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  1. Team Name: Club Sportfi sfaxien Nick Name: CSS Founded: 28 may 1928 Owner: moncef sallemi Ground: Team Photo: Current Head coach: Nabil kouki Top 3 Players: Firas chawat , aymen harzi , aymen dahmen League: tunisia Trophy: Tunisian Championship (8) Winner: 1969, 1971, 1978, 1981, 1983, 1995, 2005, 2013 Vice-champion: 1950, 1966, 2014, 2020 Tunisian Cup (6) Winner: 1971, 1995, 2004, 2009, 2019, 2021 Finalist: 1977, 1984, 1997, 2000, 2010, 2012, 2014 Hédi Chaker Cup (2) Winner: 1963, 1966 Finalist: 1965 Tunisian League Cup (1) Winner: 2003 Finalist: 2000 Tunisian Supercup Finalist : 1995, 2019, 2021 UAFA Cup (2) Winner: 2000, 2004 Runner-up: 2005 North African Cup Winners' Cup (1) Winner: 2009 UNAF Super Cup Runner-up: 2010 Maghreb Cup of Champions Clubs Finalist: 1970, 1972 Confederation Cup (3) Winner: 2007, 2008, 2013 Finalist: 2010 CAF Cup (1) Winner: 1998 CAF Champions League Finalist: 2006 African Super Cup Finalist: 2007, 2008 , 2014 Abha Tournament (1) Winner: 1999 Friendship Tournament (1) Winner: 2011 Arab Spring Tournament (1) Winner: 2012 International Tournament National Salalah (1) Winner: 2018 Bani Yas International Tournament Finalist: 2011 Tabouk International Tournament Finalist: 2017 Other Information: top 3 team on tunisia
  2. Player Name: houssem dagdoug Nick Name: Dagga Birth Date /Place: 23 jully 1998 Age:24 years Social status (Single / Married): single Player Photo: Current team club sportif sfaxien Awards: - Other Information: Houssem Dagdoug (born 23 July 1998) is a Tunisian footballer who currently plays as a Defender for CS Sfaxien.[1]
  3. Coach Name: nabil kouki Birth Date /Place: 9 mars 1970 beja tunis Age: 52 years Social status (Single / Married): married Coach Photo: Current team: club sportif sfaxien Awards: Nabil Kouki, after training in Béja, began his professional football career in 1990 with Olympique de Béja, where he played for five seasons before moving to Club Africain (1995-2000). After his career as a player, he became assistant coach and then first coach since 2011 with the Sfaxien Sports Club, the Tunisian Stadium and the African Club. Dismissed from his position as coach of the latter in March 2013, he coached various clubs including Al Hilal Omdurman with whom he finished semi-finalist in the CAF Champions League. For family reasons, he chose in October 2015 to return to Tunisia, where he regained his position as coach of the African Club1. In January 2018, he was appointed head of Stade Tunisien2.3. Other Information:-
  4. i told you there is 2 players his names start with ado (addons by mr love ) i try to kick him bcs the serveur full but when i type in console amx_kick ado bado kicked i think managers will understand me and i'm waiting you for this
  5. well,thank you for your report i'm never kick or slay or do anything without reason . and about your proof mr 9arma it's not clear i don't see any disrespect about kick i type in console amx_kick ado (bot) but there is 2 players his names start with ado so it's small mistake and you can see this proofs managers
  6. ★ Nickname(must be the same on forum and server): 4LFA ★ Skype/Steam: - ★ Age: 21 years old ★ Your Country: Tunisia ★ Admin experience: 6 years ★ You can donate?: maybe ★ Can you spectate in night [Yes/No]: sure ★ Why you want to be admin in ZMOLSCHOOL: back to my old family ★ Other information: No thank you
  7. ¤ Nickname: 4LFA ¤ Grade: Player ¤ New Tag: [ TNT GANG] ¤ Link of Hours Played GT link Click Here:
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  9. The wait is over! After being pushed back for almost a year and a half, the newest installment in the James Bond saga, Dying Can Wait, hits theaters this week. And for this last opus with Daniel Craig in 007, the small dishes were put in the big ones. The legendary Aston Martin DB5 returns to the forefront in a James Bond and just that, it's already a joy. But it's not just about figuration. Oh no, the beautiful British engine has quite a scene going for it and should make your head spin. Only here, to achieve this result, the film crews did not skimp on the means. Because yes, for this simple chase scene, part of the shooting stopped in Italy, for more than 7 weeks. And if you thought that only one DB5 was needed for this kind of movie, think again. Here, 5 copies of this little wonder were used, each with a different role according to the needs of the said scene. This is the 25th James Bond film in which at least one Aston Martin appears. The two names have now become inseparable and to tell the truth, it suits them so well. And on the occasion of the release of this new opus, the two F1 drivers of the Aston Martin team were able to compete against the DB5. Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll quickly noticed that the British beauty was not as easy to handle as you might think. Fortunately, they're not the ones hiding behind the stunts in the next movie.
  10. Taking place throughout the month of October, the Species Unite Vegan Challenge sees people ditch the animal products in favor of plant-based foods for 30 days. The Challenge hopes to encourage people to try out a vegan diet themselves to see how tasty and exciting it can be, all while helping to save animals and reduce environmental impact. And what’s more, Species Unite will be there to help every step of the way with daily emails packed full of delicious recipes, top tips, and tons of inspiration. Still not convinced? Here’s five reasons why you should try going vegan this October: 1. You’ll Be Saving Animals Every year in the US, more than 10 billion land animals are slaughtered for food, but by simply leaving animals off your plate, you’ll be taking a powerful stand against the exploitation of animals. As an individual, that’ll mean you will be saving nearly 200 animals every year. 2. You’ll Help The Environment Did you know that farming animals for food plays a huge role in land and water degradation, deforestation, and biodiversity loss, and is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the world’s transportation systems combined? The devastating effect that animal agriculture is having on our planet is leading wildlife experts and climate change campaigners - from Greta Thunberg to David Attenborough - to urge us all to reconsider our habits and diets to help prevent climate catastrophe. In fact, a global shift towards a vegan diet is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change, according to the United Nations, and research from the University of Oxford shows that going vegan is the “single biggest way” to reduce your impact on the planet. 3. You Can Help Improve Your Own Health As well as being kinder to animals and the planet, eating vegan can also have numerous benefits for your health. The science is clear that following a plant-based diet is associated with a lower risk of illnesses including heart disease, cancer, and other serious diseases. Rich in nutrients and significantly lower in saturated fat than animal products, a vegan diet can also boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and help you maintain a healthy body weight. And, it’s our collective health at stake, too: the United Nations warns that global demand for meat consumption, and intensive animal farming, are among the seven major factors responsible for the increasing threat of new animal-to-human diseases, such as COVID-19, Ebola, and MERS. 4. It’s Delicious Thanks to the growing demand for animal-free alternatives, it’s never been easier to make the switch. Chances are that lots of your favorite foods are already vegan, can be easily adapted to be vegan, or have tasty vegan alternatives available. Love eating a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s to yourself? Try their many dairy-free flavors - our favorite is “Milk” & Cookies. Like meaty meals packed full of protein? Try the realistic Beyond Meat brand that has all the texture and taste of your traditional animal products. We love their famous ‘bloody’ Beyond Burger that’ll convince even the most ardent meat eater. And like cooking up a storm in your kitchen? Famous faces from Tabitha Brown to Natalie Portman are showing online audiences how exciting vegan cooking can be - just have a look at our recipe guide for proof. 5. It’s Easier Than You Think - And We’re Here To Help You When you know that going vegan is helping the environment, the animals, and your own health, it’s pretty easy. But when you realise just how tasty vegan food is too, it’ll be even easier! Species Unite are here to make your vegan journey as simple as can be. Let us give you the tips, recipes and inspiration to get you started on your way - just sign up to our 30-Day Vegan Challenge today. From October 1, you'll get emails sent straight to your inbox to keep you on your goal.
  11. A while ago, Anil Kapoor shared a note on Instagram on why he takes a day off after six continuous days of workout. He stressed on its importance while explaining how weight training tends to put stress on the muscles. Elaborating on the same, celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit shared on Instagram why a rest day is as important as working out. “Something I feel isn’t spoken about enough.. why rest?? It’s so so important, and is actually when your muscles build and (you) start to see a difference. It’s important for your body and mind,” she wrote. She pointed out the following reasons: *Alleviates muscle pain and soreness: During a rest day, the body gets a chance to remove excess lactate from the muscles, which reduces muscle pain. *Repairs and builds muscles: Exercise can cause microscopic tears in muscle tissue. During rest days, cells called fibroblasts repair and build up the muscle tissue. *Replenishes body energy stores: Exercise depletes glycogen levels, a form of energy stored in the muscles, leading to muscle fatigue. Glycogen stores are replenished during rest days, reducing fatigue and preparing the muscles for the next workout. *Prevents injury: Overexercising can lead to repetitive strain on the muscles, increasing the risk of injury. *Allows mind to rest: Overexercising can also tire the mind, which can lead to poor decision making during a workout routine, increasing the risk of injury.
  12. A Nice supporter who tried to kick Marseille's Dimitri Payet during a pitch invasion was handed a one-year suspended jail sentence on Thursday. Tony Calzoni, a 28-year-old temporary worker and Nice supporter since childhood, was also banned from attending matches for five years and told to present himself at the police station during every match between Nice and Marseille. The prosecution had asked for one year in prison with six months suspended. The Ligue 1 match in August was halted after 75 minutes when Marseille midfielder Payet threw a bottle, which had been aimed at him, back into the Nice end of the stadium.
  13. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has been given the go-ahead to open four new "shooting galleries" – supervised sites where addicts can use drugs with clean equipment – across the French capital. But while the charity that runs the city's only shooting gallery says they have proven effective, plans for more have met fierce opposition from some of the city's residents. It is a sunny Saturday in late September, normally a day when the residents of Bonne-Nouvelle, a trendy, vibrant neighbourhood in Paris's 10th arrondissement, would be enjoying a day in the park or a lunch on the terrace of one of the many cafés that line the boulevards. Instead, hundreds of locals have turned out on the street, waving placards warning of a "crackastrophy" or that the "north of Paris is going to crack". The gentle wordplay belies the prevailing sense of anger and frustration. "We are not a laboratory for experiments," declares protester and Paris resident Marie-Luce. "They need to stop f*cking us over." "It's unacceptable!" adds fellow protester Léo. "They're putting everyone in danger in the most beautiful city in the world, Paris." The source of their ire is Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and a measure she hopes may go some way to solve a longstanding and increasingly sensitive problem in the French capital – drug addiction and, in particular, the use of crack, on the city's streets. Hidalgo's plan is to open several "shooting galleries" across Paris, spaces where addicts can go to consume drugs in a safe environment using clean equipment. On September 15, French Prime Minister Jean Castex gave Hidalgo the go-ahead for the creation of four such sites – officially known as salles de consommation à moindre risque or SCMR (low-risk consumption rooms) – in the capital. Not one but two of these new shooting galleries have been earmarked for the 10th arrondissement and it is this move that has some of the local residents up in arms. Some feel that, although they are not against the idea of more SCMRs in principal, the 10th - one of Paris's poorer arrondissements that has had its own problems with crime, including drugs, in the recent past - is not the right location. "This is a neighbourhood that's getting back on its feet, where I can go out in the morning, take my kid to school, and everything's fine. It's calm, like a little village," says protester Federico, a father of one holding a placard reading: "Cool! After school, I have crack!" "Unfortunately, that risks changing if we have an influx of people who are suffering, who are sick." Read More >> Wall of shame built to block crack users sparks fury in Paris suburb Shooting up in safety Doubly unjust, in the eyes of some, is that the 10th is already home to a shooting gallery. A stone's throw from the Gare du Nord train station, it is run by the NGO Gaia and, since it opened in 2016, has been the sole such safe space for drug users in the whole of the French capital. Inside, a small reception area (where new visitors' details are taken down and used drug equipment can be exchanged) gives way to a long narrow room lined with numbered booths where addicts can inject. Each is replete with a hazardous waste bin for used needles, while in the middle of the room a wide range of various-sized needles along with tourniquets, used to help raise veins in the arm to make injection easier, are at users' disposal. Next door is the "inhalation room", where addicts can smoke crack or other drugs, although this has been closed in recent months because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Further on there is a space with a coffee table, sofas and a small collection of books in different languages where people can relax before or after using. Signs on the wall remind visitors that dealing on the premises is forbidden, though they are permitted to share their drugs with each other. For drug users like 43-year-old Kamel, who says he has been using heroin since he was 11 years old, it is a welcome respite from taking drugs on the streets or in the city's parks. "There's less risk injecting here than on the street. There's less stress from worrying about the police, other people watching you," he says, moments after shooting up in one of the numbered injection booths. "Even if you've been taking drugs for years you can still make mistakes when shooting up, injecting. Here they'll say 'watch out you're going to hurt yourself. It's better to do it like this or that'." The problem, he says, is that the shooting gallery closes each evening at 8:30pm, meaning he often finds himself having to shoot up in public spaces. Full to capacity Indeed, serving the needs of Paris's drug users – and keeping them off the streets – is a pressing problem for staff, who say they are already stretched to capacity. "We have about 400 to 450 different people coming every month," says José Matos, Gaia's head of support and risk reduction for drug users. "Its full more or less all the time from opening to closing." There is just one other SCMR in the whole of France, in the eastern city of Strasbourg, putting the country well behind some of its European neighbours, Matos points out. "There are 35 in Germany, for example, a lot in the Netherlands, in Switzerland. And it works, all the international studies that have been carried out show that it works." The site's medical staff, who test and treat visitors for various health problems, including infectious diseases caused by unclean equipment such as HIV and hepatitis, say they are under similar strain. "At the moment we can't meet the demand," says Simon Bringier, who heads up the infirmary. "Before Covid we had 400 people coming a day and it was very, very complicated to take care of everyone. I think we would have something to gain in terms of public health by increasing capacity." Paris's crack problem But it is the inhalation room that, before its Covid-enforced closure, was in highest demand, says Matos. And perhaps this is no surprise given Paris's recent travails with dealing with crack addiction in the city. Despite a €9 million anti-crack-plan implemented three years ago, the drug continues to be a visible presence on the city's streets and in its parks, particularly in the northeast of the capital, and a recent government-backed report found that crack users in the wider Paris region currently number around 13,000. Until recently, many of them had been grouped in a park in the city's 18th arrondissement, the Jardins d'Éole, in a bid to keep them off the streets. But last month police evacuated drug users from the park amid growing anger from local residents. Since then, the problem has only been shifted to another part of the city. SCMRs could provide a long-term solution, say their proponents, and the French government seems to agree. Last week, echoing Hidalgo, French health minister Olivier Véran announced plans to open up two new SCMRs in France every year, albeit under the new name of recovery/addiction centres. Safer streets Even France's limited experimentation with SCMRs so far has delivered promising results. According to a study released earlier this year by the country's National Institute of Health and Medical Research into the impact of the Paris and Strasbourg sites, those who visit SCMRs are less likely to overdose, contract infectious diseases such as HIV and even commit crimes. As such, local residents should have nothing to fear if a new shooting gallery opens up on their doorstep, says Matos. Daily newsletter Receive essential international news every morning Subscribe "In this neighbourhood, the chief of police regularly says there's much less of a security issue compared to before," says Gaia's Matos. "There's fewer syringes in the street, so even when it comes to the public's peace of mind it has an impact. It takes people off the street. " But despite such arguments, finding areas of the city where new SCMRs will not be met with vociferous rejection is likely to prove a challenge. Already, Paris officials have had to abandon one proposed site in the 20th arrondissement after local residents complained it was close to a school. And those protesting recently on the streets of the 10th arrondissement will be hoping their own strong objections will have a similar result. "If indeed shooting galleries promote - as I've heard them say on television - understanding and solidarity, then let those people who think they know what's best for others practise it themselves," said protester Marie-Luce, struggling to contain her anger.
  14. À l'occasion de sa mi-carrière, le SUV BMW X3 se refait une beauté, au même titre que sa variante “coupé” X4. Le premier des deux compères est déjà vendu depuis quatre ans et il était temps pour lui de se redonner un coup de jeune. Ayant tout de même bien vieilli, son design n’évolue que dans le détail afin que son chemin se poursuive le plus sereinement possible. Zapping Autonews Les 10 modèles incontournables de l'année 2021 Les 10 modèles incontournables de l'année 2021 Sans atteindre le niveau des nouvelles BMW Série 4 et Série 3, la calandre en double haricot du X3 restylé s’élargit un peu plus, mais reste dans l’esprit de la version sortante. Les projecteurs avant, plus fins, reçoivent un éclairage à LED de série et sont restructurés pour apparaître plus modernes au premier coup d'œil. L’allure du SUV ne change cependant pas d’un iota, tout comme la forme des blocs optiques arrière qui se contentent d’une restructuration de leurs éléments internes. Du mieux côté techno Du mieux côté techno+34 BMW X3 (2021)Credit Photo - BMW Les différences sont plus visibles dans l’habitacle du BMW X3 restylé qu’à l’extérieur, avec un mix réussi entre la génération sortante et les nouveaux modèles du constructeur bavarois. La planche de bord intègre de nouvelles buses d’aération calquées sur celles du nouveau couple de modèles Série 3/Série 4. L’écran central devient plus grand, il atteint jusqu’à 12,3 pouces (en option). Le système d'exploitation BMW OS 7.0 qui lui est associé a été amélioré, il dispose également de la mise à jour à distance. L’Assistant Personnel Intelligent BMW offre lui aussi plus de possibilités, permettant dorénavant de commander le réglage de la climatisation, l’ouverture des fenêtres et bien d’autres éléments. Hybridation à tous les niveaux Hybridation à tous les niveaux+34 BMW X3 (2021)Credit Photo - BMW La gamme de moteurs du BMW X3 restylé gagne la micro-hybridation 48V sur les deux premiers niveaux de puissance en essence. Les versions 20i et 30i, qui étaient les dernières à ne pas bénéficier de cette technologie, rejoignent maintenant le club de l’électrification. Ce changement ne s’accompagne pas d’une augmentation des performances, les puissances s’établissant toujours à 184 ch pour le premier (20i) et 245 ch pour le second (30i disponible sur X4 uniquement). La variante X3 xDrive 30e PHEV, très polyvalente (jusqu’à 50 km d’autonomie en full électrique), est conservée au catalogue au même titre que l’ensemble des versions Diesel, dont les puissances s'échelonnent entre 150 ch pour la variante 18d et 340 ch pour la version M40d. Un choix qui va un peu à l’encontre de l’avis de certains spécialistes “anti-mazout” mais qui reste cohérent avec une utilisation sur longs trajets. Le lancement commercial du X3 standard est attendu pour le mois d'août prochain. Un SUV énervé au sommet Un SUV énervé au sommet+34 BMW X3 M Competition (2021)Credit Photo - BMW Le X3 M Competition chapeaute toujours la gamme du SUV bavarois, au même titre que le X4 M Competition pour la déclinaison SUV coupé. Ces monstres hauts sur pattes embarquent le même six cylindres en ligne 3.0 qu’auparavant, un bloc partagé avec les nouvelles M3 et M4 Competition et totalisant 510 ch. Une puissance qui permet au X3 M Competition de revendiquer un 0 à 100 km/h en 3,8 secondes et une vitesse de pointe limitée électroniquement à 250 km/h. Cette dernière peut être relevée à 285 km/h avec le pack optionnel M Driver. Niveau style, ce super-SUV adopte les mêmes évolutions que la version standard du X3 restylé, mais conserve ses spécificités esthétiques comme le diffuseur à l’arrière et les quatre sorties d’échappement. Le lancement commercial du véhicule est attendu pour août 2021. Les prix du BMW X3 restylé Les prix du BMW X3 restylé+34 BMW X3 (2021)Credit Photo - BMW X3 xDrive20i xLine : 49 650 € X3 xDrive20i Business : 51 750 € X3 xDrive20i M Sport : 55 650 € X3 xDrive30e xLine : 59 800 € X3 xDrive30e Business : 61 900 € X3 xDrive30e M Sport : 65 800 € X3 sDrive18d xLine : 49 950 € X3 sDrive18d Business : 52 050 € X3 sDrive18d M Sport : 55 950 € X3 xDrive20d xLine : 53 950 € X3 xDrive20d Business : 56 050 € X3 xDrive20d M Sport : 59 950 € X3 xDrive30d xLine : 60 650 € X3 xDrive30d Business : 62 750 € X3 xDrive30d M Sport : 66 650 € X3 M40i : 76 900 € X3 M40d : 75 900 € X3 M Competition : NC
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