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    Moderator CSBD/TS3, Scripter AMX MOD X.
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  1. Looking for partnerships for new servers, If you are interested PM me

    1. ThheIncredibleHulk


      i suggest you Newlife like before


    2. PranKk.


      Good luck ali 👌

  2. My best peak Diamond 2 Level: 372 Main Role: ADC OTP: Draven Server: EUNE
  3. ¤ Nickname: Majestic ALi ¤ Age: 23 ¤ Experinces as admin: Good enough ¤ Your Country: Iraq ¤ You can boost sometimes server?: Maybe
  4. Hello, There is two types 1- Ammo those in weapons u shot with them. 2- Ammo Packs you get them from killing zombies What type of ammo you want?
  5. Majestic ALi ✪

    Cerere Plugin VIP

    Hello, If you still need the plugin. You can download it Here Anything happens while adding it, you can ask me.. vip_gungame.amxx
  6. 1. Game: League OF Legends 2. Tag [@name]: Anyone Who Interests.. 3. Time & Date: Open 4. Detalies[rounds, duration, explains about game, etc., if necesary]: Mode: Aram, 100 Minions & First Kill 5. Do you need a referee?[click HERE to check the Overwatch team list]: Anyone

    1. [Đ]âńîêlâ.εїз╰‿╯
    2. Profesoru


      This chic is a bit [email protected] ?

    3. Majestic ALi ✪

      Majestic ALi ✪


      Truee. Who doesn't love the chubbys  XD 



  8. Hey mate, 


    i hear your song profile its our National anthem(IRAQ) ❤️


  9. Here is it... You know the rest how to put them etc... have a nice day specblock.amxx
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