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  1. We miss you 😞 

    woody harrelson crying GIF

    1. jay™


      I miss you to

      and the rest of my family in thunderzm 💔 

  2. It feels like only yesterday you was asking me how to become a moderator


    love you bro and congrats ❤️ 

  3. image.png.129df71110a47b0833b2780525a38bc5.png

    1. jay™


      I'm a  Undercover Moderator 😮 

    2. [Paul]


      hey hybrid 😛 

    3. jay™
  4. Tired Wake Up GIF by good-morning

    Congrats gey ❤️ 

    1. #LiNeX


      Ty gey 😢 

  5. As I said Earlier It was a bit hard to understand you... but now thanks to this Reply I do About this its really up to @Mr.Love if he wants GTA servers to be in this this community and if he does you have to find someone or yourself to help create this server, Reason being I said Contra earlier is because I was not aware about this in GTA (As I don't know much ABOUT the game) but I thought you was saying just like normal servers for being to join, I apologise for this. good luck
  6. winner is me: https://imgur.com/a/PGDGT1O
  7. Hello hope your doing good today , I can't really understand but I'm going to do my best: if your suggesting we involve GTA in this community there would be a problem you can create your own server but it has to be an "invite only" there for the owner of the server has to Add ALOT of people on his epic games, PS4
  8. oo Congrats ❤️❤️ 

    1. robila


      ty jaydenito❤



    L+S ❤️ 


    we are really the best =))


    1. Blackfire


      Congrats guys. This is the true meaning of working together .

  11. Model: > Nickname: jayden > Favorite designer: @REVAN > Are you satisfied with the team activity? some requests only get 3-4 reply's when others get 7-8 so 7/10