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  1. slm cv .....wa3llach sirvur ma7bch yamchi ?

  2. sibo laza b3athom ba3d

  3. laza ... xavi chra snaiper 9atloh ana gad gad dkhalt

    bdit nad7ak ...gali 3lach ma slapitch gotlo gadgad dkhalt kho,, gali dok ndirlak rimov.....hadi hia laza ...ro7 sa9sihom doka tchof 


  4. Welcome Back Ugly :D :white-heart-facebook-emoticon:


    1. Mr.Sparkles
    2. Ga[M]eR @Csblackdevil

      Ga[M]eR @Csblackdevil

      welcome back and merry crimes

  5. Laz[A]rus

    Design Request

    Hi ! bro that is not problem but ! maybe i can help u ! for will GFX ! 1- First must Make a Gallerie ! HERE Note : Must Respect Rules ! Put any picture u make it for( Gifts or Battles , Competitions , Requests ) 2- Must Make a lot of Tutorials For Help Other's ! (How to make effects ) 3- Must Have Abode Photoshop CS6 4 - Be Active in Ts3 ! and forum ! Good Luck
  6. hhh ay ana kho hassan ta3rafni