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    Co-Leader Overwatch // Moderator TS3 // ZmOldSchool
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  1. its cool, but the snow,the tree etc would cause fps drops,lag etc. also its nothing special as its just a remake of ice attack 3.
  2. well, in my opinion I don't think founders should be in the only one with FTP, as people who have worked up to owner and are loyal and trusted by founders then they deserve it. but in this case if ftp is at its maximum capacity, also seeing we have a lot of managers it will be nearly impossible to give every manager ftp. so in this case I think if this is what works (giving only founders ftp) it should be added.
  3. Nickname: jayden Age: 17 Can you be online between these hours?: (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM): yes. Reason that you want to be admin with us: to help the server, and players. Other information about you(previous experience): experience as admin since 2015.
  4. jayden ™ ×

    (rejected} admin request

    rejected you are the biggest spammer in history (kid) !! t/c
  5. why did you put a link from highlife? rejected t/c
  6. hmm, you don't have enough activity but i'd say pro you deserve a chance as helper.
  7. no activity not enough for upgrade. admins leave a reply! let me know ur opinions!
  8. jayden ™ ×

    [REJECTED] request admin

    where is the password? where is the activity? managers don't close I wanna hear opinions of admins.
  9. 0 activity, where is the password? rejected! t/c

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