same as in forum): BlasTerJaxX-¤ Your Address Skype, facebook: i dont have¤ Age: 20¤ Languages That You Can Speak: english/arabic/french¤ Your Location: tunisia¤ Experience As Admin: 6 years¤ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (24:00 To 12:00 PM): yes sure¤ Reason That You Want To Be Admin: i was old founder here !
  6. ¤ Your name: MRA9 ¤ Name of admin: AntiZero... ¤ Date and time: 15min ago ¤ Reason of complaint: Ask for ammo ¤ Proof (screenshot or demo): sory my screenshot doesn't work Ps: i report you like you told me you gag players with out warn when they ask for ammo you use amx_psay with some players for ammo you are elder and you are not deserve it i'm sory for this but this is reality please read rules to much times and if you don't understand me you can contact me via pm anyway good luck
  7. Model : ¤ Nickname: BlasTerJaxX- ¤ Age: 20 ¤ Your Country (Location): tunisia ¤ Languages that you speak: arabic/frensh/english ¤ How much you can be active?13 hours daily ¤ Can you be active in ts3? : yes sure ¤ Other information: i was old owner in street zm when he was #1 rank
  8. BlasTerJaxX-

    I'm Back !

    ¤ Name[/nickname]: Hamza / BlasTerJaxX- ¤ Age: 19 ¤ Country: tunsia ¤ Occupation: Highschool ¤ A short description about you: Funny Persone,friendly, persone who love to eat and sleep ¤ How did you found out Csblackdevil Community: from friends ¤ Favorite games: only cs 1.6 ¤ Favorite server [community only]: StreetZm ¤ A picture of you:-
  9. dexter bellah ija pm hna

  10. Nickname: BlasTerJaxX- Age: 19 Can you be online between these hours?: (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM): Sure Reason that you want to be admin with us: i just wanna help server and i'am old member in oldschool Staff Other information about you(previous experience): i'm old owner in streetzm when he was #1 rank
  11. Back!

    1. Spawn @ CSBD

      Spawn @ CSBD

      Welcome back ? 

    2. Nasty 語

      Nasty 語

      Welcome back dude

    3. HETLER


      Welome back

  12. *Type: avatar*Dimensions:you know Texts: BlasterJaxX*Theme / Image(s):*Last request link: Other Informations:good luck



CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world.

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